My little A Student!

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Parenting does not come with any kind of manual and having to assist my son with solitary online learning is honestly not something I ever saw myself doing... but hey, welcome to the 21st century and an entirely new level of parenting, compliments of Covid.

I will say this, Jude has adapted WELL! A lot better than I ever anticipated actually, given that he was never really classroom material and was more of a disturbance to himself and other kids most of the time. Interesting really, how when you change the environment and the results rearrange themselves accordingly too.

I was pretty much a flunk throughout my school years for the simple reason that none of it interested me on any level - but the second I bailed from school and went to college to go do something I actually WANTED to do - I thrived! Was the first to arrive and last to leave. I was also the only person from our entire year of students which actually pursued design as a career, yet from a lecturers perspective... was probably the least likely to even make it through.

There is a lot of pressure having your kid doing home based online learning. This not something I prepared myself for - Jude neither for that matter. As lockdown hit in 2020, his particular campus was the first to evacuate in the whole of SA. It was quite a stressful and also emotional experience having this "emergency collection" of your kids suddenly engaged. His school was amazing though, they moved seamlessly from classroom learning to online classes and none of them lost even a day. Jude also began to shine... and I noticed that from the get go.

He had always complained about not enjoying being in a classroom. Not liking all the noise distraction and hating having to sit still for such long periods of time. Suddenly, placed in an environment where it was just him at a table, listening to his teacher online - he went from being the class nuisance, to being highlighted as the schools "star online learner". Environment - it matters.

So, when he left that school and went full time online, I suppose I should have been less nervous... but it is a moms job to be nervous, right?! lo! He did terms three and four of grade 5 online alone and has now, just finished term one of grade six. I set this term apart from the others, for the simple reason that he has been through a LOT between then and now. If there was EVER a time when he was going to de-rail it was during this time... but he didn't. Sure, he has had his moments... but through it all he has held it together and I could not be more proud.


This week Jude began writing his end of term exams. I was nervous!!!! With all the change and chaos in our "home life" I have not been able to be as active and present in his every day school life, so he really has done it all on his own. I tried to keep my wits about me, stay calm and just allow it to be. Did the necessary revision and then pretty much closed my eyes and hoped for the best. Well, either my brief prayers were answered or my little boy is actually just amazing! I will lean toward the latter!

English - 77%
Afrikaans - 86%
Mathematics - 93%
Natural Science - 74%
Geography - 96%
History - 80%
Lifeskills - 100%

Overall Aggregate - 86.7% (A)

I don't think I got an A for anything in my life - EVER! Let alone an overall aggregate, lol! I am so proud of him - not only because of his marks, but because he managed to achieve them despite everything he has been subjected to over this last year. That is a strong little character right there and I am blessed to be his mom!


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx






My oldest daughter has ADHD, she found the classroom to hold to many directions, plus she heard all the distractions outside, cars, shouting doors banging etc she did so much better when its was one to one learning. I think she would gave preferred to be taught at home. :)

Jude was VERY similar... HATED all the noise of the voices and chatter. He literally used to sit covering his ears.

The little champ!

History: 80% Just saying. 🤐

Just looking at the screen is that... 3,400,950 - 675,856? If so...I have no clue of the answer so good on the little rockstar for getting 97% for mathematikx. (See? I can't even spell it.)

I can relate to Jude's (and your) in-class issues...I always found the pace too slow...Nope, not because I'm smart, we all know I'm a knucklehead, just that I tended to lose interest quickly. That's why I left. Life seemed a better teacher than those at school teaching out of a study-guide designed by some brown cardigan-wearing asshole in a florescent-light lit office who probably never had an individual thought that wasn't placed there by the 9pm news or 24 hour-old news in a paper.

It's great to see results like this and a really good effort by Jude, and yourself...Yep, you. I know how much help you've been.

So good to see the big fella doing so well but if it didn't work out for him then he could always be a model or breaker-of-hearts. I have a feeling you better get ye a big stick Jaynie...To beat off dem laydeez.

P.s. 3,400,950 - 675,856 = 17. See? I am smart!

History: 80% Just saying.

HAHAHHAHAHA!!!!! Whatevaaaaar :P

just that I tended to lose interest quickly.

Jude in a nutshell!!! (His mom too, lol)

Yep, you. I know how much help you've been.


I have a feeling you better get ye a big stick Jaynie...To beat off dem laydeez.

I will skop them diep in their %#@&!!! :D

P.s. 3,400,950 - 675,856 = 17. See? I am smart!

I think you deserve a reward.... ;)

Skop away!

But not as my reward, there must be something more enjoyable on offer I reckon. [Hope anyway] 🤣

No, no... definitely not a skop for you :)

That's a relief.



People, in general, understand things differently and in different environments. Kids are people, lol.
It's like how one person can study with music and another can't.
I think it's great that he got to understand his learning preference so early rather than have one particular pattern forced in him like they do in some parts of the world.

Kids are people, lol.

LOL!!! LOVE THIS!!!! A reality which most adults tend to "overlook" :D

I think it's great that he got to understand his learning preference so early rather than have one particular pattern forced in him like they do in some parts of the world.


I wish him the best!

Thank you xxx