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Those of you that were members of the Powerhouse Creatives community on Hive may have noticed the badge change on your profiles and/or the new community name and logo listed in your "subscribed" communities. Well, change is as good as a holiday and the time is now.

What WAS the PowerHouse Creatives community, has had an overhaul, revamp and re-brand. A fresh look and an entirely NEW direction. The purpose of this post is to give clarity on the community itself, what sort of content is now suitable for publishing to our page and obviously to inform everyone of the change so that moving forward we can offer the readers an interesting and exciting feed to browse.

This announcement is also being made so that if you feel that this is no longer a community which appeals to your interests - you can rectify that by unsubscribing. For those who previously had a PHC badge on their profiles and no longer feel the update is applicable to them - you are welcome to drop a comment requesting the removal of the badge from your profile.

On the OTHER side of the coin, if you DO think the Lifestyle Lounge badge WOULD be well suited to your blog content - then simply start posting to our community page. Those that regularly share appropriate content there will be allocated a badge automatically as well as supported to the best of my ability.



A community embracing the creative, entertaining and exploratory aspects of life - From fashion, design and décor, to food, travel, technology, mindset and wellness. It is a space for sharing information, experience and opinion on the above topics. Be it a restaurant or venue review, product unboxing, insight into upcoming fashion or make-up trends, exciting technological developments, décor tips, advice and more.

For a brief outline of the content considered appropriate for this community, please refer to the examples below - but please note it is not limited to these, they are simply a guide for better clarity and understanding.

Product design / creation (design, fashion, decor, accessories)
Product / venue / restaurant reviews & news
Product unboxing
Fashion / Decor / Design insights, tips, trends & news
Mindset / Wellness posts incl. motivational and inspirational content
Upcoming trends in all the above mentioned niches
"Tried & tested" blogs (food, fashion, beauty etc.)
Food and health news, tips & info
Spontaneous photo shares (PLEASE READ CRITERIA BELOW)

NB: Spontaneous photo shares which capture a specific moment in time (a night out, dinner with friends, a venue visited, a new outfit purchased etc.) should include NO LESS than 3 photos as well as a minimum of 100 words which pertain to the product / experience / place and add value to the sharing of the images in the first place. ie. The name of the restaurant, where it is located, was the meal you shared in the pics good? If it is a new outfit, tell us where you got it, what other stuff do they sell, add a link to their website etc.

Hopefully that gives you the "general" idea. If you are unsure about whether or not certain content of yours would be suitable, you are welcome to drop a comment on this post.

If the idea of "Lifestyle Blogging" appeals to you but you would like a little more clarity - HERE is a lovely post by the Elgin Avenue, sharing her experience, development and growth as a lifestyle blogger. I hope it inspires you. In the next little while, I will put some focus on posts which inform and guide those looking to develop the "lifestyle" aspects of their blog. This is the beginning of a new adventure and I am looking forward to travelling it alongside all of you.

Here's looking forward to the building of a first class lifestyle feed for the readers of Hive! I would be most grateful to any of you willing to reblog this to "get the word out" of the change.

I am just tagging some of the people that are still actively publishing to our community so they can act accordingly.

@zord189, @sumaiya777, @prydefoltz, @oxii, @mrnightmare89, @bothanikha, @brittandjosie, @malihaesha, @scubahead, @mysticfalls, @karenb54, @jayna, @wwwiebe, @thekittygirl, @bonzopoe, @giantbear, @ellenripley, @hafizullah, @jesusalejos, @theresa16, @eugelys, @fermionico, @stevenson7, @kalemandra, @jizzyjoe, @zo3d, @designieplay, @olawalium, @jaichai, @ilazramusic, @priyanarc, @martinstomisin, @ahmadturki, @mengene, @bluemist, @bliss11, @creativemary, @mers, @awakentolife, @unklebonehead, @universoperdido, @wonderwop, @porters, @ninahaskin, @gooddream, @fmbs25.

If there is anyone on Hive that you think would be looking to publish to the Lifestyle Lounge feed, please go ahead an tag then in the comments.


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx







Love the name of #theLIFESTYLELounge
Thanks for introducing it, I just want to move forward with this wonderful initiative.

Much of your content would be VERY applicable to this change @hafizullah - especially your mindset and inspirational content! Looking forward to seeing your content in the feed xxx

Of course, It will be another happy journey for me with this change. :D

It is going to be FUN!!!!

Ah finally lifestyle community, will wait for more updates and I will share my posts too... :D

I thought it may put a smile on YOUR dial hon - I know this is VERY much where you would shine! Lots of love! I am going to be putting my post focus on this moving forward. xxx

Once again you have made a place for lifestyle bloggers. Thank you dear :)

Pleasure hon! A niche of many niches. I hope to shed light and clarity on the matter for those that may not fully grasp what lifestyle blogging is all about, so I too am looking forward to that journey!

This is so nice, would love to have a badge. I also love the new look of your banner. @readmymind @maryed @wolfofnostreet @soyunasantacruz

AWESOME! Thought it would appeal to you sweetie! Looking forward to seeing your content on our feed!

Will definitely see me around

Cool beans! Have allocated your badge so long... because I already know you are awesome! xxx

Thanks so much

My pleasure xxx

I really love this! It’s really awesome evolution what we have here! I’m totally active to share great moments of my live in that community because sometimes I don’t have where to post this kind of articles 🙌🏻

A lot of love to you from Venezuela @jaynie thank you so much for everything 🙌🏻

Thrilled to hear that! Yes, there was definitely a need for something like this (in my opinion anyway). Hive seems to be a little "behind" in that regard, so here's hoping it flourishes! Thank you so much for the positive feedback, I appreciate it greatly!

This morning I noticed something new on my profile and I am very happy about this community renaissance that you manage @jaynie

The changes are always good, congratulations and I like the new logo, its colors are beautiful.

Thanks @jizzyjoe for tagging me in this publication.

Thank you lovely!

You are welcome dear

That explains why I couldn't find the community on Discord when I tried to catch up :)

hehehe - I did reply to one of your previous comments... can't remember if it was here or on Appics... but yes, that explains that haha xxx

Then no more discord?

Hi love,

The PHC discord server was shut down shortly after my announcement. I am however in the process of building a new server for the Lifestyle Lounge :) Should be done with it today x

Got it!

Cool beans :)

I love new, new is usually better, and this time I have no doubt about it! I'm glad to see you back, and I can't wait to create content in this renewed community, greetings my dear @jaynie

So true sweetie! Thank you so much for the positive reinforcement! Really appreciate it! Hope to see some of your awesome blogs grace our feed from time to time xxx

I'm sure you'll see, I love this new approach!

Thank you! xxx

I am all for this!!! The name sound classy too, very thoughtful of you...@jaynie. This is my favorite community, so more of me you'd see.😘☺


Whoopaaah! MWAH! Loving all the positive vibes! Thank you lovely!!!!! Its going to be a fun adventure!

Aha the secret is out, did not put two and two together seeing the badge earlier, however spending the morning in a dentist chair removing two my head is not with it today.

Nice launch and change in direction @jaynie better suited to business building in a style you are very familiar with.

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 84/112) Liquid rewards.

Thanks Joan xxx and you are excused considering you have been doped up haha!Hope you are feeling better now! I hate dentists!

Really appreciate the positive input and the curation xxx

Hope you are having a great week xxx

Bad penny right side up again, better those little devils out than causing more pain. Now I would fit in well as a toothless wonder...

Excited to see how Lifestyle Lounge develops into a hub of creativity in different fields.

Bad penny right side up again, better those little devils out than causing more pain.

Love this!

Excited to see how Lifestyle Lounge develops into a hub of creativity in different fields.

Me too! Thank you! xxx

Not one time did I love that chair! All repairs were deemed necessary and I hate that chair!

One place you learn how to dance your ass off, well worn out chair too I may add, so I was not the only one through there...

I would love a badge, I've only got 1 and it's very lonely.
I will definitely be staying around :)

Will allocate the badge in the interim honey, and am SO Looking forward to your content on our feed!

Yay thank you hun, My new badge looks fab :)

Glad you like it :D xxx

Nicely done Jaynie, keep the Cape in shape, and on show. I'm so glad you are rebranding and rebirthing. Now is the time for it. I will dive in.

Thank you!!! And yes! - The world needs to wake up to us South Africans hey... ;)

I know quite a LOT of your content would be an amazing fit for a lifestyle community, so looking forward to it xxx

And thank you also for the positive feedback - REALLY appreciate it!

Thank you too Jaynie for the inspiration, I will make some posts in coming days, with this or my alt-account julescape lol.

Cool beans! Looking forward to it!

I had a feeling something was cooking. Alas, It is delectable. 😊
Change is constant they say, and we as humans just have to learn to adapt.

I'm so excited for the new community and the potential therein with the different array of blogpost and all.

I'm Happy to be a part of this.😊

I had a feeling something was cooking. Alas, It is delectable. 😊

hahahahaha!!! LOVE YOUR VIBE @stevenson7


Thank you always for being so positive and supportive. The world needs more people like you!

It'd be so lovely and fun!
I'd love a new badge too

Cheers, and Kudos to you ma'am @jaynie!

Thank you! Really appreciate the support! Will allocate a badge shortly, and looking forward to seeing what you have to share with everyone!

No problem. Thanks too ma'am!
Alright. Will start my posting soon @jaynie

Cool beans ✌

I like the name of #theLIFESTYLELounge community. Thanks so much for introducing me to this community @jaynie. I want to move forward with this community in a new way again. I want you to be by my side all the time. Thanks

Thank you for the positive reply! Looking forward to seeing what you share!

Thanks for accompanying me @jaynie. 🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝

Just remembered ma. Aside from the above-mentioned, I'd love to post my Poems here (poetic Words too). Is it permissible as well ma'am?

Might as well invite people to join the niche for those who love Poetry, too @jaynie

Hi :)

I think poetry would probably be a better fit in a community like @theinkwell. Unfortunately, it does not really fit into the new outlines for lifestyle orientated content hon, sorry about that... but if you do decide to create any content which does, then I hope to see it in my community x

Alright ma'am. It's been a while @theinkwell accepted Poetry in their community

But as for me, I think Poetry should be added as well — it would be very nice ma... People out there might be interested; it'd really be appreciated if there is a platform where their voice could be heard as well, @jaynie

I understand what you are saying, but unfortunately it really does not fit into the scope of a "lifestyle" feed. There is however a poetry community on Hive already.... here is their link:

I think that would be the right fit :)

It's alright ma

Thanks a whole lot
Have a good time ma'am

Does life style lounge has anything to do with the life style token on hive-engine or they are independent of one another.

Nice concept,i wish am a blogger but I know i can read and give meaningful comments. Alot of bloggers out there but only few people comments and interacts. Hopefully one a good day I will find my feet here


No, they are completely independent.

Alot of bloggers out there but only few people comments and interacts.

Hoping to change that!

Congratulations and good luck!

Thank you :)

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

A very good topic for today. There are many lifestyle writers who deserve a decent space and to be praised for it. I would like to observe a little more and see how it unfolds. I wish you good luck even though I know you won't need it because this is really good. Regards @jaynie.

Thank you very much for the support and positivity!

I love this and I want my badged pretty @jaynie! <3

:) <3

Thank you for the support sweetie. Badge done! xoxoxo

Renewal is the essence of a good life! I love this change and your presentation, dear @jaynie. I will start publishing on the specified theme. Thank you for following and injecting new airs and that beautiful energy that you radiate from within and that is always light in any darkness that wants to cover the sky. A big hug! Count on me, I will feel honored as always to be accompanying you in this new and beautiful path. 😙🤗💖🌹🌈

As always, thank you for your kind heart and generous words! I look forward to seeing what you share with us xxx

I smell freshness and newness - this new fragrance is awesome. 💋

MWAH! Thank you sweetie!

I love the new look of the page ... excellent initiative ... I will continue to support the growth of the community with my post ... congratulations @jaynie 🤗✨👍

Thank you and thanks for your first lifestyle post, it was SUPER!

The only constant in life is change, what is not clear to me is whether our literary writings will have space in the new community, Can you clarify it for me?

Hi, Thank you for the support! literary writings would probably be better suited to the @theinkwell community unless it is specifically an inspirational or motivational piece - directed at uplifting, inspiring or assisting others... in which case it would be welcome.

Thank you very much for your guidance, lovely as always!

Only a pleasure!

I love the new name as well and you can expect my inspiration/motivational posts as usual.
Thank you for all you do, Jaynie. God bless your heart even more.

Lovely! Looking forward to them! Thank you for the positive feedback, I really appreciate it!

Thank you.

I love this new concept! I'll try to be more active because I'm hardly writing anymore, but I think this idea is great and very fresh! Bravo Jaynie! 👏

No problem sweetie! Thank you for the support nonetheless xxx

Thanks for the clarity. Maybe from time to time I will be able to post but I mostly concentrate on arts.

Good luck with your new community.

No problem love and thank you for your continued support up to this point. You might also consider sharing some of your writing in the @theinkwell community (if you have not already).

Alas ... the page wants perpetual rights to the work. Can't do that;(

Oh :(

So great to see this. Can't wait to see posts around the world!

Thank you sweetie! Appreciate the enthusiasm!

Thank you very much @jaynie. Really very grateful to you.❤️❤️❤️❤️ And very happy to see that #theLIFESTYLELounge ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you too! :)


I brought in a new blogger @zo3d and she will fit right in! With all honesty thank you for doing this because now other communities might stand a better chance of succeeding! I really appreciate your efforts!

Oh wonderful! i will keep an eye out for her stuff! Yeah, the change needed to happen for multiple reasons! Onward and upward hey :) Thank you for all your support up to this point - and who knows, maybe you surprise us with a lifestyle post some time soon xxx

Hmm, I'm not sure my stuff fits anymore.

I think some of your contemplative / inspirational content would work such as this one as well as some of your "out and about" posts such as this one - but at the end of the day, it is entirely your call :)

Either way, thank you for all the support you have given toward the PHC community up until now, it never went unnoticed or unappreciated :)

Thanks Jaynie, I read between the lines and saw a compliment there so thank you, I'm humbled.

I'll post still of course, I just want to make sure it's relevant content as I have the suspicion that you'll get much non-relevant material.

I read between the lines and saw a compliment there so thank you, I'm humbled.


I hope to (try) and keep a tight handle on that by actively communicating with the people who are posting to the community. Will have to play it by ear I suppose, much like the rest of life haha! I think in most instances, even when inappropriate content is posted to a certain community, a little communication and clarification can go a long way. "Communication" has never been Hives strong point and most people are receptive to a little bit of direction. I suppose, those instances will also prove as opportunity for me to try and steer them in the direction of more applicable communities for their content, which has probably never been done for them.

I think, that if I can manage this properly, and guide people along the way - helping them to improve the look and feel of their posts as well as the content etc. it could end up being a great community feed - something that is enormously popular in ALL other blog spaces and platforms and greatly lacking here on Hive.

But like I say... gonna wing it haha! Everyone knows I like a challenge ;)

Winging it is a good substitute for a strategic plan...After all, it's how most of us get through life! 🙂

And challenge, yep that happens as you know...What defines us is how we deal with challenge and who we become when it visits, as it has with you most recently. ✅

Winging it is a good substitute for a strategic plan...After all, it's how most of us get through life!

It is all I know ;) prevents me from become stuck or rigid in manner and mindset.

What defines us is how we deal with challenge and who we become when it visits, as it has with you most recently. ✅

...story of my life man! :D

Sometimes you have to take a step backward to take two steps forward. Sometimes the pills are bitter and others not, but each and every time you have the choice for it to add to the making or breaking of you.

Yep, the choice. We all have it, most are too afraid to make it...Which is a choice in itself anyway.

So true!

I suppose learning through experience that none if it has any true power over you helps.

I noticed a new name in my list of communities, good to see you back here @jaynie :)

I will try to add content to the community whenever I write in those niches <3

Cool beans! Look forward to it!

:) is there a new discord? Couldn't find it, just asking in case there's a new one so I can join :)

There will be very soon :) I just need to build it first. Was looking at getting stuck into that in the next couple of days. I will make an announcement post when its up and running :)

Felicidades @jaynie !!! Me alegra tu regreso 😘. Se acepta español?

Felicidades @jaynie !!! Me alegra tu regreso 😘. Se acepta español?

Sí, seguro que lo es: si quisieras agregar inglés a tus publicaciones en español, sería una ventaja para que todos puedan disfrutarlas :)

Thank you honey ❤️😘

My eye caught that badge but I was busy, often just pop in to take a peek and meant to go back and see what that was about;) You are an amazing woman @jaynie, always busy with ideas buzzing in that head but then you go one step further and put it into practice, well done! Will certainly be popping into The Lifestyle Lounge; love the logo too!

What a lovely thing to say, thank you Lizelle! I am looking forward to the change in direction - I needed it! xxx

Nice! I like it! Now, personally, I just need to get a life(style).

hahahaha - I can relate :P

Please remove the badge from my profile.

Never mind. Already figured out how to do it.