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“You’d be surprised how many shortcomings can be overcome by hustle.” ―Pete Rose

I am not generally one to write content which attempts to cause a stir – unless it is in one of my kitchen pots lol… but I have had enough of the “all talk and little action” attitudes of so many on the Steem network! It reminds me of what it is like here in South Africa when it comes to voting time. People are quite happy to sit idly and verbalise endless complaints about the state of the country but then they don’t go and vote and with that action-less action, they are paving the path to their statements of doom and gloom.

I woke up this morning and I started thinking about it a little bit and decided to write this post, not to whinge and whine but rather...in an attempt to start kicking some butt around here – everyone already knows how good I am at using my boot. lol

Although there are many Steem advocates out there, doing their thing to promote Steem, assist the newer people here and to at least TRY and make it a healthier and more balanced space - @theycallmedan, @stephenkendal, @pennsif, @steemterminal, @heyhaveyamet to name just a few - I would also like to believe that myself and my Power House Creatives community are also positive Steem advocates, - however, on the other side of that coin, there is also a lot of negativity wafting around of late too and people expressing their disheartening feelings about so many things.

People are quick to talk about community. People are even quicker to talk about support and promotion but somehow and unfortunately, it mostly seems to stop there. Like the expression - "The proof is in the pudding" - well, this dessert table is looking rather sparse if you ask me! *In English: Get off your idle arses and start doing something that actually positively assists the growth of Steem!! STOP whinging about the negatives and issues which we are ALL already aware of... every project encounters its own set of wrinkles - but while those iron themselves out through the efforts of MANY "back of house" individuals, it is up to us as the "people of this platform" to step up and make a "front of house" effort to positively educate and inspire those around us... both on and off the blockchain. – *

Do you think the marketing team of Mercedes Benz sit around a board room table crying their eyes out over a box of tissues after the latest BMW advertising campaign hits? No, they sit around that table and brainstorm a return punch that hits even harder. Success in any shape or form would be non-existent if people didn’t fight for what they believe in – and if you don’t believe in it then you are wasting your time to begin with. Nothing in life is imminent, so don't behave like it is! No, Steem is not without it’s problems, and the same can be said for pretty much everything in life, but the fact remains that if absolutely EVERY active user of the Steem network put some noteworthy effort into promoting our blockchain to the people around them then those problems absolutely CAN be diluted. And this can also be said for assisting the people who are new around here.

There is great power in numbers, but “the numbers” actually have to work together consistently! I am not referring to a one time post saying how much you love Steem – no, I am saying we need to educate and inform people about Steem… we need to seek out and guide the genuine new comers that have joined, and we need to support the people who produce great content and are essentially the flagships of what we WANT to this space to be.

Nothing changes if nothing changes... So, this is me – speaking up about speaking out and also appealing to ALL OF YOU reading this!!! Get out there and start networking for Steem! Shout it out to the world! Get involved in whatever ways you can… Get your hands and feet dirty and don’t do it once or twice – do it ALL the time, again and again and again!!!! We didn’t come this far to throw our hands up in the air.

Mother Theresa once said that she would never attend an “anti-war” rally but would gladly attend a peace rally. The point being – STOP expending your energy focusing on what others are doing or saying which is creating negative hype and START directing your focus onto the positives which YOU have the power to implement.

“An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.” ―Arnold Glasow

I am SICK of all the "nay sayers" and even more exasperated by those that say nothing at all! I have been a part of all kinds of community driven projects and ventures over the years and let me tell you, I have NEVER come across a thread of dedication stronger than that of the Steem community - it is overwhelming what we all achieve when driven to do so. When there is a WILL there is ALWAYS a WAY! - At the end of the day, it is ALWAYS about who wants it most...So, do you believe in Steem? Do you want it to be here in 10 years time? I know I do!

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost, that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them. - Henry David Thoreau


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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I am not referring to a one time post saying how much you love Steem – no, I am saying we need to educate and inform people about Steem…

I've seen some pretty cringy posts where people start talking about how they just #ILoveSteem. If someone fails to address why, or if the 'why' is incoherent, the #Steem can basically be substituted with anything. Steem isn't self-explanatory like a picture of a kitten or a hot cup of coffee in the morning.

It's a really difficult concept to understand. And it's not some theology, surrounded by mysticism either. You have it right, people need to be educated and informed. We don't need to make it extremely complicated either (I am bad with that), the more diverse the explanations and the reasons the better off we are. I'm not just asking for more eli5 stuff either.

You mentioned a few very good names of people who do a great job (you forgot to mention @jaynie ;). However, it is frustrating that it's only a few people who come to mind (I could add to your list, but I am sure you could to).

That said, I think some people are willing to take action, they just don't know where to start. Coordinators and brainstormers are important, too.

To differ a little, I don't think Steem is very difficult to understand. To some extent, it's self-explanatory

Unfortunately, this is not the case for a GREAT majority and this is an issue which needs to be addressed.

Very well then..

@tomlee, if there is any difficulty or questions go to a source that can help, there are many and if you dont know where just ask, i might have a tip !

What difficulty?

Well said @abitcoinskeptic and you know what.. as I wrote those names, I thought the same thing to myself... even though YES there are more to add to that - it is nowhere near as many as it should and could be!

Who's that jaynie chick anyway LOL!

Well a daily thats for sure...... ohh gosh if i know that than i am a daily to

Success in any shape or form would be non-existent if people didn’t fight for what they believe in.

You are on point.

Moreso, I think people just not need to be told about steem but also need to be convinced. With that they will believe in it and stick around for the long haul.

Agreed - but in that agreement I will say this... when people are adequately educated they are automatically convinced anyway... they somewhat go hand in hand.

Good words Jaynie. I think i need to ponder on my own return punch. I as many in life have been beaten lol, but feels good to hear motivational talk. Life isnt easy, so we keep rockin.

Yes exactly. People get worn out, run down and they give up... a little bit of a "pep talk" can go a long way in changing mindsets like that :)

Thanks Jaynie, cheers from the U.S!


even more exasperated by those that say nothing at all!

Some did try, back in the days.

Yes indeed they did. I was one of those too... and I am still here. I have a pretty "die hard" attitude and it would be nice to spur some fresh energy along too :) Those that have gone have gone... perhaps some will come back, but I will never be one of those that played "yo yo" lol.

It's the power of unity that we have to use! Only by being together and supporting each other can we achieve great things!

I believe our communities and the people using Steem. Many of us love this platform as their second home, a place to express themselves and a place where to learn and grow!

with love @spellmaker

I have been saying this for three years! And to be honest, I often feel like it falls onto deaf ears.... but hey, I will keep screaming lol

I have been personally challenged and motivated.

I will definitely do more of promoting Steem both online and offline.

Like you said, nothing changes if my attitude towards steem does not change.

Very glad to hear that! :D

Communities, Projects and Members all need to work together to build.

Finding one place to connect people once you raised interest is http://steemonboarding.com/ @anomadsoul site looks good with videos for people to get an idea before entering.

Found Communities now working on SteemPeak thanks to @abitcoinskeptic for assistance. Once Members are settled they will start to share I am sure, many are reluctant to open additional accounts when new to social media platforms.

"I am saying we need to educate and inform people about Steem…"

Feeling is mutual, Steem will grow after bumpy ride last year, outsiders looking into the platform need concise direction, followed by assistance in communities, to make a platform grow it has to happen externally and internally in a streamlined way.

Personally I have found Steem platforms a little "helter skelter" in finding, testing, using platforms, then you have the coins and tokens, this is after getting your head around key codes and security issues., No steem is not an easy platform for beginners, people need to be involved and all those you mentioned are performing to meet that end along with many others.

yes precisely Joan! But we will get there. The more people like me, you and the rest of those shouting from the rood tops continue to do so, the more it will change. All a process.

Been at social media since 2008, you always find a handful of willing members who will share, a vast majority shy away. Hopefully times change soon, keep doing what we doing it must rub off eventually.

Yes agreed and I am a firm believer in the power of persistence haha!

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 10/15 - need recharge?)

Thank you xxx

I guess I am one of those "Negative Nellies", although in my writing I try to give the opposite output.
I really do try to understand all things Steemit/blockchain related, but it is SO far outside my realm of experience I am daunted most times.
I do try though. You keep on ranting @jaynie, someone has to put their foot down. Might as well be you.

I don't think you are a negative nelly at all Jerry - I think (like many others) that you just get frustrated by the complication of it all. No biggie! Just keep being you... we all learn and adapt at our own pace :)

ha ha ha... well if you knew me in real life, you might change that opinion.
As you said though, we all learn at our own pace.
I just find myself repeatedly shooting myself in the foot with my
Quick temper and negative outbursts.

Unlikely ;)

and I think you worry too much about small matters that don't really influence much of your bigger picture at the end of the day... besides, every time we falter and we recognise that... we learn a little something more about the circumstance and ourselves :)


This is awesome. I'm usually on and off steem. I keep coming back and I know why.
I also know why I keep leaving and that's because I can barely understand what the heck is going on 85% of the time. I mean really, y'all don't simplify this stuff enough for we lazy ones and everything just looks so serious.

I'm back again though. And this time I'm back to force myself into the system.

hahaha listen... I am one of the clueless ones too... I just pretend really well :P HAHAHA!!!

Welcome back :) Hope you stick around!

Amen and I just have to add that the love for other steemians and the platform is to devour in to action when steem was at an all time love the love went away pretty quick, i hate some things i see but i try to focius and if people dont like it, well thats fine, you are behind a different screen and probably on the other side of the world so, get a life and leave me alone. Love is all around and will prevail, and if not there is always our love for the platform. I might not have the best strategy but i am here every day and we will see, what happens, and that love i was talking about , tomorrow we have Valentine’s Day love ... also great


Love is all around and will prevail


Thank you for wanting to help us wake up and not complain so much @jaynie

hehe my pleasure :)

Oh you are going to see growth. The magic elixir has been found and applied. It will start to get proper crowded in here if the price keeps rising. You will be shocked to see so many of the folks that left when the going got tough, come running back! I am not even saying it is good or bad, I am just saying it is human nature I guess.

Oh yes... they ALWAYS do that! And now... after the Tron news it is going to be even more interesting to see the stampede lol... interesting times here!

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I am often surprised how tricky it is to get people to start up here... I guess there is the problem of having all your friends and family on a different network, and that can be tough going to break that addiction!

Yes absolutely. People can be very stuck in their ways and reluctant to learn new things.

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