A Slice of Life... Saturday Shenanigans

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We have been itching to braai for a few days now, but the wind here in Cape Town has been absolutely insane (40 to 50km p/hr) so if we even attempted to braai in our garden, we would no doubt have landed up in OZ lol. So, no... we were not going to do that. We do however have an enclosed courtyard too, which we seldom use - so we decided to run off to the shops and get a new kettle braai as the one we have is past it's prime. But before shopping... we needed to break the fast!!! I had the most delicious low carb breakfast bowl.


Once that was in the belly we went off to go get the kettle braai... and we ended up getting a small plastic table too. You know you are South African when you go and buy a whole lot of new stuff unnecessarily just so you can have a braai hahahaha!


We also decided to do something different on the Weber and so we bought a gammon... YUM! I have never prepared a gammon on the Weber before - well let me rephrase that,I have actually never prepared a gammon at all... which is shocking really, considering how much I cook. Haha! Anyhooooo.... enough about that, let's take a look at this delicious gammon and the torturous aroma ingredients for the tray...




It is 2.5 hours of torture now Haha! And because I am back onto the whole low carb bandwagon, I decided to accompany the gammon with a roast veg pack (cooked in foil), cauliflower in white sauce and a salad!



So that is all ready and now it is time for some tunes and wine... and I am in the mood for some Italian Cafe this evening, whilst I contemplate how we are going to finish this courtyard off because it really is such a pleasant spot to sit. Not entirely sure why we have not made more use of it Haha! First on the agenda will be some really large terracotta pots with plants to add a little greenery, but that is a plan for another day. For now, I am just looking forward to this delicious dinner! Hope you all have an amazing Saturday! Love you all long time!





Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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Hey hun, question for you...

Regarding using hive-114105 with powerhousecreatives in tags: Does it make a difference when using both tags and what is the difference?


Hey hon!

You are welcome to use either or both. The hive tag is obviously more beneficial as it gets your post to appear in BOTH the standard steem feed as well as the new beta communities feed... but in order for it to be successful - it HAS to be the very FIRST tag you use.

Some have said that they have used the hive tag and their posts don't appear. I cannot say that I have experienced that, but perhaps just use both to be on the safe side :)

Great looking food @jaynie!

hehe thanks @sunsethunter :)

Happy Saturday!

...and now a Happy Wednesday to you @hafizullah haha!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you @hafizullah and @innerblocks :)

Just took some late shots now Jaynie and the wind clocking 51 kms here. Fine speeding icicles off the ocean stinging my face like needles. Palm tree retrenching some old branches and real fun out there.
Your feast here certainly is impressive and the courtyard sounds like the ideal place to be in this weather.
Oh! And I love that mutt!
Take care!

hehehe we love our mutt too! :D

Yummy. The right way to start off the day. I am all about the low carbs. They are definitely not my friend!

So, this is the way I go, a nice balance of protein and fats along with the best of the greens. The spinach was a perfect touch.

The pork would be interesting to taste brined. It already has enough salt in it, so I would be interested to see what they use. And of course, you need a new table! Hello? Stop talking to those little voices in your head.

I hope you had a good braai!

!tip .20

Hahaha those little voices are easily silenced lol!

The gammon is amazing! You would no doubt love it. I dont know anyone who doesn't... unless they simply dont eat pork.

The braai albeit super windy... was absolutely super and the food went down a treat!


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Yummy 💕 @jaynie


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Thanks @wonderwop xxx

I've never heard of a cut of meat called gammon. It looks like our pork roast. I'm sure it was delicious! And the breakfast bowl looks divine. Sure puts my bowl of oatmeal to shame, lol.

Not quite a traditional pork roast. Gammon is a hind leg of pork that has been cured in brine or dry salt - and very often smoked. A DELICIOUS cut of meat and VERY popular here over the Christmas period... which is why they are all on special now because the festive season is over haha!!!

As for the breakfast, yes... it was delish!

Your meals look great. BBQ in the wind can be a challenge, especially if it is very windy. Still I'll take that over subzero temperatures.

I will agree with you on that one. Lol

Me and mine, @pooky-jax are back on the Keto. Not 100%, Just trying to eat less and healthy, And looking to repair the holiday damage. Uhhhg....! It took half of the prev. 3 months gains.

Your photos are amazing, so now I gotta have a Caturday Night snack.

Shhhhh.... Don't tell. LoL

Maybe just a bottle of water and a few slices of cheese.

Hahaha yip, I feel you... and your secret is safe with me :D

Have a super Sunday!

Low carb? LOL

I think today I will follow your example and I will eat a slice of life just like yours :) I hope some family members will accompany us and I be able to take good photos to share with everyone.

lol... show me a carb on that plate :P

lol. As I said, I will show you how I followed your example. I prepare the publication right now :)

It was great to have a place to have the braai out of the wind. I had to look up the word Braai and see it is similiar to a barbecue(BBQ) but African style. 😊

The meat looks delicious Jaynie. I would love the cauliflower in white sauce. 💕

hehehe glad you have now been educated @redheadpei :P haha!Oh and cauli in white sauce is my BESTEST!!!!

Another great idea on how to cook this simply delicious meat.

Courtyard out of the wind sounds the ideal place to set up a new table for outdoor fun. Weber is always a handy addition to have with loadshedding always looming on the horizon, enjoy decorating you outdoor extended dining room Jaynie.

It was indeed the perfect spot! And yes, I am looking forward to the decorating... that is the best part - always!

It's a good thing that low-carb doesn't exclude wine!

What wine.... I don't see wine anywhere!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
That is one thing that I will bend ANY diet for haha!

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how did my dog get there lol?? i'm willing to bet that's the smartest dog you've ever had:)

OH yes! No cobwebs on this boy! LOL