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RE: At the Gyeongju Bird Park with my Feathered Friends

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Howdy sir abitcoinskeptic! That place is really cool and you got so many great photos! I especially like the real closeups. The baby ostrichs are shockingly ugly though. lol.

I didn't know they had a machine that could scan you for bird flu. I wonder if one can be made to scan for the coronavirus?


The adult ostriches were worse. But babies are supposed to be cute. Although babybswans are also infamously not cute.

I am not fully sure what that machine does. I assume it takes a lot of accurate body temperature points, but it may also do something else.

In the case of corona high temperature and coughing give it away. Also they are scanning everyone's temperature here with the simpler infrared guns so maybe it could improve detection by temperature.

Are you guys trying to avoid going out in public? What is the government telling people to do over there, have they shut restaurants down like over here?

Only schools and government jobs are cancelled. For private enterprises it is up to each business. Most crowded businesses shit down to avoid heavy criticism. Churches, too. Political activism is banned even though there is a national election on April 15th.
The main thing people went crazy over here was for dust masks. The government is now rationing them for about 1.25 each and you can buy 2 a week on a certain day depending on your birth year (ex today was ***3 and ***8).

Wow, two dust masks a week doesn't sound like much. Are those the good ones? They have to be rated N99 or higher to be effective right? Almost everything but grocery stores are shutting down here but I think researchers are getting close to a cure and vaccines.