PowerHouseCreatives Contest | It's My Birthday & I want to go home

Today is my birthday and I'm officially 44 years old.

Wow !! What a declaration this is for me.

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I've always celebrated my birthday with my family but this year due to Covid-19, I'm stuck here in Vietnam while my family is back home in Malaysia. There's no reason to be unhappy or frustrated about it because we all know why. I guess once I embraced the change and accepted that this is probably my life for at least the next 3 months, there's no point to discuss it.

I'm glad that I still have everyday to look forward too and I'm still here. Though my family is far away but they are always close to my heart and that's the biggest joy. Birthdays come and go, anyhow it's just another 24 hours and tomorrow will come.

Many pray for the lockdown to be over, so that they can go out as being stuck home with their family for weeks and weeks which seems like torture. For me, I wish I had part of that lockdown with my family... Yeah, just part of it. Since I'm such a workaholic and career minded person, being a stay home mom just isn't in my job description. But, I do wish to have more time with my family; especially at times like these.

In @zord189's post for #powerhousecreative's weekly contest, he has asked where would we want to go once the Covid-19 is over.

For me, it's home, to my family. I long to see my 2,000 sqm apartment; where I could see the view of the entire city from my apartment balcony. To go on our breakfast, lunch and dinner outing, even if it's to a local coffee shop down the street. Enjoying our favourite local delicacies such as roti canai, char away teow, prawn mee, yong tau foo and many others. To go shopping in a proper shopping mall and of course, visit my favourite home store, IKEA. The list is just endless...

Most important is spending time with my family; husband and kids, my parents and siblings and also close friends. I miss my parent's cooking especially my dad; he's the Masterchef in our home. Even simple dishes taste fantastic not to mention when he starts his 10-course Chinese menu. I also miss my kitchen... it has been a long time since I baked and cooked a whole menu for family and friends. I used to do that before I took on this job overseas. But now that I have to cook everyday for myself, I tend to shy myself away from cooking at home. I prefer to spend the hours with my family; we laugh, we play card games, we talk and we watch movies together.

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This is what I would do once the lockdown is over, countries lifted off the travel restrictions & quarantine and airlines start to fly again. Every other day, I look at the airlines booking schedule and it says flights are temporarily suspended till further notice. I wonder when this will end.

So, for my birthday wish...

I wished that Covid-19 is over and we can all resumed back to our daily life and I can see my family again in person.

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Hey Happy Birthday!
It looked like you had a marvelous time on your previous birthday with your family. That must be very hard being away from them as it seems you are very close!
Here's hoping the lock down ends soon and you can get back to your family and I can get back to visiting my son and granddaughter!

Thanks so much @porters
Its during birthdays that we treasure everyone around us more and I do miss them a lot.
But I tell myself that it's just another day and very soon I shall be able to see them in person again.
And I pray for everyone that they too can see their loved ones soon.

 last year 

I hope your special day is fabulous and lots of fun!!!  


Thanks so much @thekittygirl.
So far, it's been a beautiful day for me with the first wishes coming from my hubby and a birthday song by my boys. Nothing is more special than that for me.

happy birthday! Being alone is really rough especially in another country. Hang in there. I'm sure @bitrocker2020 is looking after the boys well. Treat this as quiet time :)

I can't wait to do so many things and eat my mum's food ... miss it sooooo much

Thanks so much @travelgirl.
I think @bitrocker is domesticated now more than ever .. ha ha
Thankfully, I've got colleagues here that makes it easy for time to pass by, not to mention the work.
Safety first for everyone if it means me not seeing my family in the next few weeks.
Hopefully, it's just weeks and not months :(

Happy birthday @ireenchew, and many returns of the day! I'm wishing and hoping you'll soon be able to be with your family again too! How nice it would have been for all of you if you could have been home during the lockdown, when you could have taken a nice (although forced) break. Hoping you have a wonderful day!

Thanks so much @free-reign
Been making the best of what we face everyday, and with technology our loved ones is never far away.
For that, I'm truly glad

Happy Birthday, @ireenchew!

Thank you so much @manoldonchev

Happy Birthday! I hope you've had as good a day as possible. ♥️🐝

Thanks so much @felt.buzz
It's good to have one pleasant day in all this gloominess

Happy 44th birthday! I hope this pandemic will soon be over and you can return to your family in Malaysia. Best to be safe.

Thanks so much @redheadpei
I pray for everyone this is over soon, so we may go back to our normal lives indeed.
Be safe too

Ah, man. Happy Birthday!

I hope you get your birthday wish sooner rather than later. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks so much..
I trust my birthday wish will come true for everyone's sake as well

Happy Birthday! I too wish you could be with your family on this very special day @ireenchhew! Blessings to a fabulous healthy and safe year ahead 😀

Thanks so much @birdinparadise
It's on this day that I want to be with them even more.
But, for their sake and everyone, finding a cure for this pandemic is so important so that we have a continuity in life. Be safe too

Happy Birthday, @ireenchew
Hope you can be with your family soon

Thanks so much @hlezama
I do hope to see them soon

Happy birthday!
You look very young to me.
Have a healthy and happy life ahead. :)

Thanks so much..
I'm forever young at heart, I believe that..
Though the wrinkles start to show just below the eyes.. ha ha

Happy birthday, make the most of the day, remember the fun times spent previously and imagine the good ones still to come....


Thanks so much @joanstewart
Yes.. I believe more good ones will come for all of us

Hello @ireenchew,

Thank God for giving you one more day. I hope that soon you can return to your country and share the time with your family.

Hi @janaveda and thanks so much
You're absolutely right that we should be grateful that HE has given each new day to me..
And I'm still here, alive, happy and safe.. that's the greatest present ever.

Happy birthday! I wish for your wish to come true 😊😊 at the soonest possible time... Many happy returns of the day! 🎂🎈🎉🎁

Thanks so much..
I believe the better days will eventually come..
Faith is the true essence in life

Happy Birthday to You

Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts @hafizullah

Happy Birthday and I'm sorry that you are not with your family in these trying times!

Thanks so much @blueeyes8960
I'm hopeful I will see them soon 😍

Buon Compleanno 🎊🥂🎉

Thanks so much @wonderwop 😘

Happy Birthday to you! I hope that you enjoyed your day,
It must be really difficult to be away from your family. Stay strong!
I pray that you will be able to reunite with you family soon and that you and your family will always be blessed.
God Bless!

Thanks so much @sgbonus
I'm hopeful that I will see them if not this month, perhaps the next or the next. At least we can face time each other and for that I'm grateful

Happy birthday! I hope you can see your family soon.

Thanks so much @derekrichardson
I'm hopeful that I will soon be with them

Happy Birthday to you!!!! I hope that you got to facetime the family! Net year, an even bigger celebration! I wish you were with your family right now also, but, I am glad that both sides are safe! That is the most important.

I don't know how much longer your contract will be for, but, stay safe and know we are thinking of you~

Happy Birthday!


Thanks so much @dswigle..
WhatsApp Video is our fav cos I'm on Apple while the kids back home is on Android.
And ure right, so long everyone is safe which is most important

I like WhatsApp Video. Works great. God Bless you and your family. xo

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Happy Birthday @ireenchew/ I hope you've had a great day, and like you, I hope this pandemic resolves soon with good outcomes all around.

Thanks so much @jerrytsuseer
Yes.. I pray for that day too


Hello Friend @ireenchew

I was very moved by your story. Being away from family in such a critical time must be heartbreaking.

Have strength. I hope that all of this happens soon and we can resume our normal lives.

For now, I wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Thanks so much.
Being away is tough indeed but I choose to look at the bright side of things.
There's bigger things involved 😃

Happy birthday dear @ireenchew, wishing you many blessings and let's hope this pandemic comes to an end sooner than expected. Take care and stay safe!

Thanks so much @lizelle and your kind blessings.
You take care too

Pretty late here but still wish you a happy birthday. Glad you didn't want to get frustrated because of the limitations and decided to enjoy nonetheless!

Thanks so much @fenngen
No point feeling down about the whole thing.
I'm grateful that I have a new day every time I wake up the following morning, a roof over my head and food on the table. That's considered luxury compared to many others out there.

Happy birthday wishing you long life.

Thanks so much @femcy-willy
Most kind of you 🙂

You are welcome

Happy Birthday to you! 🎉🎊

Thanks so much @mballesteros
Most kind of you 😁

Yay! Happy Birthday @ireenchew! I hope you had a great day!

Thanks so much for your kind words.
It's been a peaceful day with lots of reply via social media 😘

Happy Belated Birthday!

Hi @joelai...
Thanks so much for your best wishes.
How's things with you back home ?
I see the numbers go sky high but now it's becoming more in control which is good.

Happy Birthday! You have the same birthday as my daughter. We will all get thru this and this will pass.

Hi @watersnake101..
Wow !! Happy birthday to your daughter as well.
We're both Aries women... Hurray !!

Happy birthday, my friend. Wherever you are, have a good time.

Thanks so much @carolinacardoza
I'm definitely making the most of my birthday and every single day after that

Happy birthday! I wish that you get your wish sooner rather than later. My birthday is coming up in two months, and my daughter and her BF are planning to visit. I hope they can make it here.

Thanks so much @owasco
I hope you get to celebrate with your loved ones too on your birthday.
During times such as these, nothing is more important than being with our loved ones.

Happy belated birthday, a big hug and a thousand blessings to you and yours! Stay safe!

Thanks so much @fmbs25
You stay safe too

Happy birthday wishes for a wonderful 44th birthday and wonderful year to come!🎉🎈🎉

Much love fom the USA! @ireenchew💗

Thanks so much for your kind words and wishes @ninahaskin

You're welcome, Ireen!🎈♥️🎈

Thanks so much @ninahaskin
Have a good day yourself

I hope you had a good birthday inspire of being away from your family, and got to video chat or FaceTime with them!

Thanks @jayna...
Thank goodness to all the technology there is now.. if it was 20 years ago, I doubt I would survive all this

Happy birthday

Thanks so much @olivia08..
You have a good day yourself too

A virtual hug for your birthday.
There will certainly be other birthdays that you will spend with your family

I believe so @mllg
After all it's just one day, we have many more days in the year to share with each other

Be happy all days of the year!!!

Late happy birthday! Being away from home and family ain`t easy, especially during this pandemic. Hang in there!

Thanks so much @lymepoet
Yeah.. I miss my family a lot even more during the weekends.
But, I'm hanging on fine

I was thinking about you, Ireen, and had an idea that you could celebrate your "half birthday" six months from now with a party when you are back home in Malaysia to make up for the one you missed! @ireenchew🎊

Love the idea of birthday celebrations ...