Sandwiches & Gelatos

Inspired by #MarketFriday by @dswigle

All photos featured are from my collection. Mmmm cakes and gelatos in many flavors.

Here I am again for another edition of #MarketFriday. I'm truly thankful for this, as I now have a place to tell my stories of our #momndaughterbonding moments.

I've always loved Fridays, esp. when I was a student. I still do, even though I have been werking till Saturdays. Friday night is when I'm already on weekend mode. LOL! I swear I live for the weekends! ^_^

Sandwich Night


It comes as no surprise that most of our bonding moments happen on Friday nights. My daughter only works from Mondays to Fridays. It technically is the start of the weekend after work of Friday.

For this week, we decided to go for sandwiches for dinner. Neither one of us was feeling particularly hungry. We've always seen this food stall, but we finally decided to try it. It features Vietnamese cuisine, and we felt a bit adventurous.


We played a game of Scrabble while waiting for our sandwiches. I'd say it's a good feature of this food stall, as you won't mind the wait since you're enjoying the game like we did. We had tons of fun playing. We didn't take note of scores, but I would say it was a draw. We bought our drinks from the stall right across from the sandwich store. We didn't feel like having coffee, which was the only beverage available at that time.


That's the lemonade stand. ^_^ If you think that the lighting is a bit dim, do note that this is also the cinema floor. Here is where we go to watch movies that we like.


So, the sandwich store also offers milk tea. It has honestly become quite a fad here. There are so many choices to choose from. I prefer fruit teas.


There's my classic sandwich. Meat and veggies in it. I make it a point to have a healthy balance of both. It was definitely yummy.

Gelato Night


We love desserts. My daughter likes this dessert stall on the ground floor of the mall. When we feel like chilling & hanging, we make it a point to drop by Cara Mia.


It's another small stall, but it's perfect for the two of us. I love the design of the walls. I'd love to have a similar design at home once I'm done refurbishing. One day at a time...


Oh boy! So many flavors to choose from. I honestly couldn't remember which flavors I chose that time, as we have been there a few times. I choose different combinations each time.


Voila! There are our gelatos. Perfect for a night cap. Just to burn off the calories, we walked home, a good 850 meters away.

Well, that's it for this week's edition of #marketFriday.

Enjoy your third weekend of 2020! ^_^

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Nice photos! I enjoy mother-daughter dates too. Especially going to malls. 😊

You should not post all these tasty, beautiful food this time of the year - everybody is on diet!! LOL
Nice post!!

What a wonderful bonding experience these Friday meetups are with you and your daughter. I love the fact that you bring the traveling scrabble game and play it with each other while waiting.

That warmed my heart. Truly. I can tell what a good mom you are/were because your child doesn't turn out as well as yours did because you didn't do a good job. My congratulations on being a superb mom and friend. Because even though my daughter loves being with me, so many kids nowadays don't like to be with their parents. they would rather spend time on their phone. Shame on them!!!

Your sandwich looked divine and the gelato was sweet!!! Thank you for taking us along and sharing your wonderful evening with us! Until next time!! Have a wonderful weekend~

#MarketFriday loves you!

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Great cakes and ice cream
I want to eat it ~

Oh do try gelatos. They're yummy! 😊😊

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