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Wow, it has been months since I last made a contribution to the #marketFriday community. You see, since the lockdown, the regular market where I used to buy veggies was not the same anymore. I had interesting experiences in scouting around any markets that remained open during the early days of the lockdown. However, I wasn't able to document them. Too bad, huh? Those were crazy times. The empty streets had an apocalyptic feel.

This was the marketplace that I found open during the lockdown. Some would order via text and have them delivered. I had to walk there. This was located a block away from our neighborhood mall. Lately, they have imposed stricter measures by the entrance and exit of this side street market. Right! Face mask and face shield are required to enter. They even have an automated gadget for taking temperature. Boohoo!

I took this photo while I was waiting for the banana leaves that I ordered from last time. They forgot to have it ready and had to send someone to run to another market area to get it. I got the chance to take the photos, so snap snap snap. 😂🤣 however, I wasn't pleased with the long wait. I did order a day in advance and someone acknowledged the order. I would probably not be going back any time soon.

Mom went to the old marketplace earlier and learned that the old vendor we used to buy from won the lottery. They won't be back selling anymore. oh wow! Talk about being lucky huh? 😂🤣 if only that luck could also rub off their customers.

Happy weekend! I hope to see you again soon. 😉👍🏼 till then.. Ta-tah!

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it is what it is although #newabnormal would have been more apt if you ask me 😉👍🏼 happy weekend!

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Should have used that in your title.

The specific combination of "New Normal" words is what I am downvoting until the entire social structure around the pandemic has completely dissolved from conversation.

In about 5byears I expect I will not downvote this 2 word combination, for what I think is obvious propaganda.

What do you mean with "the entire social structure around the pandemic has completely dissolved from conversation"? Should we not talk about our daily life? How our routines have changed this year?

Until the social attributes of the lockdowns, pandemic, and mandates alike world wide are not represented in a way that infringes human rights, I will be down-voting what I consider propaganda.

This is not my post so I will leave you this this, and there comment I made above, as I feel the is more than enough information to see where i am coming from without detracting from the authors content further with you.

Despite the wait, this market still looks great :) Thank you for telling us the story about it.

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Looks like a very nice market.

I think so too. These are stalls by the sidewalk of a bargain mall. :) The mall was closed during the start of the lockdown here back in March. Most reopened only in June. Good thing this market remained open all throughout.

Happy weekend! :)

thank you so much @bhattg :)