WednesdayWalk - A quick walk to the beach.

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We actually only want to walk with the dogs to a patch of grass where they can run. But once there we decided it's so near to the beach we just as well can continue walking to the beach.


It was a clear and sunny day, but it was already late afternoon. I like to take pictures of the driftwood, it always has this interesting shapes.


It's still winter but Max don't mind, he just loves to swim in the rock pools and the ocean.


Some interesting colours and shapes in a rock pool.

Interesting Lichen on a tree, I think it's Lichen although most of it is green, but this is orange.

This is a sight I will never tire of. It's a total sensory experience, seeing the waves forming, breaking, the different hues of blue and aquamarine, hearing the waves breaking, rolling onto the sand, smell the ocean, taste the saltiness of the sea spray.


On our way back we came across this perfect skeleton of a small crab and this interesting branches of a tree on the photo below.


We also pass this Coral tree, I love the bright orange flowers.


That concludes my Wednesday Walk entry. Thank you for reading and looking.

Thank you @tattoodjay for the WednesdayWalk initiative.



I always love walks by the water and this is such a beautiful one

Thanks for joining Wednesday walk :)

Yes, water is wonderful for body and soul. Thanks for commenting and the pleasure is mine. 💫

ohh yes I totally agree I had a morning walk by the water this morning

I have picked your post for my daily hive voting initiative, Keep it up and Hive On!!

Hi, thank you so much❣️