It's happened - Kid snatched due to Covid 19.

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It has happened - One rotten ruling!!

Parental rights have been on the watch out, hoping and praying that it won't happen, but now it did.

It was recommended by the Los Angeles County Dept. of Children and Family Services (DCFS) that a child should be removed from her home because one of the parents tested positive for COVID19. This is parents that have no previous investigations. The court ruled in favor of DCFS despite the fact that the parents had made appropriate arrangements for their child.

Out of experience we know that such a ruling will set a precedent for more of the same.

The attorney of the parents wrote on his facebook page:

“Let that sink in . . . DCFS is asking for children to [be] removed from their parents’ custody due to COVID-19 despite the parent making the appropriate arrangements for their child.”

Right now it's about one child in one courtroom. That is already one child too many, one family too many that now again is traumatized. The family is working on filing a writ of habeas corpus to get their child returned.

Alarms went off previously when it was reported that child welfare forms were changed to make provision to indicate if Covid19 was present in a home, when a child was removed.

At the time, it seems reasonable to avoid the spread of Covid19 and not as an excuse to separate families.

But since the Covid19 breakout Parental Rights has been watchful and now this LA County judge has made one ruling that opens the door for more.

No government should have the authority to remove a child from their home just because a parent is positive for COVID19. Especially if the parents made arrangements to isolate the sick parent or for the children to be taken care of somewhere away by family or friends.

There is no need for courts to get involved in such cases.


ParentalRights will do everything possible to prevent that this becomes the new normal.

Under no circumstances will we stand by while innocent families suffer the humiliating and life-shattering trauma of unnecessary, unconstitutional, unconscionable separation.

They are investigating this ruling, stay informed what is happening and will stay vigilant in watching out for more cases.

Please join ParentalRights in their fight. Standing together they can ensure the rights of families to be together.

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

Absolutely crazy, this is so shocking @hope777, that's totally inhumane!

Yes, it is @lizelle. There is this movement in first world countries to take children away from their parents for no valid reason. Some of these kids end up in child trafficking or abused by foster parents. Really shocking and I humane as you said, luckily in South Africa we are not able to care for a lot of kids in institutions.
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Oh my, that is absurd!!!

Yes and so sad. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

This is really really scary, but I was also expecting it to happen at some point, but also hoping it wouldn't. That poor family and that child x

Yes, it's scary. Thank you for stopping by, really appreciate 🌞