The Galenkp and Hidave Cultural Exchange Program

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Sometimes people make gestures that are both unexpected and exceptionally sincere. This is one of those moments for me where I'm both grateful and thankful for a thoughtful act committed by one of Hives friendliest posters.

Some time ago I made friends with @galenkp. Galen lives in southern Australia and very quickly we began to talk about my love for all things australian. You see, I used to live there for a few years. While in Australia I experienced some of the most beautiful and life changing memories I've ever had. Memories that have shaped me into the man I am today.

I live in the United States these days, but Australia is a place that I miss deep down into my soul. There's a part of me and my heart that will always belong to Australia. Galen, being the good bloke he is, decided out of pure kindness to send me a care package from Australia all the way to South Carolina with one thing I had been missing dreadfully... something unique to Australia called Chicken Salt. It's a seasoning that turns just about anything you put it on so much better. In fact the greatest french fries or hot chips in the world belong to Australia thanks to their cherished Chicken Salt seasoning they put on them.

Today as I got home from work I was delighted to find his package had finally arrived and was sitting on my doorstep. Carefully I opened it and was taken back by what I saw.

Inside I found not just my seasoning, but also a few other iconic aussie snacks that he decided to surprise me with.

This is the chicken salt. The real deal original Chicken Salt and not one of the cheap knockoffs you can find elsewhere. When galenkp sends a gift he sends only the best! This salty ambrosia is going on hot chips this afternoon. Something that will become another post as I showcase true aussie hot chips and what are to anyone whos ever tried them the greatest in the world.

Along side the chicken salt he sent me a package of CC's cheese flavoured chips. CCs is another brand that's proudly made in Australia, and they are delicious. Basically, think of Doritos if they were made properly and had real flavour instead of cheap artificial flavouring. Once you try CCs you never want to go back to inferior Doritos.


I have to admit when I first saw them in the box I got a little emotional. You see, I have some very personal memories of CCs and I honestly thought I'd never be able to hold another bag of CC's in my life. I sat there holding the bag in my hands for a few minutes while a sudden flood of memories washed across my mind and ran the gamut of emotions from a wide smile to a few tears. It sounds weird, but after I eat them I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep the bag as a souvenir.

Finally no aussie snacks pack would be incomplete without Tim Tams. Tim Tams are an Australian chocolate biscuit that's now world famous. It's in my opinion perfection. Although you can occasionally find them in American stores, they sell out nearly immediately when they're in stock. If you ever come across a bag in the market, and you like chocolate cookies, grab the bag immediately! You won't regret it.


Thank you so much Galen. I am jumping for joy right now. What you've done I personally think should become a new Hive trend. In the age of coronavirus where we can't travel to see the world, I think sending gift packages to friends across the globe is a brilliant way to share culture and bring the world to others. I can't visit Australia right now, but a little bit of Australia can visit me!

As such, I am going to be sending galenkp a care package of uniquely american items to return the favour.

Thank you again mate! Now I'm off to use this chicken salt and make me some delicious hot chips.

On a side note. If you haven't come across @galenkp on Hive yet, take the time to get to know him. He's not only one of the nicest guys you could hope to meet and an all-around good bloke. He's an example of what makes Hive so fantastic. He also is the founder of the Engage The Weekend Community. A place with probably the highest level of Engagement on Hive and also the best fun you can find here on the weekends. Go check out his community and see what he gets up to.

Engage the weekend Community

All photos by hidave


Can endorse @galenkp as being good human being stuff. :)

What a delightful package of goodies to receive.

Thanks mate, it's nice of you to say so...

What a delightful package of goodies to receive

Trust me, the CC's almost didn't make it into the box...By force of will I stopped myself from eating them and sent them off to Dave. :)

That’s awesome man, Galen is a one of a kind person, honestly. He reminds me a lot of my dad, stand up guy that does what he says, honest and gets along with almost everyone.

I’ll have to look these things up, I haven’t heard of any of them!

It doesn’t work most of the time but you can’t reproduce the chicken salt combination at home?

I haven't been able to reproduce it ir find anything that tastes like it really in the USA. Also folks get weirded out here by the name chicken salt. Not sure why.

If you can find tim tams i recommend them. The package once opened will go pretty quickly so i recommend hiding them from family and friends.

...Or buy 17 packets. :)

Or avoid having any there in the first place, because you know once you start you won't be able to stop! 😓

If Tim Tams are available one must Tim Tam - That's the rules.

And you can't not obey those rules!

Yep, agreed.

That just makes me smile. Big smile.

I've spent the day with Hive mostly broken for me and in all honesty, I've missed it. It seems to be mostly working now, but I have had to log in for most every transaction this session.

I guess my point here is that if I only got a sliver of Hive today I'm sure glad that this was part of it.

Thanks for the enthusiastic share!

The smile on my face was huge too when i saw all the other goodies galenkp put in there. To make the effort to send such a care package to a new friend you've made on the internet shows what kinda person galen is. Character counts and he's got it in abundance.

I'm glad that the post put a smile on your face. We all need some good vibes every now and then.

Grazie mille Dave.

Yes. To all the above.

That is just all in all cool.

Hive is broken for a few, I went through it a day or so ago too. Seems to be working now though. I think it's just HF preparation.

Some of the nodes are already running the new code, some are spooling up backups in prep for it, it's just a thing that's going to happen on a fork like this. If the code is all correct it should be the last time this sort of thing occurs for a good long while.

It's one of those things I can't control. Doesn't seem to stop me from trying, you understand :)

Let's hope it runs smoothly huh? I've seen some terrible HF's in the past.

I have hope for this one, because it is pretty fundamental. In spite of (or maybe because of) these irritations in the run up.

I am planning on doing some changes to my software tomorrow. It needs to be done (new OS and browser) and I just as well do it when Armageddon could come to Hive :)

Let's hope Hiveageddon doesn't happen.

That sucks Tom try changing your node! I was having a lot of issues with the blocktrades node but I’ve been doing good on the Anyx node.

I would even try a slower node if it holds up, why not?

I’m having bad luck with PeakD on my phone, I can’t lock in with peak lock and have to use hive signer. Hopefully the fork goes well lol

I've changed nodes, I've cleaned cookies and cache (twice). There is also a possibility that I had some service related difficulty.

I think we'll see the fork earlier rather than later, and that most (all) of these difficulties will evaporate then. It has to do with the nodes ramping up for the fork, I get it.

So far (3 comments) it's working as advertised on Hiveblog and PeakD isn't getting it. I think there will be a work around until HF. I hope :)

Hey mate, I'm glad the package finally made it there and that you'll soon be reunited with one of the most amazing taste sensations: Hot chips and chicken salt.

It was a pleasure to send you this little care package from Australia and know you'll enjoy it all. I'm not sure how you're going to ration the items but you'll have to make them last somehow...Or smash them down fast and enjoy it quickly!

You know you don't need to send me an American care package, but if you do...AR15's are regulated here...Just saying. :)

Enjoy my bro, it was a pleasure to send you some treats from Australia.

I'll come up with something! How bout AK upper receivers? Border control have any problem with those?😯.

Do you like bbq sauces or hot sauces? We have probably about 20 times the selection of that over here that you'd never find in Oz.

Mate, I'm in your hands...Nothing is necessary of course, I sent you a package because I thought it would be cool.

Cough...cough AR15...Cough...Lol.

Haha good old chicken salt. I prefer them plain but every now and then I don't mind it. I do think we do the best fish and chips in the world.

No vegemite? Definitely couldn't survive without vegemite...!!

Good on ya, @galenkp.. what a nice thing to do!!!

I am on the fence with vegemite. Wait don't take my aussie card just yet. I prefer tomato sauce to ketchup and I'm dying for some party pies.

PFFT. What kind of pseudo Aussie are you???

Haha! I promise im fair dinkum.

Haha my Dad says that!!!

Maybe he doesn't know that Vegemite is the cure for all things...War, famine, financial strife, cancer, dumbness, snails getting into the garden, algebra....Everything.

HA, my husband's more Marmite, being English, but my country, my rules - Vegemite is the only mite allowed in this house!!

Yep, this is good to hear Mar no good, Vege good when it comes to mites!

Erm...What did I just read cobber? On the fence? Come on bro! It's Vegemite!

Hmm vegemite? Never heard of it I’ll have to look it up. Chicken salt too lol



I gotta look out for all wannabe Aussies River and old-mate Dave is one of the most dedicated. He's a good sort.

Nice to know!

Damn. I just thought of a great challenge. The best fish and chips I've had was in a place called the Sportsmans Restaurant in Grand Marais, Michigan. Made with fresh caught Lake Superior perch, they were just terrific. All we have to do is send a delegation to Aus and US and we could zoom compare. It could work!


one of Hives friendliest posters.

It's all a front. He's truly insidious. He's only sent just enough to resurrect all the memories and cravings, then you'll have withdrawal symptoms and he'll have full control of you! 😜 😆

An evil plan of world domination through chicken salt and CC's addiction!

I knew it!! You'll have America on its knees in no time.

It's a dastardly plan worthy of any evil genius.

You will be the guru of all evil genius hopefuls!


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Its ok i plan on shipping myself to Adelaide. He doesn't know this yet but in a few weeks he'll come home from work to find a giant box with misspelled scribblings on the the side saying Refidorator sitting on his driveway. That'll be me. Australia or bust!

Lol...I've got a spot in my workshop for you...In your spare time you can make my 9mm ammo for me!

Always wanted to learn. Maybe one day i can work my way up to the big boys and do rifle reloads.

I'll show ya, and you can knock yourself out...I'm looking forward to an endless supply of ammo! Lol.

Crafty! 🤣 Just make sure you don't do it mid summer. You'll cook on the driveway while he's at work!

Naw you see thats part of my genius. You see i know that the border people guys will try to xray the box. So im going to wrap myself in mylar. That way they'll see a big metal thing on the xray picture machine thing and not me. The mylar will also protects me from the heat. I've got it all worked out. I'm an ideas man mate!

Care packages are always a sweet surprise. I remember getting them while in school and away from home. What a delight and for a few moments or even longer, you feel like your home again. Looks like that moment happened for you.. the welcome home moment. Enjoy and in this particular case I think no one will hold it against you if you don't share. hehe. 😆😊😁

I definitely am hiding a the CC's and tim tams for myself. I had a few CC's chips last night and i forgot just how good they are. I was diligent though about rationing myself. Don't wants to eat everything right away

It will be interesting to see how long they last...I can almost hear a distress call right now...


Ha! I just finished my bag of CCs last night. Yeah i want more but I'm happy with the blessings i received in the name of chicken salt. But like many things the cravings for CCs never subsides.

That CC addiction is terribly good, but only if you can sate the hunger...I feel for you man...I might have to get some more coming your way, but maybe after things return to normal and freight isn't as fucking costly to send. :)