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Wolf Moon


This week, @zord189 has us creating our posts based on a picture of something bright. I thought and thought but could not think of anything I could take a picture of that’s bright, besides the sun or the moon. So on the night before the full Wolf Moon, (Jan. 9th), I went outside and captured the best that I could, the Wolf Moon on Wolf Moon eve.

I didn’t really know it was the night before the Wolf Moon until a couple days later, or I would have gotten the Wolf Moon instead on the next night when it was full. There’s no value in chastising myself for missing it since there’s nothing I can do about it now.

Anyway, I took my little Nikon Coolpix S6800 outside and got about the best shot of the moon I could. It was very bright, and I had to zoom all the way to get the moon’s features rather than just a blazing bright blob against a dark sky. The camera automatically goes into the artificial zoom past a certain point, so the features aren’t as good as a better camera would have done.


I did take some other pictures in case one of them would be better than the moon one. I took some shots of a cloudy sky that had some bright spots and I took a zoomed-in picture of a neighbor’s security light that was on because someone had just walked by, but those couldn’t cut it as the featured photo for this challenge.

As a photographer, I’m a complete amateur, so even though I love to take pictures, it’s just total luck if I end up taking a picture that might be considered good. I think most good photographers see something, process in their minds what the shot will look like with the settings they are using on their camera and then take the picture expecting a great result.

When I take pictures, it’s more like I see something, take a picture of it, and then possibly when I look at it later, I say to myself, “That’s a nice photo.” So my process is kind of backwards I guess, if it could even be called a process. I do get lucky once in awhile and I really like some of those that I’ve taken. I even got one made into a big one that I have hanging on a wall. It’s the only one hanging actually.

One thing that I notice when I take photos and then look at them later, is that I usually can’t believe I took such a good photo when I’m looking at one I think is good. I guess that means that I am a so-so photographer who sometimes, out of sheer luck, takes a decent photo now and then.

I’m fine with that.


Sources for images used in this post:

ALL photos used are mine.


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I love moon pictures, too. There's something very calming about them.

And, y'know, there is no right or wrong way to take photography outside of actually needing to use a camera. :) All art is interpretable.

I get the same type of feelings from the moon. I wonder if that makes me a moon child? :)

I agree, and I like my photographic process - I just happen to put more of the burden of achieving photographic awesomeness on the camera than on me!

Lovely shot! Never knew it was a wolf moon!
I went out to capture some photos for it too that I'll be sharing on my #wednesdaywalk for there is a whole story to go with it!
I could only think of the sun for my bright picture.
What was it a picture of that you have hanging on your wall?

Thanks! I guess I just naturally think of brightness when it's surrounded by darkness, although I did notice the brightness coming through on the cloudy day. The picture I have on my office wall is a photo of some sailboats moored in calm water, late afternoon. It's my favorite so far, and I took it about 5 or 6 years ago. I looked for the original so you could see it, but don't see it on my computer. If I find it I'll add it in here.

IT is a good shot, the zoom is definitely needed. Did you use a tripod or stabilise it somehow? get it a bit sharper. I think it is good for auto though.

I just rested my arm on my fence top. I was too lazy (I'm picking up your trait, lol) to go inside to get the tripod. I need to get a better camera, preferably a Cannon SLR I guess.