The Man From Renarc – The 31 Sentence Contest Round 6

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This is my entry to The 31 Sentence Contest Round 6 by @tristancarax. It is a contest based on creating a story with 31 sentences exactly, and each sentence has a set number of words allowed. For more information on joining the challenge see this post:

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The Man From Renarc

I’ve been a doodler for several years. I keep them all. I use them in ways that a normal person would never guess, even if they really, truly wanted to know. These doodles are special because they come into being when I, for all intents and purposes, am unconscious.

It all began seventeen years ago, when I was contacted by a man that had six fingers and said he was from the planet Renarc, the pronunciation of which is ree-nark. He told me that I could leave my body if I really, truly wanted to. But why would I though?

He told me about how I could meet famous people when I am out of body, like Marilyn Monroe, which caused me to be even more skeptical of his story. He had sensed my doubt however. He made it clear he was for real.

He told me he would prove it by making me draw images on paper, and that I would draw the images without knowing. I told him that even if that could possibly happen, I still wouldn’t be able to confirm his involvement anyway, if I didn’t know that I had drawn them. Touché.

He had an answer though; he’d use mental telepathy. This was around the time when mental telepathy and ESP had become popular subjects of discussion at parties and social gatherings. The evening TV sitcoms were even writing them into their scripts. Some of the sci-fi shows at the time also used them in some of their episodes.

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He said I should have a pad of paper and colored pens when I go to bed and put them where I can reach them. He assured me that he would be taking care of the rest.

At the time, I was young man - a kid really - just out of high school, working in a steel mill. It was the same steel mill where Robert Deniro’s character in the movie, The Deer Hunter worked, before he got shipped off to Vietnam. My title was “product piler,” which meant I manually stacked steel beams, with another “piler” at the other end.

Harold was an inspector at the mill, and I’d met him on break. He was a middle-age guy that seemed to be fairly intelligent and somewhat odd. He was alien.

Was he?

The day that I would test his theory started like any other day, but when break time arrived I told Harold that I was all prepared. He looked me in the eye and said, “I know.” The time had come; the time when I would discover if Harold was truly what he claimed to be and could do what he claimed he could do.

When I awoke the next morning, I picked up the pad and realized I had indeed drawn doodles on the top sheet, in more than one color. At break, I started describing the doodles, when Harold showed me a duplicate and asked, “Like this?”

The Man From Renarc © free-reign 2019


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I got excited when I saw you had entered again, and this story sure did not disappoint! Love that last line.
I think I have read something like this from you before though, no? You've written about sleeping doodles I think - do you in fact doodle in your sleep? Someone on steem does.

Thanks! I don't think I've written about doodles at all before, unless it popped up when I was saying that I can't draw very well, lol. Although I have doodled off and on before, usually if I have a pencil or pen and paper and I'm waiting for something and I'm bored. I really like the contest and plan on entering again and again!

someone I follow wrote about sleep/night doodling. hm.

You have garnered support from the @bananafish community. We appreciate you're fine work and hope that you will continue to produce awesome content for us to feast our minds on.

Thank you @bananafish community!

Ha! That was a really neat interpretation of my doodles.

I don't know if I'd be delighted or frightened by this alien dude. I mean, perhaps he just watched me all night and morning and then when I brought it up, of course, he would know what I'd draw. Although, telepathy does exist so it can happen the way it did in this story.

Drawing or writing is good for the brain. I started doing it more often about a years ago. Also, doodling and learning how to draw is something that I've been doing more frequently. I find doodling to be extremely scary for some odd reason.

Thanks! A lot of what I wrote about the guy with 6 fingers actually was told to me by a guy with 6 fingers whose name I can't remember, but he did tell me the things I attribute to him. I thought the doodles would fit in well with that story, as he did claim to have telepathic power, and he was the 1st person to ever tell me about out of body experiences. I never came to a conclusion of whether he was for real or just crazy, lol.



Great story loved it. 💕

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