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The prompt for this week's (PowerHouseCreatives) contest, is to write a story, draw a picture, write a poem or what have you, about a letter you'd write to your 15 year-old self. This story is my entry.

I Trust You


So look, I know you aren’t really prepared for this, since the technology that allows me to send this communication to you never existed until now, in the year 2020, but that’s not going to matter. Once you receive the communication, it will become an unforgettable memory for both of us. I just want you to know that I have no reason to change anything by warning you about what is to come.

Just setting this system up to work in so many different time periods, to allow us this communication to take place is as astounding and surprising in 2020 as it is in your time. You didn’t think the transistor was that big of a deal, I remember that. This is where technology has brought us – the ability to communicate with our pasts and futures.

I don’t think it’s cool to mess with our past, as I think causing even the slightest change in our past selves could be disastrous to our future. Especially for those of us who are satisfied with how we’ve lived our lives, even if there are bumps along the way. Those bumps will help, and while some will be painful, none will hurt.

And life is wonderful.

I believe at your age we’d already had an inkling of this, but at 15 you haven’t yet encountered one of those bumps. You will, however, and the first one will be the most serious one you will face up to our present time in 2020.


You will be living through everything that I already have. I’m sorry about that, but I have no choice unless I dare risk losing the good that we’ve done and the things we’ve accomplished, because you may try to avoid what’s happened to us.

Relax; I’m not going to fill you with scary details of things you’ll experience. In fact, I’m not going to tell you anything at all about it. In the end, I know you will agree with this choice I’ve made.

At your time now, you’re about to experience some firsts that are amazing and life is about to be so much fun! Believe me; you have some really sweet times coming up. Enjoy them, and know that in 2020 we’re still happy and still free, although that’s under a bit of a threat right now. Nothing for you to be concerned about – this is in my time.

You see, I think the point of this letter should be to encourage you if you’re doing fine and to discourage you if you aren’t. I know that you did do fine. I know that you make the right decision far more often than the wrong one; I’m the uncontested proof. There’s no need to for you to change course.

Knowing you as I do, I’m sure that you will agree with me that this is the best way to handle this “requirement” that I write this letter from the present to you, myself, in my past. What I will do is what I’m doing now – letting you know that there’s nothing to fear. I’m sure you already felt that, but here’s some confirmation anyway.

I’d also like to give you some assurance that, even though you’ll feel you made a mistake in the aftermath, I want to assure you that you didn’t. Even though you felt like kicking yourself in the ass for some of the situations you’ll get yourself into, they’re all necessary to get to where we are today. The path overall is sound.

I know you wonder about your future at times, but here I am - you in the future - and I assure you it all works out. Believe me.

There are others here at the center today; doing the same thing I am doing – writing to their 15 year-old selves. I have overheard some of them talking about how they wanted to tell themselves to change this or that thing and save themselves from some minor inconvenience. It occurred to me that this type of behavior could end up tragically affecting someone else’s life.

The universe is still connected, and for that reason alone this appears to endanger everyone; past and present.

A situation like this could snowball and drastically and negatively affect people the world over. I fear what will become of us; we who are here today, writing these letters once they begin arriving to our past selves.

I trust that you will know what to do if or when that time comes.

I Trust You © free-reign 2020


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Time Travel: Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay
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The Winner: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
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it's fine, the old you is doing his best. Well, most of your writings are adoring yourself. It's good to know those things

Thanks for reading my post, and good luck in the contest!

Wonderful letter to your young self and I totally agree on

I don’t think it’s cool to mess with our past, as I think causing even the slightest change in our past selves could be disastrous to our future.

Loved the way you wrote this!

Thank you! I think this is such a great prompt from our contest master this week. Really interesting!

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Thank you @c-squared!

Yup messing with our past would affect the future, who knows what side effects would spin off. Have the bumps and bruises accumulated over time molding your own character.

Agree in leaving it a surprise!

Yes, even though my first bump was a pretty bad one, I still could not bring myself to erase it, because who knows; if that bump didn't appear when it did, I may not even be here now! Thanks for reading!

I am inspired but it feels so weird to write that letter and publish it, i have to re think this zord ideas :)

Ha ha! Sometimes the ideas zord comes up with are pretty weird! It's extra difficult when the prompt is not only weird, but also hard to work with. But I like being challenged!

Even though you felt like kicking yourself in the ass for some of the situations you’ll get yourself into, they’re all necessary to get to where we are today.

Very, very true. We are the sum of our historical parts. For better or worse, it brings us here today.

I like this letter. I like the encouragement within and the sense of calming that, even when shit happens, it will be okay.

Thanks! It has to be that way I think, or we're sitting in a prison cell for the past how ever many years, wondering where we messed up, right? :)

Yes, exactly! It's always important to look forward, not back. :)

Can we really change our future? Are the bumps along the way lessons we need to learn? Great writeup @free-reign.

Exactly. I think it's a blessing that we can't write this letter. :) Thanks for reading!

Welcome @free-reign. I didn’t enter this contest but I think it is a great exercise to put things in perspective.

I would have told myself there would be devastating hurts along the way that I couldn’t protect that young girl against. Show as much love as possible, listen to your inner voice and be kind even when you want to pick up the sword and do battle.

This would be great advice and confirmation that you trust yourself too. :)