I Can Do That… Right? – 31sentencestory Contest

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I Can Do That… Right?


What’s my crime?
What have I done?
Coincidences unrevealed.
Considering I was degraded, all my hopes had quickly faded;
Still, I chose my path and won.


As a motivational tool, strength’s the most powerful automatic response element any human can hope for, as it requires no outside prompting to initiate its awesome power. Before we can begin to realize the awesome power of strength in our lives however, we must first learn to recognize it’s within ourselves.

But… the meek inherit earth.

I’ve never really been able to come to a solid conclusion on whether that’s really a good thing or not. Meekness doesn’t ensure a verified path to success, after all. In fact in most cases, meekness will more likely block any chance of achieving success.


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The Do It Yourself idea sometimes comes off as a relatively recent discovery that’s gaining popularity. You know the type; the typical CEO, who can’t even get his own cup of coffee, decides to tackle tree trimming with that newly purchased chainsaw.

We think, “Why pay someone to do something I can do myself?”

The CEO gets injured or causes property damage; either way costing more to fix than hiring a tree trimmer. Such an experience likely prevents their attempting DIY again. Lacking strength to employ a common sense approach, they’re defeated by their own hubris.

The truth is, most people are well-grounded and understand the kinds of tasks they are, or should be capable of performing themselves. They see things through proper perspective. They don’t spend time incessantly fooling themselves.

Inquisitive Cat: Image by jmar1 from Pixabay

What is it that inspires us to want to even attempt doing new things ourselves anyway; things we’d never attempted before? Could it be that remaining, barely conceivable trait of inquisitiveness, (by which humankind has progressed and achieved so much), pleading within us, “carry this forward for all of humanity’s sake?”

How long then shall we indulge those types, who take it upon themselves to plot, and therefore seek the bulk of humanity’s return to an indentured status of “living?” They know that incentives are a huge threat to their plans.

Those of us abundantly aware are even bigger threats to the plans of those who wish to gain rule over us, as they grow increasingly impatient with us. Does the time approach even now, when they will physically attack us to remove our element – which then leaves them free to abuse?

We must begin with strength - strength of resolve - and then we must apply what we know and educate ourselves on what we don’t. Learning how to do more things adds value to us as a whole.

The stage was set decades ago, and the script has been followed to a tee for so long.

Finally, and for the first time in a long while, we’re awakening to a new understanding – we have been deceived by those who prefer that we could not do things ourselves.

I Can Do That… Right? © free-reign 2020

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Thank you @bananafish community!

If meekness is taken to mean "Showing patience and humility; gentle," then I would say it is true, as these types of people will know that strength is required to keep what one has.

If meekness is taken to mean "Easily imposed on; submissive," Then, yeah, they will definitely be stepped on and controlled with very little problems.

The CEO gets injured or causes property damage; either way costing more to fix than hiring a tree trimmer.

I'd say this is a problem! haha. It might be better to first work with someone who knows what they're doing and learn from them while helping out. Might cost less in the long run.

How long then shall we indulge those types, who take it upon themselves to plot, and therefore seek the bulk of humanity’s return to an indentured status of “living?”

Huge problem right here at the current moment in history. The balance is off.

Yes, I agree with you on meekness. I just question the value of inheriting the earth. When the others get mansions in the sky, inheriting the earth doesn't look so valuable as a prize. It's like the consolation prize in a way. But yes, my use here applies to the "easily imposed upon; submissive" types.

The balance is way off. We are at a pivotal time in history, and gaining control of us is their incentive for targeting us. Controlling the world is the prize they seek.

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Control is so overrated.

I'll take that mansion in the sky any day over inheriting the Earth.

As usual, a deep subject that has been reading it over to make sure that I haven't missed anything. I have to wonder what it would be like to live in that head of yours.

Seems to me, that life could be so much simpler if we could learn to play with our own toys instead of controlling the entire toy box.

Have a great week ahead!


Exactly! It would seem anyone with sense would prefer that which is far better. I think the meek get something of some value in the end simply because they are "nice." But while we view the meek as nice, friendly, non-confrontational folks, we can't ever see them as warriors or depend on them when battles draw nigh. Consider where we'd be if everyone was meek.

Haha, I'd like to think anyone would feel happy and content if they could visit that "place" up there. I think it's a pretty comfy place, with the most discomforting thing being that I do suffer with impatience at times. I've gotten to the point where I have more control over impatience, but not totally. Sometimes impatience is necessary to get things moving, so some will always remain.

I could be okay with others playing with my toys, but if all they did was break them whenever they got their hands on them, I think a logical response would be to not trust them to touch any of my remaining, or new toys at all going forward!

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It's an information war now, now that we CAN still get the info if we know where to look, and to look away from what we are being TOLD. We can do this. Thanks for the inspiration in 31 sentences.

Thank you for stopping by to read! And yes, we can do this!

I'm really, really impressed that you were able to do the 31 sentence story. I tried and gave up about right away!

I think there is a sense of pride in being able to do things yourself, or at least trying to. But I do think you're on to something in that most people know when they should leave well enough alone and get someone else to do something. I'm certainly not about to try to add a new breaker to my electric box, even though I understand the theory!

Thanks! This was my third, I think, entry to the contest. I really like it, and I'm hoping we can get more peeps interested. It is quite challenging at first appearance.

My method is this: I check the number of words for the next sentence, then try to estimate as I'm writing the sentence, to be within, or close to the word limit. Then I check to see how close I got, edit the sentence so as not to ruin the thought or meaning, and voila!

A fair amount of them, (maybe an 8th), I get right on the nose. It amazes me when I do that, lol.