Bad Drawing 101 – (PowerHouseCreatives Contest) – Selfie On A Paper

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Bad Drawing 101


First of all, to start this story, I have to be honest and clear up the fact that I did not follow ALL the rules for this contest. Now for the explanation. I read that we were to draw a picture of ourselves, so it would be a selfie on paper. I’m a terrible drawer, so I immediately got a mirror, looked at myself in the mirror, and tried to draw what I saw.

Then, after the “drawing” was finished, I read the rest of the rules.

The rules say that we have to

show your drawing process in the post

Well, I didn’t really see that rule until after I had painstakingly completed the exercise of drawing my selfie on paper. At that point, there was no chance the drawing exercise I had completed was going to be ditched, and the whole thing restarted from the beginning, so I could take pictures at different stages.

There really was ONLY ONE stage anyway – me looking at my reflection in the mirror and then trying to put on paper what I was seeing. That’s it. There was no “process” beyond that, except the evidence that I erased a lot, mainly because I made my face look fat, which it isn’t. I also drew my nose too wide.

I did take this picture after the fact to illustrate step one of my “process;” My hand, holding the pencil I used and a blank sheet of paper. This is exactly how everything looked prior to when I started moving the pencil on the paper, to “draw.”


Because of my extremely curly hair, some people who see the image but don’t read the text, may think I am a black person, which I am not. I am Irish-Ukrainian, but I guess it’s possible one of my ancestors was black. I’ll never know though, because I’m not gonna hand over my DNA to find out, when I don’t really care who all my ancestors were or what color their skin happened to be.

The ancestors I already know about will suffice to make my life complete.

If I were a fugitive on the run from the law, I would be comfortable with the police having a copy of this drawing to have in their files as their official image of me, because no one would ever find me if they were using this awful attempt at drawing to do it, even if they were conducting a dragnet of the city and surrounding areas, hoping to find ME.


It is pretty funny though, and I’ve had a few laughs doing this “drawing” for @zord189’s PHC contest this week, and a good laugh always makes things worth doing.

Bad Drawing 101 © free-reign 2020


This is my entry for the Power House Creatives contest hosted by @zord189. The contest is for PHC members only. Please join us if you’d like to participate. For this week’s contest, @zord189 has tasked PHC contestants to draw a “selfie” rather than taking a selfie with our phone cameras.

Thanks for reading!


Sources for images used in this post:

(Public Domain photos are from Wikimedia Commons)

A Real Artist: Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay
Drawing Process: Image by Me
Drawing OF Me: Image by Me


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I think you did a great job! Lots better than I could do.

Thanks! It actually does look better than I expected it would as a "drawing," but it doesn't really look much like me. The hair is probably the most spot-on thing about it, and the hair is what I actually drew first. 😃

I would say you can draw but maybe struggle with the perspective and kinda like with me I say I know what I want to draw but somehow the shapes end up flat. Well done on the linework etc really is not bad, perfect for being on the run :)

Thanks! I don't think I've ever tried drawing someone's face before, while actually looking at it. It did turn out better than I expected, but it's still pretty bad. I wish I could really draw, and be able to draw people and objects for my stories.


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Thank you @steemitbloggers!

Hahahaha... Yes, you really confused the me in the mirror with the reflection of who you were in another life and not who you are in this one because the drawing looks like a dark boy. But, that's okay too, I think!
Well done my dear friend!

I know, right? 😃

That's why I felt I should put a disclaimer in, because someone could easily think I'm black from seeing that drawing, and while there would be nothing wrong with that, I didn't want the drawing to be misleading.

I think that's a pretty legit drawing! It isn't as bad as you think it is, it's pretty good. The whole contest is about sharing that 'people come in all shapes and form, but still beautiful inside'. Haha

Thanks! I'd never tried drawing someone's face while they sat there and I drew what I saw before, and I think that's why it came out as good as it did. I just tried to line everything up where it should be, the ears, eyes, nose & mouth, and the shape of the face. It's better than I thought it would be. 😌

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Thank you BDCommunity and @hafizullah!

You did well @free-reign drawing a self portrait. I did get a chuckle at how you thought it would okay as a police copy for their files as no one would recognize you. 🤣

Thanks @redheadpei! Yep, I'd be perfectly fine with the police having it, unless I was the only guy in the area with curly hair! 😃

I can make it look somewhat straight though, if I brush it, which is what I did when I was younger and HATED my curly hair.

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Thank you @goldendawne and Qurator Team!

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Thank you @dsc-r2cornell!

Beautiful draw!

Thank you! I don't think the artists have much to worry about though. 🤣

Well done, not something I would try, even stick men look odd after, well just saying not something I do.


I'll tell you, I wasn't too keen on it myself, lol, but I made a quick decision right after reading the post and got right into and got it out of the way! If I hadn't done that, I may not have done it either! 🤣

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This was hysterical! I got a great laugh!

If I were a fugitive on the run Wait!! You aren't? Hmmm Are you sure?

Seriously, this was awesome. You did a great job!

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Thank you!

I'm glad you could appreciate the humor! Nah, I was never a fugitive, but once when I had my scary motorcycle that went so fast it gave me the heebie-jeebies afterwards, I had to outrun a cop to save myself from a massive fine and worse (probably my whole life would have been ruined). Well, I didn't have to, but actually... yes, I did. 💪

My driver's license was suspended for 2 years because I'd gotten too many speeding tickets driving (my car) to the Army base where I'd been stationed after my tour overseas, which was like a 50 trip mile each way every day. To make things worse, my license plate had fallen off the bike after it got broken from the vibrations of the bike (a common problem if it's not inside a holder) so there was no plate on the back of the bike.

It was a hairy ride on a country road, and he was right on my rear for what seemed like forever. If I'd have spilled at any point, I wouldn't be here today. But I finally got to where the road got curvy, and then I lost him in a matter of seconds.

Haha! Oh, the younger you was a hellion methinks. Oh, those were the days when everyone in the world joined the military, not because they wanted to, or even they had to but because the young people were conditioned to.

Two years? And you seriously didn't drive in all that time???? ;)

Oh yes, I had to still drive illegally and just pray I didn't get caught. It was easy in the car, as I was very careful to follow all the rules of the road. That day on the bike though... it would've been curtains, or at least that's how I felt. 🙂

Hehe!!! I will bet it would have been!! I never took you for a bad boy. See how wrong I can be? :)

I wouldn't say I was a bad boy exactly. 😇 I did some dumb things, some illegal things, (only because I saw them as harmless and didn't think they should be illegal), and some reckless things, but I never lost my sense of value and I've always respected the law in general, and tried to do right rather than wrong. I kinda felt bad for that cop that day. It had to be disappointing for him, when he was only doing his job, and it was dangerous for him too.

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Not bad for a sketch! Fugitive on the run? That was funny.

I think it's just okay, which is a step up for me, but I think it's because I was looking at what I was drawing. I'm not sure I've tried drawing like that before. If I try to draw something from my head, it always looks stupid and out of wack.

Even in this, the face, eyes, nose and mouth are all too big/wide. The hair is pretty spot on, but that's about it. 😀

Interesting, but your portrait came out very well. This contest is very hard, we hope to see more entries.


I see... I'm still the only one with an entry so far! 🤔

I guess I'm bold, because I knew I'd do a pretty lousy job, so there was no reason to ponder over doing it - I thought, just do the damned thing, LOL.

It only turned out okay I think, because I was actually looking at my face and I have never drawn a face that I'm looking at. Thanks for your visit!

Lol! That was fun.
Interesting reflection about ancestry. Very wise

Thanks Henrry, glad you enjoyed it! My total knowledge of my ancestry goes back to just my two sets of grandparents. There's a tale that when my Ukranian grandparents arrived in America, and they asked my grandfather his surname, they didn't get it right because of his accent. Supposedly it got fixed, but who knows? I see no value, but a lot of invasiveness in the DNA collections.