Anyone Remember New Wave Theater?

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Anyone Remember New Wave Theater?


Anyone remember the live, late night TV show called New Wave Theater from the 80s? If you do remember watching it, what did you think of it? Were you into New Wave music?

This little short video has a couple of Intros with the host, Peter Ivers, (who ended up being murdered in 1983). According to Wikipedia, Harold Ramis of Second City and Ghostbusters fame, was considered a suspect in the murder for a while. Source:

I happened upon this show one Saturday night when I was at a friend’s house for a party. I was pretty messed up when this show came on the TV and everyone started watching it. It was one of the strangest TV shows I’d ever seen, with some of the weirdest bands I’d ever seen (or heard), but I found the show to be very interesting because it was so odd.

After seeing it at the party, I didn’t think about it, but some time later, whether it was weeks or months, I don’t remember, but one Saturday while I was home, I happened to have the TV on the channel that New Wave Theater was on. I remembered how odd it had been at the party, and I was eager to see if it seemed as odd when I was sober.

I wasn’t disappointed. At first, I thought it was kind of silly, but I the more I watched it, the more I was liking it, albeit my liking it was because it was so weird. I wasn’t into New Wave music, but I didn’t know what New Wave music was, really. The songs seemed to be kind of short, and had lots of foul language.


One of the weirdest and most vulgar songs I ever saw on the show was a song called “F--k Christmas,” and after a short opening verse, all the singer sings shouts the remainder of the song is “F--k Christmas, F--k Christmas, F--k Christmas...”

Have view and listen, but you may want to send your young kids to their rooms first. The whole song is only one minute, eleven seconds.

Anyway, I was reminded of this show today, and it got me to wondering how many Hivers have seen the show, whether or not you liked it if you did, and maybe you know far more about New Wave Theater than I do, and can possibly add some of your own experiences watching it.

There was never a show like it, and I doubt there ever will be.

There are several videos of the show on YouTube, so if you’re interested, or you’ve seen it before and are a bit nostalgic now after reading this post about the show, go check them out.

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Heh, no, I don't think I've ever seen that show before, but I think I'm going to go take a look tonight. Thanks for the pointer!

I can guarantee it's like nothing you've ever seen before! 😵 Those were some good times back then, and I'd quickly found it hard not to love New Wave Theater. I really missed it when the channel I watched it on stopped airing it, but it was several years later before I even knew that Ivers had been murdered.

I did not know this show. But I had a similar experience with another show. First time I watched Curb your enthousiasm ,I founded weird. More I watched it, more I got hooked into it and ended up liking it.

I cut the cable cord probably almost 20 years ago now. I had netflix when they first started after that, but the first time they raised their price, I knew they'd keep raising it, so I quit them too. All the time since then I've just had free, over the air broadcast TV, (and of course, youtube), so even though I've heard of Curb Your Enthusiasm, I've never seen it.

Watching New Wave Theater became a real highlight for me whenever I'd be home instead of out on a Saturday night.