A Four Mile Walk around Upper Moor

I think beauty is subjective. Winter might not be beautiful to some people, but I love it. There's nothing better than getting wrapped up and going for a bracing walk.

I love the bracken colour and the green, velvet moss on the trees. We had some snow last week and some of it is sticking around.

There's a lurcher on the right hand side who hates getting his paws wet. Unfortunately, the footpath was flooded but he found a way around it without getting wet.

We had a good four mile walk before heading back home. We aren't supposed to go too far at the moment, so it was nice to get a good walk under our belt. I won't feel so guilty now when I spend the rest of the day watching television!

#beautifulsunday hosted by @ace108.

Photos by @ellenripley - Julie S. All rights reserved.


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Thank you very much.

I reckon I'd like to do a hike around here...That second picture is great! The green, natural tree and the juxtaposition of the man-made wall...I dig it.

It is a lovely place. Still trying to find out why there is a wall and part of a building there.

Old stuff like that is cool and always leaves me curious as to who built it, when and why...What happened to them and where did they go. I have a curious nature, and love history!

Things are melting nice but I think it's to slushy for a 4 mile walk for me.

It is hard going I must admit!

I really love winter season. Because my mom makes a lot of cake in this season ❤️.

Oh I love your mum! I enjoy a long walk and then a nice piece of cake afterwards. 😊🥰

Haha...😂😂 happy mee😋