Why do Managers Receive All the Blame When a Team is Underperforming?

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Welcome to another of my post… sometimes I begin to wonder who takes a lot of the blame in football when a team is not performing well. I see a lot of sports lovers most especially team sports like football, basketball etc get furious if their favorite team is performing badly. Focusing on football, club football fans usually put the blame on the manager when their favorite team isn’t performing well on the pitch. This is very interesting and it gets me to wonder why fans put blame on the manager when a team is not performing well.

Since we are focusing on football, we all know that football is a team sport, which means that there is a system involved. There are people who are part of the team and play different roles to ensure success of that particular team. The club board, the manager/coach, the players, the back room staffs, training coaches, chefs, medical departments, doctors and all other personnel involved, all make up the team. All these roles work hand in hand on a daily basis to ensure that the team performs in the best possible way on the pitch.

If there are a lot of persons involved or part of a team, so why do the manager take the blame when a team is not performing well?... Yes, it is true that the manager is in charge of a team and it is his job to figure out and set up the team’s structure and how they play, the tactics, formation and player selection, however, the manager only has so much to do as it is the players who are responsible to carry out those instructions on the football pitch. Even though the manager can do a bad jib in managing the team or his tactics doesn’t work, there are also cases where the players are just good enough to execute those instructions effectively… what will the manager do if he has players who aren’t good enough?.

Also, the other departments play a huge role in a teams’ performance. Imagine if the fitness coaches or the medical departments didn’t do their job well, the players might not be in the best shape to perform at their best and if they perform badly, the manager takes the blame. For me, I think that everyone should share the blame as there isn’t really a formula to tell who should take most of the blame as the reason for the poor performances could come from any side. Sometimes the board also play a big part as not signing the right players or sighing the right manager could be a huge factor that could cause a team not to perform well, especially consecutively. Thanks for reading :).

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