Racing Games and why they are so Fascinating

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Hi all, welcome to my another of post… the day have been good with so much excitements around. Yesterday I talked about sport games and how amazing they are… Today I will be expanding on that and focusing more on specific sport game genres. I will be talking about the awesomeness racing games which is one of my best sport game genres.

Racing games are definitely one of the top game genres out there and loved by millions of gamers all over the world. There are actually people who literally don’t play another other genre aside racing game. (that’s how big and loved the genre is). For me, racing games are among my top sport game genres. When it comes to racing games (car racing games to be specific), there are a whole lot of titles available for any platform. I am a huge fan of console/pc gaming, and also phone games but I usually prefer casual games on mobile rather than graphics intensive games.



There are a lot of reasons why I find racing games really amazing… firstly, the intense feeling of competition when playing racing games in general is just on another level.. lol. Anyone who have played quality car racing games will know the feeling :)…

Secondly, I see car racing games as a way to subconsciously improve one’s driving sense. I believe most people who play and love a lot of car racing games, definitely love to drive and have a really good sense of driving (this is just an assumption and might not be accurate)…

Thirdly, the desire to win is really high when playing racing games even though most games always bring out that intense desire to win but for me, racing games is really up there… racing against other players already has competition as the core… and we all know that everyone want to win every competition. (this is normal for every human). This is why I really love playing racing games and playing against real players makes it even more fun and exciting. Thanks for reading!

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