eSport Games And Why They are Amazing

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Hi all, welcome to my post… it is another beautiful and exciting day again. Yesterday, I talked about my thoughts on the ongoing euro qualifiers matches and gave a little liver update on the results of the game with more focus on the England vs Montenegro game which was the one I had my interest on… Today, I will be talking about some of my favorite sport games… Before I continue, and at the time of writing I will like to give a quick update on the current scored of the euro qualifiers games that is currently going on at the moment… ( I’m loving this update thing :D), a good way for me to break up a bit to think up ideas to write, I like writing on the fly and think up ideas I as write…

It’s halftime now, and already there are few goals by some of the teams. My attention is on the Spain vs Malta match which is already looking like a one-way traffic for Spain based on what I’ve seen so far. Sweden are 2-0 up against Romania, Italy are 2-0 up against Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark are leading Gibraltar by 1-0, and Switzerland and Georgia are playing 0-0. Might update this post to the final results once the matches are over…


Back to the topic for today… video games are one of the best inventions ever created. Video games have not only evolved massively since the first video game was created years back, the gaming industry have grown a lot over the years and have become one of the top industries in the world today. For me, I like to play games a lot both console, pc and mobile games. Sport games are probably one of my favorite games, I am not a big fan of hardcore games like first person shooter games or adventure/mission games although there are quite some amazing ones.

Racing games are one of my favorite sport games, Need for speed, Asphalt, real racing, there are a whole lot of racing games out there. Football games like FIFA is probably up there even though there are some elements of PES that I like a lot most especially the gameplay aspect of PES. Not a fan of basketball games at all and I’ve barely played any for a long long time. I like fighting games as well, Tekken, street fighter, mortal kombat, these are one of my top fighting games etc. The list goes on and on and for me, I can get enough of sport games…

One of the main reasons why I fancy esport games compared to most genres of games are that I like the feeling of competitiveness it brings. Most sport games is all about competition and the desire to win. Also, sports games have a way of making me think more strategically, I know most game require a lot of strategic thinking as well, but for me, sports game is top of the list. Another main reason why I find sports games amazing is that I tend to not spend so much time sitting and playing as most sports games isn’t mostly story driven compared to most top genres which is based on a storyline and a sequence of gameplay actions. My final reason is that sport games are so much fun and entertaining… (This is basically the whole idea of video games…lol). However, the fun and entertainment derived from video games is relative and is based on individual’s preference. There are some persons that don’t like sports games and don’t find them fun, it is basically all relative. Above all, sports games are really amazing and fun to play… Thanks for reading!

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