A Table of Awesomeness – My Best Indoor Game

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Hi all, welcome to my post… Today, I will be talking about my love for table tennis and how awesome it is. Table tennis has been around for a very long time. It is a widely recognized sport, known and played by many all over the world. In some parts of the world the “table tennis” is also known as “ping pong”. However, ping pong is mostly used in the gaming industry and some video gamers just prefer to call it ping pong.

So what exactly is table tennis for those who might not know what it is (Lol… I will be shocked if there’s actually anyone who doesn’t know what a table tennis is or heard about it). Table tennis as the name says is a sport that is played on a table. It is a sport that involves two players (mostly) or four players. For 2 player table tennis, each player takes a position at opposite ends of the special table that is divided by a net, while for a 4 player table tennis, 2 players each occupy each ends of the table. The aim is to hit a special lightweight ball (table tennis ball) with a table tennis bat over the net onto the other half of the opponent’s table with the aim to ensure that there isn’t a reply from the opponent, to score a point. There are various rules involved in the sport.


Table tennis is one of my favorite sports for so many reasons. One of them being that it can be played and enjoyed totally indoors with friends. Not only is the sport great for mental speed, it is a fantastic way to improves one’s reflex and reaction speed. When you play table tennis for a long period of time, you will notice that your reaction speed and reflex begin to improve as well. Sometimes you realize that you could reply a powerful shot from the opponent instantaneously without even realizing how your arm could react so quickly. (That’s the reaction speed and reflex in action). Aside from reaction time and reflex, it is also a great form of exercise… as we all know how important and beneficial exercise is. Focus, timing, etc, there are a lot of benefits from just playing table tennis.

Back in the days, table tennis was one of the sports I wished I could play, but didn’t know how to play as at that time, not until I made up my mind to learn it and then I realized what I was missing in terms of awesomeness and fun. I’m still not very good at it when I compare myself with some of the pros I’ve seen, but I was able to get to a certain level from steady play and practice. The more i played the sport, the better I got at it and the more I was able to get a good number of wins :D… I can sit here all day and talk about how much I like table tennis and how awesome it is… For me, it ranks up there as one of my favorite sports… Thanks for reading!

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