The March of Time, Changing Perspectives and the Demise of "Things..."

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Yesterday, I found myself trying to reorganize @cosmictriage's and my own bookkeeping systems to accommodate new information.

When you're self-employed in a bunch of tiny but quite separate and distinct ventures — aka "professions" — you also need to make at least a rudimentary attempt at keeping track of how and where everything is going. We need to know how little money we've managed to make, both for our personal edification, as well as to keep the tax authorities/government happy.

Clear as mud? Good!

Late afternoon sun on a nasturtium in our garden...

As Part of the Process...

... I emptied a 3-ring binder previously labelled "Stamp Collections," so I could keep track of Mrs. Denmarkguy's newest credit card account as we continue to try our best at skirting that fine line between being completely outside the system, and having just enough fingers in the pie that we can still use the systems of officialdom, if we have to.

'Nuff said...


It was a milestone, and also a bit sad in the sense that I did used to have some stamp collections, and they were quite extensive.

Originally, they were going to serve as a backstop for our retirement years, a store of value... but due to changing declining economic conditions over the past decade, they were gradually sold off to supplement our shrinking incomes so we could simply afford to live.

I am grateful that I was able to spend 40-odd enjoyable years assembling those stamp collections, and have much gratitude towards myself for having heeded the words of my father who always suggested that "whatever you collect, always buy the BEST QUALITY example you can get your hands on!"

In a stamp collector's market of declining prices (basically an oversupply/underdemand situation) that has been in evidence since email became a mass market thing), the values of my old stamps held up remarkably well.

Selling the stamps was a right thing to do... as we have often reflected on, it's best that I sell them myself, as a expert in the field, rather than have them end up on a yard sale table in 20 years for $5.00 per album.


And so — with a tip of the hat to "progress", and some mild ennui — I consigned many pages of carefully typed documentation to the "Shred This!" box, all the while pondering the way humanity's tastes and values evolve over time.

Intangibility, Invisibility and "Existence"

Then I pondered what I often consider a deeper conundrum: In a world that's increasingly virtually based, where will future historians find the anthropological and archeological evidence for "the existence of something?" For the existence of anything?

If something never actually existed — except as a thought or concept in the minds of one, or many, in a virtual world — does that even count as "existing?"

Leading to the next logical question:

"Does it even MATTER whether or not something EXISTS, anymore?"

Red poppy

You might be thinking "So what? Who cares?" but I ask you to pause and consider this for a moment: We know that Bitcoin doesn't actually "exist," but we're still compelled to depict BTC as a golden "coin-shaped" OBJECT with a B and some engraved circuitry on it. Why?

Are we trying to immortalize our ideas by giving them form? Are we trying to leave "things" for people in a far future to look at and remember their past?

In Space, We Have Digital Art...

Then I thought about Digital Art, which also doesn't "exist."

Even as I write these words, people are making, buying and selling it, right here on the Hive blockchain. And yet, if some major geological/geophysical disaster takes out everything, that art will not be recovered from the ruins by a 27th century geologist. Because there's no "thing" to recover.


And yet, it makes sense.

As we move towards long-term space travel, and even life in space, all the art around us will be virtual. Volume and weight limitations will preclude us from bringing the physical versions of anything but the tiniest and lightest of trinkets.

And so, I find that I have circled back to the original inquiry as to whether the entire notion of "things" is becoming obsolete... and we are slowly blending into a world of non-existing.

It's an interesting thing to noodle around, in an era where more and more people seem to be using such buzzwords as "enlightenment beyond the body" and "Ascension."

I just can't get beyond that little "problem" of all the stories of voyagers arriving in a new land — whether right here or on an imaginary planet in another galaxy — and inevitably looking around for PHYSICAL signs" of the native civilization, it's story, and its art.

Whereas I can't disagree with the philosophical tenet Ram Dass expressed as "Be Here NOW!" can we really function and thrive if we never look back, and never look forward at some-THING?

And what will we LEARN from, if nothing even "exists?"

Thanks for reading, and hope your week is going well!

How about YOU? Where do you think our increasingly virtual world will take us? To what extent will be give up the need for things to physically "exist?" Comments, feedback and other interaction is invited and welcomed! Because — after all — SOCIAL content is about interacting, right? Leave a comment — share your experiences — be part of the conversation!


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...but commentary and engagement is also but a thing of the past, no longer present nor visible. hahahaha... sorry - I could not resist :D


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Got me there — well done @jaynie!

But it sure does feel like so much is... shrinking into itself. Except maybe for people's increasingly pervasive ability to be outraged at pretty much everything from the color of ants to the fact that coffee is hot. It reminds me more and more of a sci-fi novel I read when I was in my 20's (the name escapes me) in which the highest status in in some far futuristic society had become to NOT be technologically dependent.

The world gets weirder, and weirder, no doubt...

Having a shoe box full of stamps you remind me of how I have not sorted through them yet, also inherited, perhaps the time is now to start collating and finding out more.

Red poppy always reminds me of first and second world wars, we see this flimsy pretty flower that holds so much power in more ways than one, we always relate to objects, each has different value.

Space cat, sorry I thought it was the dog that went up first, we "bubble" everything into how the imagination frames life whether known or unknown, this is why we are human beings.

Surrounded by "ball and claw" furniture, an appreciation of craftsmanship of bygone era, yet excited by advancements in technology one performs a balancing act between comprehending where true value will lie in the coming future.

Often I ponder over what really exists, we arrive with nothing and cannot take anything with us, yet we put value to everything!

I think you're right @joanstewart, the first animal in space was a dog, not a cat — USSR, as I recall. Laika, I think — I vaguely remember having an old Russian stamp with the space dog. I guess the Space Cat was just my own poetic license!

I feel somewhat divided about the whole "Old World Craftsmanship" vs. new technologies... I think mostly because so many of these new technologies address precisely what I was pondering here... replacing the "real" experience (and "things") with virtual ones. Are we moving towards that "Matrix" experience of being nothing but meatbags in pods, experiencing all of existence only inside ourselves... or are we already there, and trying to wake up to the fact that there are more layers to the onion than just the one we are currently occupying?

Personally I feel the "Matrix" affect is being pushed too fast. There are the plus affects along with negatives which only time will reveal how balanced life will be.

Let us consider early 20th century with Jules Verne - where science-fiction ideas saw fruition. Human mind when exposed to constructive thinking, now we are looking at people going to Mars. Whether good or bad only time will tell.

Moving "forward" hopefully we do find more layers to the onion. My personal impression over the past fifty years is there are too many humans, we have lost direction due to striving for personal greed.


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