Examining Priorities: Making the Most Important Things... Most Important!

I suppose I should be the first to confess that I am really good at (certain kinds) of procrastination.

A lot of people think of procrastinators as being lazy unmotivated slobs who make lots of excuses and rationalizations for why they never get around to doing the important things in their lives.

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Wrong! I know plenty of people — including myself — who are very busy, active and hard-working while in the process of procrastinating.


I was thinking about that earlier this afternoon as I spent nearly three hours being part of a Zoom meeting designed to teach more of the technical aspects of being part of a Zoom event with a large number of people and "breakout sessions."

Why do I bring that up?

Well, because it was a poignant reminder of how (a) we "procrastinate" by allowing seemingly valuable activities to take much longer than actually needed... and (b) some of us often have a tendency to put far more time and energy into getting ready for a thing than actually doing the THING, itself.

In some odd way, I learned about this during childhood... when my mother would promise me something like a visit to the Zoo, and the time and effort we spent getting ready to go was so thorough and extensive that by the time we actually arrived at the Zoo it would already be within 45 minutes of closing time, so we ended up leaving long before having had time to see everything.

You don't really need to make preparations to go on an Antarctic expedition just in order to cross the 50 feet between your house and the garage on a cold snowy winter day!

But I am sort of digressing a bit, here.


As of late, I have been blogging, curating and commenting less than usual because I have been trying to organize and re-prioritize my life.

Don't get me wrong, I love blogging and being part of Hivelandia and the community here, and I'm by no means going to suddenly disappear... however, in these strange times in which we live — and with both @cosmictriage (aka "Mrs. Denmarkguy") and myself being self-employed — I am learning to prioritize more of those things that actually help us keep the electricity turned on.

A lot of people are struggling, these days. My heart goes out to those who no longer have jobs at all, and who don't get any kind of public benefits. The world is an expensive place, and it just keeps moving forward... and no matter whether there's Covid or Quarantines, the insurance premiums still go up 6% from last year, even if you still haven't been in an accident for 17 years.

But to get back to the main event, prioritizing isn't always much fun because you find yourself shifting time from "entertaining" things to more "boring" things... simply because you have to. And you have to limit the "fun fluff" because there simply isn't enough time in a day.

I could get into the whole argument about the "value" of doing things that help maintain your mental health but that's a whole separate post!


Of course, the good news in all this is that — of all the different forms of social media out there — Hive is the outlet I can most justify spending time with because at least my participation here has the chance of dribbling a few cents and dollars into long term savings, and that's important, as well.

And that's my random ramble, for now... I suppose you could call it a "Ulog," of sorts...

Thanks for reading (if you actually DID!), and here's wishing everyone an excellent weekend!

How about YOU? Are you good at assigning priorities? Do you always attend to the most important things first? Or do you tend to "get busy" doing things that DO matter, but aren't top priority? Comments, feedback and other interaction is invited and welcomed! Because — after all — SOCIAL content is about interacting, right? Leave a comment — share your experiences — be part of the conversation!

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I could get into the whole argument about the "value" of doing things that help maintain your mental health but that's a whole separate post!

Mental health is almost as important to me as keeping my head above water. If there are no little joys to look forward to, what's the point of living?

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I'm just trying to maintain a balance... sometimes I am perhaps guilty of getting a little too wrapped up in the emotional and mental health part of the equation... and I have to remind myself that "happiness doesn't pay electric bills."

But, indeed, gratitude is extremely important... I spend time every day being grateful for the good that we DO have!

I appreciate the points.

I can see why it feels wrong about the increases in premiums. I imagine it is because if you ever DO get in an accident, the bloody cars are so expensive anymore! I saw the new Jeep Waggoner is going to be pushing 100 grand. Can you believe that?

I cannot imagine $100K for a Jeep.

But then again, our daughter and son-in-law to be just bought a small "fixer-upper" in Seattle... for $530K. It's little more than an endless set of repairs and refurbishing, and were it not for the fact that he's a contractor, would have been a complete no-go for any sane person. They are sinking about $100K into it to make it liveable.

But hats off to them, though... they are among the rare Millennials who are actually able to buy a home before turning 30, so we're pretty proud of them... even if what they got for their money and what it cost is a head scratcher.

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