Dear Justin Sun – (@justinsuntron / @justinsunsteemit) - My (@d00k13) open letter to you!

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I am certain many will write about their outrage, myself I see things going exactly as expected. I am not certain if we even have the capability of effectively fighting back since it comes to dollars nor do I believe we have done anything more then speed up your plan.

I ask you, what is the best for both parties going forwards? I highly doubt that anything will be resolved between you and our witnesses so why not consider letting us buy you out?(SPS concept was put forward by someone) I imagine your plan is to assimilate or destroy, can’t have competition in such a small market after all. I highly doubt after actions taken that out dApps would consider moving to a tron based chain so I ask again why not let us buy you out? Put that SP back to work for the good of the community?

As I see it this is a loose/loose situation, no one wins if the community leaves which we follow our dApps.... Since we cannot force our way out of this situation many have been forced to take the captains position. Going down with the ship meanwhile screaming at all the Steemians to paddle harder...

Please, tell us what’s needed to keep our chain free from you!

@meckasauras @brettblue @priyanarc @gray00 @techcoderx



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This is looking more like the true picture, move away, dust off, build again. Bitcoin is floundering along with every other market in the universe at the moment.

Make a move and rebuild if needs be.

@tipu curate

Yea in all honestly it’s looking like a Mexican stand-off, one must die for the other so survive.... sadly I believe we may Benoit of our league 🤔 I started preparing for this months ago... just have yet to pull the final triggers of removing delegations and powering down ... as of this moment I am leaning into the butt of that rifle 😉

So many rely on some form of income via posting quality... 😞

It will be sad to see this crumble after all the effort individuals have added.

Always a case of glass half-full, or glass half-empty, pulling the trigger too soon would negatively impact new blockchain arrivals.

Gems are not found every day where so many were able to interact, if this goes directly into gambling I would be one of the first to walk away.

We have been gambling since the very beginning but dealings were previously behind closed doors. Since Justin cares not to communicate the dealings have been made public, I can only imagine what Ned had to deal with for so long. As a community leader I know you must understand, I don’t believe for a minute Ned is evil as look where he brought us.

We must remember, we build not for the platform but for ourselves. No matter how much I state that I do everything for the community and platform I know that to true only because I take something away. Fulfilment is what I take away, people need fulfillment and that can be found nearly anywhere...

Besides if the connections we have made are the thing that kept us here and those connections transmute borders, race and religion then I suspect they will do just fine a transmuting platforms 😉

Hard idea to wrap your mind around when in the steeming shit. We are manipulated by our emotions into doing the bidding stated as the best for the platform but in this case the outcome hasn’t been satisfactory and people will wake up to the game as result.... I suspect it’s the reason why there is still a divide between witnesses being able to take back control while some have made it to the top 🤔

I always suggest prepare for worst, hope for best... this time worst is 0 while best remains questionable what will be lost with all middle ground being unfavourable.

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I don't know if this will help to buy it. Why aren't we moving away?


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Why will come down to complications... funding... marketing... resources... look at what has stopped with Steemit then imagine trying to start from scratch without funding... in short the cost to run the infrastructure requires income and a new chain may be hindered by not being listed as the exchanges are proving to be on Sun’s Side.... it’s like moving to a new build after laying your foundation because the view is nicer on another lot but you loose out of the benefits of having a foundation laid and require building from scratch out of pocket all over again.

Thanks for explaining. I read yesterday I believe a post by @ blocktrades they will move the whole "steem"... I am not sure what it means.