Hive Power up and Sponsor Day!

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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I'm here with the third iteration of my "Power Up & Sponsor" initiative! I will try to be doing these monthly, to both join in on the Power Up day festivities but also to add my own flavor to it that I think would be great if more could join in! I can't believe it's in the third month, and it's September! This summer really flew by, unfortunately!

Check out below for details of what this means exactly!


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First things first, let's take care of the more important section now!


So what I personally think is great is to be able to sponsor people with Hive Stake Based Income shares.

For those newer folks on here that aren't aware of what this is, Hive (formerly known as Steem) Basic Income is a way where you can send 1 liquid hive to the account, @steembasicincome, with a username you are sponsoring (example, 1 hive with a memo of @cmplxty and you get 1 share and I get 1 share) and they add that to the number of shares you have. The more units you have in the service, the higher your vote gets.


There is a limit to the vote weight to prevent abuse but it doesn't give you a vote (last I remember) unless it is over the dust threshold of 0.025$. The more units you accumulate, the more you will get for votes.

I want to say though that some people feel this service is not a good thing. I can partially see what they mean, if people who post spam and useless things get a bunch of shares and votes from the service then it promotes spam. The users I am supporting are selected by me and I make sure they post good content, not crap. I am really hoping that it will not result in people receiving downvotes but I think they are strong accounts that I’m helping so their content speaks for itself, great stuff!


So now that you have a basic understanding of what the Stake Based Income is, how do you do that, you ask? That's easy! There are two methods, both equally as easy. If you use or Ecency or one of the other front ends you can do it just from your wallet.

Go to your wallet and click the "Send" button or "Transfer" depending on what the button says for you, but we want to send at least 1 hive.


Once we are in the transfer function, you will specify the account they are going to, type steembasicincome (DOUBLE and TRIPLE check the spelling! So you don't lose out on any funds!) as the recipient account and then the amount you wish to send. Then the last step before transferring is you must include a name of a person that is not yourself that you wish to sponsor. If you send hive to them without a name or with your name as the only one there, I believe they will transfer it back. You have to sponsor other people in order to benefit from the program. Obviously I won't be sponsoring myself but I wanted to just show what needs to be done.


The other method is through the PeakD wallet, if you go to ‘Other Services’ it is listed there, just click on it and it brings up the same screen.

So I invite my fellow Hiveians to indeed power up their hive but take a small portion of that hive, even 1 hive if you could spare it, and help support yourself but more importantly, help some of the lower accounts. Steem Basic Income didn't exist when I first started, at least not that I know of. To have a service where people can sponsor others so they get a bit of rewards to help them along besides the votes curators give them, is a good thing. Getting people to find your content and give it a vote that will actually give you rewards is sometimes challenging when you are new. It can be abused and certainly has, but it has helped a lot of people including me.

The awesome folks I’m sponsoring today are @royalsam, @manujune, @rafaelgreen, @rmsadkri and @invest4free. If you’ve got one or two hive to spare, I would recommend helping them out as well! They are all quality individuals here on the Hive chain and have produced some great content that adds, in my opinion, to the overall value of the chain! They are also very active in comments, not just posting and leaving without getting themselves out there.

Power Up!

I would be remiss to not join in on the power up myself! Below is me adding some more Hive Power to my total, getting me closer to that 10k net Hive Power (factoring in the delegations I have, so it would be roughly 10,700 Hive Power) goal that I have for the end of year!

I was happy with this Power Up considering that I've done some other investments here on Hive. My rewards have steadily been going up which is great. It gives me more opportunity to invest in both my own account as well as projects to help them get on their feet. 75 HP closer to my end of the year goal of ~10,700 hive power! I'm rounding the corner getting closer to 9k which has been a great achievement! More hive power to do some curation with!


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Connect with me!

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Congratulations @cmplxty! You received a personal badge!

You powered-up at least 10 HIVE on Hive Power Up Day!
Wait until the end of Power Up Day to find out the size of your Power-Bee.
May the Hive Power be with you!

You can view your badges on your board and compare yourself to others in the Ranking

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Shares of SBI sent as well to all!


Wow, thanks for upvoting me....

You're welcome my friend! Keep up the great work and the great posts! I know I definitely enjoy them!


Thank you very much! 🤗😁

You're welcome! Keep up the great work, I always enjoy the music and other things you've been putting out. I'm glad you're on the blockchain here with us!

Thanks! 😁
I'm glad to be here too sharing with people like You.
Thanks for your support, You are a very good person. 🤗

Thank you very much my friend @cmplxty, it's always good to collaborate with Hive, be reciprocal, leave a good comment, strive for quality content and have fun.

I am proud that you have thought of me and for that sponsorship, I hope you have an excellent start to the month.

You're welcome my friend! You are doing a great job so please keep it up! We all do better when we have great users like you on here and the people who can afford to help support you, do so. If we all do this type of thing, we all benefit in the end!

You as well, I can't believe it is September already!

That's right, this month I turn 1/4 of a century!!🚀🚀🚀

Ah, special times! I'm a few years older than 25 now but those were fun times! I got married shortly after 25, was a very nice period of my life! It only gets better from there my friend!

Congratulations @cmplxty! You received a personal badge!

You powered-up at least 50 HP on Hive Power Up Day! This entitles you to a level 2 badge
Participate in the next Power Up Day and try to power-up more HIVE to get a bigger Power-Bee.
May the Hive Power be with you!

You can view your badges on your board and compare yourself to others in the Ranking

Do not miss the last post from @hivebuzz:

Hive Power Up Day - The countdown is ticking
Hive Power Up Day - Let's grow together!

Hey, thanks for doing this. I am still scratching my head but it must be good 😂

So with hive stake based income (SBI) what happens is you sponsor an individual by sending 1 hive to the account I specified above in one of the beginning paragraphs. They add that to their pool by powering it up across their accounts, there's 10 of them. When you have enough of a value according to their system (I don't know how much each hive adds, probably their own formula) you receive votes on your posts. I think the minimum value to get a vote from them is when you reach .02$ of value before they vote on your post. They do this because in order for you to receive a reward on your post regardless, you need to have a value of at least .02$.

So when you sponsor people, it adds more "units" to your account. For example, I have 84 units now and if I don't post in a while it adds up daily I think. Each day I go without a post or a vote from them it gets to be a stronger vote, kind of like voting power. Once I post and they vote on it, the value goes back down. This ensures their votes aren't too strong for people who haven't given them a fair amount of hive in return for participation in the program.

What I like about the program is not only is it a way to help newer people and people who don't have a lot of followers yet but it's also a way to improve the token and our accounts while the price of hive is cheap. I don't think I want to be sending 1 hive to the program if Hive ever reaches 2$ in price, that would be a bit expensive to be sending hive out. If I help out as many people as I can now while hive is in the .20$ range, it helps us both out while we can easily afford to do it.

May be long winded, but does that make sense? lol

Wow, that's a long comment. It is a a post on its own. Thanks for taking your time to explain and thanks for sponsoring. This makes sense. 😀

Hahah I’ll explain it more tomorrow but it is good!

Good luck

Thanks a lot @cmplxty for your generous gift! Very much appreciated.

And good luck with your goal of 10k hive power.

Sorry my friend, I thought I responded already! You're welcome, keep up the excellent work you're doing! I appreciate seeing your posts and comments in my feed!

No worries, I’m happy with any comment or reply I get regardless of the timing

Hola que bueno fue leerte, saludos con cariño me interesa mucho este tipo de inversiones, cada día doy lo mejor de mi para la plataforma y poder ayudar a alguien es maravilloso más aún si se trata de usuarios que verdaderamente muestran calidad de contenido. Tengo entendido que el power Up se puede hacer el 1ero de cada mes, habrá chance?

¡Hola! Puede encenderlo en cualquier momento, pero muchas personas lo hacen el primer día del mes como una forma de promover la plataforma. Puede invertir en los ingresos basados en la participación en cualquier momento si lo desea. Todo lo que debe hacer es enviar una colmena, NO un HBD, con el nombre de la cuenta de alguien que desea patrocinar que sea un amigo, y obtendrá una participación en el servicio de ingresos básicos. Sin embargo, debes ser respetuoso, si publicas cosas que odian y publicas muchas publicaciones (los comentarios están separados), pueden cancelar tu suscripción. ¿Tiene sentido? No hablo español lo suficientemente bien, así que estoy usando un servicio de traductor para escribir esto.

Comprendo, gracias por la orientación, saludos 😘

De nada!