#TREETUESDAY on a foggy tuesday afternoon

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In these past weeks this beauty went from full wide green, to black and bald. I know thats the winter doing, and the way its cut, its the thing needed in winter, but i wil be glad if its back to normal in the spring. The tree is placed besides the church near the town boarder.


The church and tree are also very beautiful in black and white, and with this winter cold weather it might even be more appropriate in this color.


In the tag / category by @old-guy-photos you can let us and the steemit platform see the beautiful trees that Mother Nature gave us.

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Black and White photography really does the stark tree justice, have a wonderful warm day and greetings @brittandjosie

Doesn't it the black and white is so much nicer but the weather is also grey so it was a win win

That's a really pretty church, too. I bet it looks fantastic in the summer!

The tree and church are beautiful together

Pretty little town. The black and white truly enhances the beauty of the trees.

Have a great day!


Yes it does and it gives a spooky vibe

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