Toilet thursday , my nice one !



It’s #toiletthursday again and in these covid 19 times its hard to go to the toilet when you are on the road. A lot of them are closed but when you are going for lunch, dinner or drinks, you of course can. We went for coffee during a break to meet up with our daughter.

We because the kids came with me
due to summer holiday.


The fortunate thing in these days the toilets are clean and slick aand i love it.

The toilet was in the boathouse in Rotterdam near the job. And we will be going there again. The toilet was a great toiletthursday example.


Show the hive nation your toilet or the one you visited on thursday and tag me I will come by and maybe vote for you!

Have a great Thursday yall......

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Date : 31 july 2020


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 16 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Ooooh someone's half-dressed up, lol you not going to show us the whole outfit?

Hehehe you have to be creative to make a public bath post.

I actually really liked that bathroom, nice bathroom. And your picture in the mirror was beautiful, you came out very nice.@brittandjosie

Nice selfie in that one mirror shot @brittandjosie.
I've not been in any sort of public relief facility since all this began, not often prior to that either.
This one looks clean and nifty.

Good to hear hygiene is being taken seriously in your region, fortunately I don't venture too far yet so only use toilet at home.

Have a wonderful weekend Britt!

 2 months ago (edited)

That is a lovely facility, and glad it was clean and orderly for you!
The selfie in the mirror is lovely! One of your best! 💖 😍
Love your outfit!!!

So here I am, wracking my brain to if I've ever taken a picture inside a restroom. I think the answer might be yes, but I've got no proof. I seem to remember I took a picture of one of the restrooms in the coffee shop before we opened-I had a problem with some workmanship.

Otherwise, not so much. I saw more than one 'not so stunning' example on my trip north and back, but I did see one great one. The Atlantis Casino in Reno. The attendant was like a badger after a mouse with his spray bottle so I felt entirely good about using the facilities.

Probably not a tag I'll get too wound up about but I thank you for sharing your experience. 😂

I hope you did't leave your shades on the counter when you walked out. I might have.

Ahhhh, I completely forgot about #toiletthursday! I'll need to remember for next week!

Draft baby draft and toilets are fun , even dirty ones make great blogs ! Haahha

Ahaha, very nice and funny challenge, I will may enter a day...
You look beautiful by the way, big hugs 😘