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Grandmas’s table silver and silver ware, she has is displayed in a cubbord with glass , all in there and some even double. All with a story of their own. She always rambles about the what and when of every piece. I don’t know if all is true. It’s her life in silver so to say. She is getting older and a now has beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. But her silver ware is still important and she doesn’t harm anyone when she wants to polish it for the third time. I hope she doesn’t know because what she doesn’t know wont hurt her. And us ohhh well we just look at the silverware and remember.


As a little girl, my Mother read fairy tales to me.
When I was sitting on her knee,
she used to sing and play with me.
She loved to laugh.
She loved to be
beside me come what may.
But many years ago God came
and took her speech away.
One day while I was sitting
all alone within my thought
my Mother came to me and said:
"Take this that I have brought."
"Mom, forks, and knives
are merely used for food or children's play."
At first, I thought to tell her that
and take them back that way.
Whenever she gets lost from me,
I feel tremendous gloom.
But I cannot commit her
or lock her in her room.
She cared for me
when I was not able to care for myself;
and I will do the same for her
with the lifetime I have left.
Then I smiled and thanked her
for bringing silverware to me.
It's just that I was near-sighted
without the eyes to see.
"I thank you, Mom,"
I smiled at her and took them back again.
"In all my life
you've always been
most dear,
and my best friend.

Poem by Janet Marie Bingham

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Thinking of you this morning @brittandjosie 🙏


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Really touching your story about Alzheimer, my grandma and my aunt had it...
Really bad disease, changes you in a absurd way...

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Thank you it is, and more and more I see it around me

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Oh that poem has me sitting here sobbing. A stroke took my mother's voice away, her mind.
I am bereft that the stories behind your grandmother's silver are lost. As I once heard somewhere, when someone dies, a library is lost.
Excellent post. Thank you.

Ohhhh sweetie yes life is hard sometimes at the end off our lives. We all have someone who is dealing with this and than the Lotte things matter
Love Britt

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My mom died from Alzheimer's disease. Your story about your grandma is very touching, and yes, it won't hurt her to polish her silverware as many times as she sees fit. :)

It's a special duty she's given herself and remembering to do it is still keeping her sharp through it all!

No harm done cleaning the silverware, lovely poem for people to understand Alzheimer disease.

is a beautiful poem, full of love.

I did not know that about your gramma; that must be difficult for everyone involved. If being with her silver and polishing it and sharing stories about it brings peace - to her and to you - then it's a wonderful thing to have.

I will remember that always and indeed all is ok even if thats polishing more than once

Lovely and heartfelt. Sending good vibes to your whole family as you walk this new path together 🌱

Ahhh I love your sweet words we need to ! Family first

Very well done @brittandjosie ...

"She cared for me
when I was not able to care for myself;
and I will do the same for her
with the lifetime I have left."

... as it brings back very important memories. Of what? The way my wife's family pulled together to help their mother "over the threshhold" and into eternity. From the peace, safety, and security of her own home. Even though she had long before lost the capacity to care for herself.

I was in awe of this display of unconditional love and affection for their dear mother. I will never forget it.

Thank you for sharing this. Have a great day (night) "over there!" 😊

Its one of the hardest things in life getting to be someone who needs care, from the life we know we don’t want to be depended on others, but indeed its so great to see people pulling together and casting. But there are so many people that don’t have family or family near by and those situations make me sad. That hidden sorrow is hard, and everywhere

Very powerful, and so heartfelt <3

Thank you for sharing hun :)


Beautiful story. I understand what "things" mean. They are a connection to the past. Thanks for sharing.

My heart goes out to you. Savor the moments, although not always so easy to see, but, having gone through this personally in my family, I can say that there are always sweet moments of clarity and love.

The mind is a terrible thing to lose, but, I have to believe that it is hard for them to grasp that before they fall in too deep.

All my love to Grandma.


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This brings back alott of memories.

I remember how my great granny also did that. Its a shame since she passed away it got moved out of the cubboards and are probably getting lost wmbetween all her kids now

I remember growing up these very things... old canisters with buttons... sewing needles... my grandparents had a restaurant right next door to our house. I wasn't allowed to go in there (safety reasons as it has been closed for years) but can remember seeing one of those old gold cash registers with the big handles..

Beautiful post dear friend... this human condition will test us. Love will always win...

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Oh, I’m sorry for your grandmother’s dementia, @brittandjosie. She sounds like a lovely lady. I think it’s wonderful that you let her polish the silver as often as she wants. As you said, it doesn’t hurt anything. ❤️

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