The HIVE Portrait Photography Contest Week 14 @portraitcontest


Portraits? Well thats like a selfie and for some thats a thing they do and use daily, I have to admit it took me some time.

Yes, I am vain aswell, eventhough I am not from the insta generation. I thought that my portrait in this day and age could be one where a phone is in the picture aswell. I use a wallpaper and added my own portrait.

The HIVE Portrait Photography Contest Week 14

This is my entry for week 14 and I hope you like it.


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Blog Date : 28 july 2020


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 16 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

I love your photo❤️!

Thank you its with a wall paper but its an original so thank you for the compliment

Oooh oooh ah ah sexy eyes! I want to take you to paradise

Hahahah and cook me a three course dinner and dance in the sunlight?

3 course? aren't we a hungry hungry blondie! I guess taking selfies works up a big appetite

hello dear friend @brittandjosie good night
I am not very fond of selfies, I am from another generation, also the photographs do not favor me.
Beautiful image. Congratulations
Have a wonderful night and a happy rest

I am not a selfie person but the portrait had to be me so , i gave it a try and thanks for the compliment

there is nothing to thank dear friend, it is always a real pleasure to visit you, I enjoy your content every time I visit you
have a wonderful day

 2 months ago 

That is one of the most creative selfies I've ever seen! Bravo! ❤️

Thats sweet thank you

Lovely self portrait. I have not seen a portrait within a portrait. Clever.

Sometimes you have to take the leading role instead of the phone hahaha

That is a fantastic self portrait!!! I have never seen another one like that! Very ingenious!!! Hope you win the contest! You deserve it!

Rita says thank you sweet friend

You looks stunning 💚

Ahhhhh thats so sweet thank you

Wow! What a glorious photograph. Great idea, great execution.


Well i took some takes and maybe the contest owner doesn't like y way of my self portrait hahhah

I don't think it matters whether the contest owner likes it or not. That photograph will stand on it's own at any time. (I'm guessing he'll like it)

Very cool effects @brittandjosie. You caught yourself looking very pensive.

I tried very hard hahahahah and it came out well

Good job, really creative! Great pic! :)

Great pic dear @brittandjosie

Amazing photography @brittandjosie. Are are so much cute

your post nice