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The interaction we all have online is the world we live in these days. Hive, YouTube, Instagram and Google we can’t do without it. But some things are changing. Like the laws in the Netherlands for bloggers.
Vloggers are no longer allowed to pay excessive attention to a product. like telling 3 times : Its sooooo good ! Or I can’t do without. Their main source of income threatens to disappear for a big part due to the new rules. Vloggers ignored noncommittal rules of the advertising industry itself. There is not that much controle on so much online minuutjes in content. As a result, many children have been commercially influenced so far unnoticed. Well unnoticed? Well I don’t agree, cause what the kids see and love we as parents buy or save for. Like saint Nicolas and Christmas is coming and we see the products the bloggers and bloggers expose, are favorite ! And its always subtle and we are always responsible for the buy or not buy and isn’t that the same with all advertisements?

But change is coming!
Popular vloggers will soon no longer be able to promote products in their videos in exchange for money. The Dutch Media Authority confirms this. The new rules, based on the Dutch Media Act amended on 1 November, put a bomb under the revenue model of many well-known vloggers, who sometimes attract hundreds of thousands of viewers. The 'hobby vlogger' will probably remain out of harm's way, they don’t have contracts.

The most popular Dutch YouTubers of the moment:

Jelly With 18.7 million subscribers, Jelly is a very popular YouTube channel.
Nikkie Tutorials. Nikkie de Jager has her own YouTube channel called Nikkie Tutorials
Chubby head. Jordi van den Bussche, better known as Kwebbelkop, is extremely popular on YouTube
Enzo Knol @colpowercol is a huge fan , Stuk tv ( the favorite of my boys ) but also solo artists like Dylan Haegens, Milan Knol
( brother to Enzo Knol ) and meisje Djamila. I love Josh V , Nikkie Plessen and Bas Smit ( all on Instagram Stories )


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Large companies pay creators of online video blogs tens of thousands of euros for an enthusiastic mention. Payments are by far their most important source of income. But the new rules stipulate that vloggers are no longer allowed to encourage their viewers to buy something and not to give a product 'excessive attention'. Is that even possible ? Famous or well know persons also get clothes etc to advertise. When I worked in fashion and did the television part, we also dressed the lady anchors of the news, and all of the entertainment program anchors, just to be on the end contributors list when the program was finished and that was 10 years ago already. Advertising is advertising and is if you ask me everywhere!

For the well-known vlogger Enzo Knol, for example, this means that he can still be paid to eat Candy Cains, but cannot say three times how tasty he likes them. While it is precisely the recommendation that is the great strength of so-called influencer marketing. Vloggers have a lot of influence on purchasing behavior, according to a survey commissioned by the Dutch government. Half of the children sometimes buy something after seeing a vlog.

I know so because with 4 kids there is always something that they like after seeing it on the tablet, pc or phone.
Vlogs for children under the age of 12 may no longer contain sponsored products at all. This raises the question whether vloggers with a young audience, such as Dionne Slagter (OnneDi, 855,000 subscribers on YouTube), will soon be allowed to advertise children's toys or candy.

Vloggers are given a number of obligations that already apply to television programs, for example. For example, they have to pay € 220 in supervisory costs every year to the Media Authority. They must be assessed by Kijkwijzer, which costs more than € 400 annually. They must also include the division between 'editorial' and 'commerce' in an editorial statute. Peanuts in comparison to the payments by advertising companies.

Covered advertising becomes a criminal offense in the Netherlands now, and I think that is way to harsh.
If a vlogger shows a product from now on (without promotion), it must be indicated at the beginning and end of the video that the vlog contains advertising. Many vloggers do not yet do that. As a result, it is still unclear to viewers what advertising is and what is not. Years ago, the Advertising Code Foundation introduced rules to make the distinction between information provision and advertising clearer for viewers. A group of vloggers also made an attempt with the Social Code: YouTube in 2017.

The rules were non-binding and many vloggers did not adhere to them even after a publicity campaign. At the end of last year, Enzo Knol (3.2 million subscribers) was reprimanded by the Advertising Code Committee for having made many surreptitious advertising in his vlogs. He knew now laws were there so he got away with it.

Young children and pre-teen school
Kids and young adult students in particular do not recognize surreptitious advertising, according to research commissioned by the Media Authority. And they are not aware of it. A clear statement, which will soon be mandatory, increases awareness: "If he hadn't said it, I didn't know it was advertising. Like it is in television programs too. There its in the right corner below on the screen before the programs starts and at the end. It is still unclear how high the fines will be. Strange because the law is there already 11 days today.

It is also not certain when the rules will apply, because the supervisor must first know who will be covered by the new rules. This is decided at European level. Lesser known vloggers will probably be spared. The Dutch Media Authority is already talking to vloggers, to try to get all clear, cause vlogging like is here on Hive is a daily task and thing we do.

The new rules do not apply to posts on social media such as Instagram. The non-binding Advertising Code does apply to this. All in all somewhat weird and I would have liked some more clear rules and laws.
It’s difficult that the internet and television are not equal but if it’s for non healthy things it’s for kids good I think. We are around this all day in life. That’s what we do, online and in real life, getting persuaded to buy and buy a lot.

And here we do the same, we all try to get the votes by doing great blogs and blogs everyday. That’s why I am here aswell so please vote and tell me who is your favorite vlogger and Instagram person in the comments please!

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Blog Date : 11 - 11 - 2020


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Those Television game shows have been long recognized as glorified product commercials wrapped in an entertainment program. Advertising makes the world go around and Consumer products companies are always looking for way to promote their goods. Once you click a Like on a product on FB, you begin to see it splashed on every platform you go on to or visit. 😵

Wow that's interesting.