MY BEST BUY EVER ~ s o u p m a k e r b y P h i l i p s

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I have a great kitchen mate, its my soupmaker, i make fresh soup every day and the boys therefor “ drink “ fresh veggies every day. I never have to say “ eat you green veggies “ or “ you can only leave the table when you eat your veggies “ i have no trouble and they love the soup. They dont know anything different. Its a espresso cup a day that hopefully keeps corona away.

This is my late entry but i had no time but didn’t want to leave my soupmaker out of this list. I have had a corona proof preparation weekend so my excuses @zord189


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DATE : 16 - 3 - 2020

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Wow! This should make you life and anyone one who buys this easy.
Honesty I didn't know Philips has a soup maker device. That's something for sure. :)

Are you gonna do a post on it later - I am actually pretty interested in knowing how it works - Who doesn't like a good bowl of soup - and it is indeed a great way to get your daily take in of vegetables - I now make my soup in a pressure cooker but maybe this device is much handier :)

I wonder what the benefit is above a pan.
You can not make soup in a pan it takes less as 10 minutes.

I never told my kids to eat their greenies except for the youngest I needed to tell to eat (only ate pancakes and French fries for years).

My best mate🤔 To be honest I don't know it depends on what I cook and if I have electricity and who cleans.

Happy day. 💕

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I have an immersion blender, I really like using it to make soups. Chewing is a legacy of natural evolution and blended food is the future!
I guess I could make the soup in my rice cooker or hot pot, but I like stovetop.

I love thai soup so much. Also need a soupmaker. Awesome tools for the kitchen. Thanks for sharing ma'am

It would be great if the soup could keep the CORONA away, but at least the soup should supply plenty of nutrients to keep you healthy!!

I was also buying extra food supplies to prepare for the worst and if I don't need it in the end, I can give it to place for the needy!!

I have hands... and no room for another device :=)

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It is understood we have all had a strange week, I had little desire to write, with many news and at the same time the information channels in Venezuela stopped working. My mom made soup and salad every day and my grandfather had a half glass of family wine. He lived many years. A hug and take great care of yourself. @brittandjosie

The soup maker sounds like a great tool to have in the kitchen.

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I love this idea and I use my Vitamix blender to throw veggies in and it even heats it! So it is minutes!!!

Thanks for showing off your kitchen wonder!


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