Kings day in the Netherlands




(Yes, the pictures are mine and from the neighbourhood and the live news from the royal family)


Today is the kings birtday, he, H.R.H Willem Alexander from Orange, his wife Queen Maxima and their three daughters, Amalia, Alexia and Ariane are celebrating on the high tech campus of Eindhoven for the second Kings day in covid times. Normally we are allowed to have orange party’s, bbq’s, concerts and markets nowadays its not allowed so just at home, as of tomorrow we get some relaxations of the covid rules.


First for all the not dutchies amongst my readers
What is Kingsday?

King's Day is the national holiday on which the King's birthday is celebrated. If April 27 falls on a Sunday, King's Day is celebrated the day before.

On King's Day, King Willem-Alexander and his family, together with other members of the Royal Family, visit a municipality with a central function in the region. The Royal Family will participate in the celebration, whereby the city and the surrounding places can present themselves in a festive and characteristic way. This can be done, for example, with a parade, with musical performances and with contributions from associations and organizations rooted in the city and region. In addition, the Royal Family meets the public along the route. The visit on King's Day will be broadcasted live on television by the NOS ( the national tv channel )

From 2014, King's Day will be celebrated on April 27, the birthday of King Willem-Alexander. Before that it was Queen ( now prinses Beatrix ) her birtday celebration. In a few years Amalia will be next one to have this national great day on her name.


The streets in the whole of the Netherlands are red, white and blue and orange ofcourse,
its always a fun sight and very patriotic.


Not as busy as other years but still great.


I did went to the backer to get the orange pasty,
that is a must.


The dogs had a makeover ( not volutary I will admitt )


Ofcourse I am also in orange, with hat, and we will go out and cycle for a bit this afternoon.


We have the flag in the garden.


And the newspapers have all the information for all that is possible celebrations within the boundaries of the dutch covid rules.


I want to wish all dutchies a great free day and a lot of tompoezen.


These pictures I made from the television, and I am watching all that the family is doing. The Eindhoven Tech campus is a huge and great place. So many great inventions were shown to us and the royal family and the fact that we have so many great techies and the royal family is highlighting this. This is a good thing for our country.


This is on tv, just for the fashion.


They came in all different cars, old and new.


The new generation, queens and royals.


Always its great that the fact that the fashion of our royals always is on display right after they come outside to greet the public.


Joey is ready with his orange hat.


The portrait when the royals steeped outside the castle.







Happy tuesday for me not a tree but a royal one.
Untill next blog ...



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Date : 27 april 2021



Happy birthday King!

Eindhoven - The town around which Operation Market Garden was fought in World War Two, September 1944 and a massive loss for the allies with some 17,000 killed, wounded or captured. Such a terrible loss for the Allies.

It'll be festooned with orange and the Dutch flag for sure today though, and so it should. Have a great day...Also, I'm wearing my orange suit to work tomorrow in the King's honour.

I don't know what's worse...That I have an orange suit or that I'm willing to wear it to work!...I'm just joking of course.

Well we need photos tomorrow just for fun AND proof of suit

And yes Eindhoven has a special history for the Dutch but it’s also picked because of the program that was offered to the Royals

It’s always a fun day and the Dutch need some positivity and orange celebrating
We are of to town to see !
And he is not


Well we need photos tomorrow just for fun AND proof of suit

Not a chance!

Damn you, now I want cake! :)

Sorry Joey took his chance and ate it from the table hahahha

I can't say I blame him.

I was supposed to be the one to eat it 😬

Lol...Bloody doggo!



Glad to hear about such a colourful celebration. The dog looks so cute in that orange hat.

The celebration is so great and the country colors orange , and yes Joey is celebrating too he is a real duytch dog

Nice. The pastries look amazing!

On a side note, Max Verstappen won the last race. More like a tribute to the king looks like.

Yes a great tribute let’s hope he will do it again next Sunday in Portugal portimau

The king loves racing they have a royal part in our circuit in Zandvoort aswell racing would have been done in may but we are still in covid rules so that’s postponed till later in the season

Your King's birthday is very close to our Queen's, 21st April, but officially we celebrate the Queen's birthday sometime in June. Apparently its because our weather sucks in April, and June is a much safer month to plan any outdoor celebrations

I know and our countries know how to celebrate its so great to be able to do some celebrating even if it’s in Covid we still got to go outside and have fun

That is a lot of orange! Love it. Your royal family looks lovely, but I love seeing you and your precious pup instead!

Ahhh thank you yes I have an orange hart so I had to be with hat aswell just like Joey



Still think you look like Carly Corinthos from General Hospital!!

Well that’s a thoughtfuldailycompliment