How is your Blue Monday going?


There it is again, the dreaded Blue Monday, an even more black day this year during the covid pandemic. My #thoughtfuldailypost is about this phenomena. This day for some is to complain and join the blue movement to express that it is so depressing this one January day. If you ask me, I have several blue days during the year hahahah, not only in January. How sorry we were with our complaining about Blue Monday, because ever since the covid pandemic strikes we all have something real to complain about. Many think this is the most depressing day of the year because Christmas is over, it is dark or gray outside, the holidays are still miles away, the wallet is empty and the first cigarette after the stop is long in the ashes, and don’t even talk about the dry january thing some people went into without really thinking about it. Oh gosh, what a situation! We squeak differently now that we've become entangled in an eternal Blue Monday, which has been restarting every morning for almost ten long months. And the end, to the new normal, is still a very small dot on the horizon. Blue Monday's "mathematical" formula was conceived in 2005 by psychologist Cliff Arnall and was used within a year as a travel agency marketing stunt. But The Day remained. Every January, the media gives comfort tips on how to get through these harsh hours. And if it works I don’t know, I do see some media attention and some holiday companies come with special blue offers.


We all have our new mindset and worries now. We all try to stay busy and I think for the people with kids and jobs the time is never enough. There is so much we already did the first lockdown that many now complaint that there is nothing left. Well there are but that are major decisions. Buying a dog? That corona puppy is a solution where you will have 12 years fun of, so think about it well. Twelve hours of Netflix in the tired sweatpants?, is always a good idea but for months thats maybe not what you wish for, and all series are finished, well for me that is. There is a dark side to everything, I try to stay sane. I want to stay calm, because if this is blue what will the pandemic have in store for us later.


With the lockdown, every day follows a set pattern, typical of the week day. "Walking the dog,not only for them but for me and the kids aswell. The little trips are a breathing moment and the fun tractor is I blog also about those moments. I also want all to be fun and better again but that I can’t change I keep to the rules and do my thing and hope for the best. My vaccination Weill be in September or in October so untill that time I plan to stay safe. So I take a blue feeling for now if I could swap it for something like last year before the covid arrived any day.


Depression from time to time is quite healthy. It humbles and fosters understanding of the suffering of the unfortunate. To take a fair look at the world and persons around us. There are many, a million Dutch people take a pill to feel better, to whom I certainly not belong! Because when you need a pill for one day how will that be for a longer period of time. If you are ill I understand that and am sure not judging.


So to all of you out there who have a difficult time and are struggling, you are not alone and better times will come.
I don’t know when but it will, and we are here to read your story if you want to share. I hope on a bright tuesday and on a bright year ahead. Stay safe and strong.......

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Blog Date : 18 january 2021


I woke up early this morning, had a small breakfast, hopped in the shower, had my early morning meetings with my Australian clients since its 2 pm for them when it's still early morning for me. then did some work, until the power shut off for 2 hours (yes we have daily power cuts of 2 - 4 hours a day)

Then had lunch, I have a few more tasks to finish, then I have 1 meeting and i'll head off to soccer later once thats done I can relax have a snack before since I must be home before 9pm with this curfew and then I can watch some football, lol Monday flies by pretty quickly as does most of these repetitive days indoors

WoW but you can still go to soccer, we arent allowed that. Yes with two people but thats weird, so we do the walking outside and in the evening we run, for 30 minutes also with the dogs. But the fact that the days are all the same is for some a huge problem. I have to adapt because the kids can’t do this without parents help. We will survive, but i am afraid for what is still to come.

Yes, we can, it's strange the rules don't always make sense but soccer is one of my last joys you cant take away from me, they already banned alcohol sales too. 2 of my family members, older in their 70s passed away this month 1 from Covid, so its getting pretty close now, always saw it as a faraway problem. I agree with you we will survive and its the unknown that is kind of scary, I don't know whats going to happen but I am hopeful.

My sincere condolences and yes that makes it even more real when its this close although we all want to stay safe the older generation is hurt a lot. So please stay safe and I wouldn’t take away your football hahaha

Thank you so much, at least they went quickly no suffering! I'd love to know how long this goes on for, I couldn't even imagine over a year, will it be 2?3? that's what gets to me, when does it start to reduce its effects. I think soccer helps me keeps me fit and I think that I got the sickness already and it didn't affect me because ive been playing for months with loads of different people

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 40 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

I got up today, remembering its another Monday! I understand the blue Monday, despite the wave of pandemic and lockdowns embarked on by different countries to combat the spread. We are still adapting as a world to this change but it's better we take it in good strides and make it work for us and not against. Thanks for this inspiring piece 🙂

Indeed we are all
Still adapting and staying safe is the most important task beside homeschooling the kids ahhaha but yes we need to get by this period to be nee again and have pink Monday’s 😉


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Today was just like every other Monday that l have seen. Mine started as early as 4 a.m. which have been the usual time that I normally wake up despite going to bed around 2 a.m..

I just can't afford to sleep beyond that 4 a.m. because I'm someone that is just starting life so a little sleep can flip the table against me in this struggle of mine.

Today was stressful as expected but in all, I'm happy that it wasn't so bad because I was able to deal with all the stress as they came and I'm back home trying to do one or two things in the virtual world.

Wow when you wake up I still have a few hours in bed, its great that you are trying new things online in hive , what is the thing you are working on now?

Ohhh... For now, my target is to grow my HP so that l can give people a tangible vote instead of the usual 0.000000½ 🤣

That's the starting point because there are people that l'm helping to understand how this place works and l want to always be there to support them.

I will also be ending my national Youth service next month and that means that l will be out of Job till things turns around for me. In that case, l also want to be earning something tangible from other sites so that l can be able to HODL my HIVE without being tempted to sell it just because of Financial need.

Loll... I hope to achieve alot here.

That's the starting point because there are people that l'm helping to understand how this place works and l want to always be there to support them.

You are helping ? How cool and where are you doing this ?

And real life always first ! And all will be ok if you keep blogging

It's Monday, whatever is left of it! The whole day spent... somewhere, somehow... I'm behind. Productive? I dunno...
Happy Monday!

For you it will be a start to a busy period right? The blue name is a scam we have more blue days these pandemic days you just have to hang the guirlandes up yourself

Well, I was over the Monday!
Phew, that was tough!
Glad I don't need a pill!