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I have been rallying for all to power up today, so here is my result for 1st June HIVE PUD

Proof screenshots :

B E F O R E :


This was my wallet on the pre hive pud blog yesterday:


474.857 HIVE

A F T E R :


I now have 9741.240 HIVE

Did you already power up ? please leave your power up blog on the blog I made yesterday to review with @streetstyle and the sponsors.

if you did already and arent aware of the HIVE PUD MOVEMENT 1st of July is the next day we all will lift the community with new power.

Be sure to put it on your agenda!

** I am not eligible for the delegations or prizes I just love the process.

Thanks for stopping by, its appreciated and remember focus on being creative instead of being bee-zy.
Consistent Actions Create Consistent Results.
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(c) All images and photographs, unless otherwise specified, are created and owned by me. @brittandjosie originals. Sources used : Pixabay and Pexels and with others its mentioned in my blog. I only use a canon camera and my iPhone.

I would like to thank you for reading my blog, feel free to leave me any feedback, if not, read you next time.


Your personal Discord terminal invite :


Are you under 500 HP or SP , want to win prizes or delegations? Than you can enter the REDFISHRALLY, go to @theterminal blog and see what its all about.

Date : June 1 st 2020

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Did not power up hive today, but I did power down over 3,000 steem!

Also bought 25,000 theta and staked 45 ETH on 🤓

Helped 3 people start hive accounts on peakd last week and considering buying more hive, after I mentally work past the fact I was going to buy at .14 and forgot to 🤦🏽‍♂️



That’s great the new hivers can come to the terminal discord for help if they want

Nice post!! You have a lot of HIVE :)) When I grow my account I will upload as well! Thanks for sharing 🔥

the best part about PUD is that it's not so much the amount, as the percentage. So if your account is small you actually stand more of a chance to win something!

I haven't seen June's explanation yet but here's one for May!

[ this comes from someone who came in second place twice or something - me! .. it's quite cool to have a bit extra in your voting rewards for content you like..]

I know the percentage is most important and the rep I have make me not eligible but whole streetstyle is out I hope to keep the movement going

ah dang @streetstye isn't working it anymore?

@darenfj i hope he is ok i left a few messages but i dont get a response....

Thank you unsaved all up

Haven't seen many PUD posts in my main feed.. is there a community now for them??

No I don’t think so but indeed not as many this month

Aren't you just a fancy pants, whats mama doing with all that liquid hive lying around? Nice to see you powering up! You're almost at 10k, the road to Orca is a long one but if anyone can get there its you :) also wheres my cake? I was promised cake

I had to set a good example ! The redfishrally is powering up each month so I swim up front 😉 cake is getting there I was busy swimming

Oooh I like it, being real leader, Britt for president!

You can’t go swimming what if theirs corona in the water how you going to wash your hands?

I dont wash them , people are already protesting with 5000 next to eachother here in holland its a sad day we nmight have a new outbrak of corona here agasin, stupid people! So i dont wash my hand anymore
Cake is on the way

Lol in that case, I would like you to cut the cake and feed it to me with that dirty hands, :) hmmm coronacake!