To feel a bit less more Covid-dy I decided to live up to my blonder reputation and dye my hair. Normally my sweet hairdresser does a great job and it’s a thing I look forward to every 8 weeks.

So now I have to do it at home, and that is possible, when you have time. Tonight I had time, and because some men ( @chekohler ) think playing dumb suits me, and are convinced I sometimes play the dumb blond, and flip my hair and will get all done, YES you are right! So maintenance is needed to keep up with the appearance.


I ordered a box with all I needed for the job. This is a tutorial blog for the rebranded community Lifestyle-Lounge. Lifestyle for me is fashion , and hair aswell. In these some what difficult days its great when your hair looks good.

I got three stages, the peroxide and a brush together with a special comb. Its very easy to do and all went really quick. The plastic cape you need because the fact you are infront of a mirror and do all like you know what you are doing. But again I had time and that helped.
( here you see the hair products )





I did the pieces, long stripes with a fine comb. I took a face and hair mask after than washed the new color out. And the color looks great after I blowdryed my hair. And now making the blog with the step by step photos.


I am very content with the end result, I hope you are content with this blog, i am gonna get a tea.


Thanks for stopping by, its appreciated and remember focus on being creative instead of being bee-zy.
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Blog Date : 21 january 2021


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Thank you have a great weekend

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35.500 it is

This is beautiful, you did the hair dying all by yourself, which is a lot of effort and it paid out well.

It was a big job but I managed and i am pleased with the end result but hope for the salons to be open again soon

Yeah, you really tried. 😊

I can't believe you did it yourself!!!
Ummm... when I feel like I am comfortable doing it myself, I will try.
But it may be difficult! Like, it is just highlights that saloon does.
Well done, love!

I had to do it, and with the comb it ws doable
You go for it to

Okay, maybe in the middle of the year when the highlights fade.
It will give me time to look for wide-tooth comb.
You didn't need aluminum sheets?
I think I will research more!!!

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Hahahaha. You'll need shoulder pads to protect your head when you flip it so much. I guess now it's time for blonde jokes!

A blonde gives birth to a beautiful 7 pound baby girl. The doctor places the baby on the new mom's chest. "But doctor," the blonde says in all seriousness, "Are you sure it's mine?"

I said that when my kids were born hahahhhah

Ok now my turn

Its red with dots


I see we're naming and shaming now, Big cheesey head lol, you can try to pull off the California girl beach bum look all you want, I am not falling for it


For sure you are falling
I will push

You did that like a PRO!!!

...and the colour looks AMAZING!!! Goodness, it has been YEARS since I coloured my own hair. I used to do it all the time as a teen and every bloody colour of the rainbow too lol. This is SUCH a fantastic post for the Lifestyle Lounge community and sets a SUPER example to other bloggers, so thank you for sharing it here! Now... give @chekohler that bombshell flick ;)


On my way to @chekohler now

Thank you

Well done and good result you had. After your experience, what is your opinion? Would you rather dye your hair yourself or let the stylist do it? 😅❤❤

I was pleased with the end result but gosh i love to be in a salon getting pampered

I'm in the same good thing that I can paint my hair by myself, I used to cut it too, but since it's short there are places that I can't reach. Nice color arrangement @brittandjosie

Estoy en lo mismo, menos mal que se hacerme el pintado del cabello yo sola, antes me lo cortaba también pero como es corto hay lugares que no alcanzo. Buen arreglo de color.

Now if someone could do a tutorial on how to braid your own hair, that would be great.
I CAN braid my hair, but it starts too low on the back of my head to be really effective.
I can FRENCH braid YOUR hair, but damned if I can do mine.
You done a good job hair on this here blog post 🤣 @brittandjosie

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