Day three of special inventions during this time living with the fear of covid. I think its great to see as many good things come from a very bad situation.

Day 1 : was the super mask with the plastic section to see smiles of the caretakers and to talk with the deaf mute and hearing impeared.

Day 2 : was the oxygen mask, normally used to snorkel and now changed to icu masks.

This is Day 3 And we do a Beer Thursday. Now that all cafes are closed, due to the rules we have in Holland, a lot of beer remains in their storage. Beer that was supposed to be for the summer open terraces and the parties to salute the spring. That is why more and more brewers decide to pump the beer back and do something else with it. The beer is precious and to let it go to : "Waste would be a shame." The beer supplies that are still in the tanks of cafés may soon be out of date or old, now that the beer is not being drunk. That is why more and more beer brewers are choosing to get the beer back. Back to the factory in a special truck. The beer can be sucked back to a special beer tanker.


Beer gets a new purpose. Anything is possible with the retrieved beer. For example, the alcohol can be used to make hand gel. The raw materials can also be used to purify water and generate electricity. The residual product of brewery grain is even used in animal feed. All kinds of brewers, for example Grolsch and Royal Swickels, participate in such anti-waste projects. Heineken has now produced 250,000 bottles of hand gel for hospitals in the Netherlands and Belgium. This required 30,000 liters of alcohol. Some of that 30.000 liter came from the now closed cafes and bar/restaurants, and they only started this two weeks ago.


AB InBev, the brewery chain responsible for brands such as Jupiler, Hertog Jan and ( and this is no joke ) Corona, also recovers its beer from cafés. "We do this to prevent waste of the beer. That would be a shame," AB InBev also made hand gel, and has now donated 5,000 bottles of 250 milliliter hand gel to hospitals. "We supply these to the hospitals and healthcare institutions that have registered with us. Many healthcare institutions now need them." Because there is shortage due to the fact people went crazy and bought 10 bottles per person, that way health care specialists and workers didn’t have enough while they need it to be able to work. Offcourse this is to help the health sector and the hospitals, the brewers hope that all the bars and restaurants will be open soon again and beer is drunk again. And we all can do our #beersaturday blogs again. From my alcohol free quarantine I say, cheers to the recycling of beer.

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Definitely a world of ideas to create, long live beer.

Converting from pleasurable goods to necessary stocks is happening over here as well, people really are being helpful.

Hopefully this will all be over soon!

This is a wonderful series, @brittandjosie! I’m so impressed with these companies for doing what they can to support the hospitals deal with the shortage of Jane sanitizer. That is brilliant. @detlev should see this. 😁

This is interesting! Never thought they could recycle beer that way and extract the alcohol out to make sanitizers.

-- but will it help me, doctor ?!?!?!?!
-- if you believe, it will do!


Yes I saw it thats a great invention. 😊

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In Venezuela there have also been quite interesting initiatives to help in this situation, companies that are part of the respirators with 3D thread technology donates hospitals, a workforce to applaud as well.

I think there's an old saying based on making use of something for a good purpose rather than throwing it away, but I can't think of it at the moment. It would certainly fit here!

People are thinking of so many great ways to help. This is ingenious!

Ohhhh jeeze. I'm laughing so hard I might get overwhelmed. Beer never goes out of date!

It's great to see these big companies working together during these trying times. 🙏

It's been amazing seeing how creative people are being to solve issues this has brought. Lots of 3D print farms helping out making face masks for hospital workers who are running low on protective supplies.

Hello friend @brittandjosie

Excellent research prior to the publication of this report.

It is difficult to think that beer is used for something worthy.

Thanks for sharing this information.

A hug

I love seeing the ingenuity and teamwork!

What a great idea, I'm glad to see the beer not going to waste!

Great ideas. Thanks for the uplifting news.

South Africa went into lockdown some two weeks back now, with that there was a moratorium on alcohol sales. Most of the distillers are looking to convert some of their mechanical capacity and existing products toward producing alcohol sanitizers but they can't do that because of the red tape around alcohol, particularly tax law.
As we speak, among the many administrative tragedies playing out as consequences of bureaucracy, applications for licensing for the denaturing of the booze is not being processed and the excise tax is still in effect. The deep offense I feel, having to stay sober and there being this total waste in repurposed productive power is just intolerable to a borderline alcoholic such as myself, willing to forgo that great Dionysian elixir.

I love these posts of yours. Please keep them coming as often as you can.

It's a great idea! 👍 Thanks for sharing! Have a great day. 😜

Genial! No sabía acerca de esta información. Gracias por compartir.

Interesting concept to utilize beer in this manner @brittandjosie. But the ingredients in a variety of drinks probably can be converted to useful products.

Thanks for sharing. Good to know people around the world are resourceful and trying to make a difference in any way possible they can.

This is great. Kudos to all businesses that are able to reconvert to contribute to fighting this virus. Cheers

How amazing is this! Must tell you I've been sending your links to my son who's been taking a huge interest in how to curtail this virus! As he brews his own beer, he will find this post really inspiring!

That's definitely a fantastic idea! Great ingenuity. I'm not sure I'd want to have an alcohol free quarantine though!

Interesting invention. Can I drink and sanitize my hands with it? Seriously....😁