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This is probably going to be one of the shorter posts I will write. Many of you have come to know and follow me and in that time you have probably heard me refer to @mrsbozz.

I created her account quite a while ago when I was very active on the Musing front end of Steem. Back then they had a pretty decent delegation and you could make some good STEEM just by answering questions and offering your opinion.

When I told her about it, she said "I can answer questions!" I had gotten a starter pack of Steem Monsters from the initial Kick Starter, so I used that to create an account for her. Sadly, Musing lost their delegation and it was woefully mismanaged, so even though it still exists (last I checked), it isn't anywhere near as awesome or lucrative as it used to be.

The fall of Musing happened a while ago and in the mean time besides me playing Splinterlands, her account has for the most part stayed dormant. She however has not.

At least a year or so ago, she made the decision to start getting up at 4 every morning to work out. We purchased a Fitbit for her and she pushed herself to start exercising every day vs. the once or twice a week she had been doing.

More recently, I got a Fitbit and I have been connecting it to Actifit and my @bozz.sports account to make a daily post about my activity. About a week ago @mrsbozz told me I should start posting for her as well. I have been posting what she tells me to for about a week now and I am hoping that within another couple of weeks she will feel comfortable enough with the app to start posting herself.

She is a really awesome lady with a big heart and a great sense of humor. She works as a school social worker and loves to camp and read and cook. She is my perpetual concert buddy and I can't imagine life without her.

So here is the shameless plug, if you aren't already, I encourage you to follow her account @mrsbozz and my @bozz.sports account.

I know a lot of people think Actifit is spammy, but for the most part we try to write at least three or four paragraphs and include an interesting picture. Sometimes that doesn't work out, but 99% of the time it does.

I am going to work on getting @esteem setup for her so she can start replying to the awesome comments her existing followers are already making.

Sports Talk Social - @bozz.sports

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I enjoyed musing a lot as well. I even wrote yesterday a post about its demise. Hopefully we will have something similar in the future.

Yeah, that would be awesome if something new came along. I think it is going to be hard to get the SP behind it to make it worthwhile though. They were pulling in so much in curation they could have easily grown into something awesome.

Well, that is too bad about the Musing site. I never even heard of it, but, it certainly sounds like a good deal!

Kudos to @MrsBozz for pushing ahead and making her health #1 I went ahead and followed her and commented on her newest post. I hope she continues. I can be a lot of fun here, especially tracking your progress!

Have a great day! I'm off to check your other @bozz.sports


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I like actifit and how it can motivate many to get their stets in each day, I think less are doing spammy posts these days and adding more content to their post, the ones with just the actifit portion I seldom vote on or comment on

ok, i'll follow :)