A Quote which keeps me going always

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Life is not a bed of roses and people will always try to tear you down
at every point in your life till the very end because that's what they
do. What you can do is control your reaction to the situation and the
above quote by Winston Churchill always keeps my spirit high.

This reminds me of another quote " Barking dogs seldom bite ".
You don't have to take literal sense of it when applying these quotes
although in some cases you might want to but what it means is that
some people will just criticize you, claim so many things but when
action is required, they are first one to violate their own set of
standards. They don't deserve one bit of attention and you can just
simply ignore what they have to say because its not worth at all.

Don't try to please everyone because its impossible. Can you satisfy a
shit person? Definitely not because he will remain like that for the
rest of his life and that's his own fault, not yours. Even if somehow
you try to use logical approach in some cases then these very people
will prove out to be an odd sheep.


Silence or giving zero attention is best revenge in some cases. You
just have to distract your mind from all the negativity and keep on
doing all the positive things which you are meant to do.


True indeed @bluemist. Some folks will always see the glass half empty.

Yes, people are entitled to have their own opinion but we should also allow others to explain themselves with open mind

Good quote, Churchill had a few memorable ones!

That's true, he did left some very insightful ones.

If I see someone randomly stopping and throwing rocks at dogs, I may stop to throw some rocks at that person. Times have sure changed a lot since Winston Churchill's days.

I'm guessing he meant 'dealing with every single issue' or something a long those lines. Choose your priorities, etc. Great quote.

Times have definitely changed but people pretty much remained same. You are right about priority and focus on greater objective

Great advice for the end of the decade and the beginning of a new one. All the best to you and yours for 2020 @bluemist.

Thank you for the kind wishes.
Happy New Year to you as well!

Thank you!


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That is so true and, and Great insight.
Times has changed alot and I work with kids and can se a tremendesly change the last couple of years. The attitude and the lack of compassion, we work hard to change that and the compassion for animals is one thing.
In my mind I just can't understand how a person can trow anything at a person or animal... People like that deserves the same treatment back. I wish for 2020 to be a changing year, and may it be filled with awakening, awareness etc.

Happy new year my friend and Great subject to start a new year. Wish you The best. 🤗💞

Thank you
Yes, I totally agree, so many things have changed

So looking forward to positive changes in 2020...

Happy New Year to you as well :)

Touching.. And very true. Alot of people live their lives like that..

Yes, we do need more realization.

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you have my support


I have read your post carefully and I think it is a very beautiful article, with a great message!
I don't know why, you reminded me of a quote from one of my admired folk music authors:

"If dogs run free, why not me
Across the swamp of time ?

(Bob Dylan)

Sometimes we should not pay too much attention to the criticism of others, but, "Be yourself", in the most authentic sense ...

Greetings, great friend!
Congratulations on your work :)


I call it not sweating the small stuff. This has taken me a lifetime to learn.