After One Week on Intermittent Fasting


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Ten days ago I wrote Newly Researched Benefits of INTERMITTENT FASTING and explored some of the new research that indicates that Intermittent Fasting might actually help prolong your life.

Not only did I find this research intriguing, I felt that it made sense and was something that I wanted to try for myself. Two things make this protocol particularly potentially beneficial to me:

  • Number 1 - I'm a diabetic and am constantly on the search for ways to control my blood sugar without adding additional medications.
  • Number 2 - Like many people today, I'm not happy with my weight and am constantly fighting the "battle of the bulge"!



The premise of Intermittent Fasting is that you eat all of your day's food within a restricted window of six to eight hours. It takes a little bit of determining your lifestyle and schedule to find what window works for you.

In my case, being retired, I don't adhere to a daily work schedule and I'm a night owl by choice. I tend to stay up until the wee hours and then sleep late in the mornings. So the window that really works for me is to eat my first meal around noon and be completely finished with all eating by 6:00 pm in the evening.

Along with using this timetable, I'm making the effort to eat healthy foods since both blood sugar control and weight loss are my goals.

Obviously only one week on any new program is hardly a definitive criterion for results so this is indeed only my preliminary first impression. But I'm excited and encouraged so far!

As a diabetic, my target blood sugar is for the reading to be less than 125 for the morning fasting sample, which is tested by a blood sample from pricking my finger. In the recent past, my average has been 188, and my endocrinologist was less than pleased on my last visit on 12/18/19. This is partly what prompted me to be looking at alternative methods of control, rather than adding yet another medicine.

Here is a screenshot of my meter I took this morning after following Intermittent Fasting for 8 days. You'll see that my average BG (Blood Glucose) is 110 and for the week means I was 100% within my target range - not one single reading over the 125 benchmark!

good BS.jpg

As for weight loss, I had a 2.6 lb loss for the week. I've been following a diet program (Weight Watchers) for the past 11 weeks and my average weight loss for that time period has been .8 lb per week. So I was pretty pumped to finally get a larger loss for a change!

Another perk is that I have been sleeping better. The research said that is a possible benefit and I have found that to be true. Late-night snacking and going to bed on a full stomach really aren't conducive to good digestion or good sleep patterns.

In conclusion, I'm happy with this protocol so far and plan on continuing it for the foreseeable future.

If you have tried this, I'd be interested in hearing about your experiences!




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Congratulations on your health achievements, @blueeyes8960. It's very satisfying to feel that the effort is worth it. I am healthy but overweight due to my sedentary lifestyle and metabolic imbalance. I have not put enough effort into undertaking a serious program, but I am walking in the mornings since this year began. I hope to increase my physical activity because a healthy eating system is difficult for me right now.

Any "step" in the right direction is worth it! I wish you success in your future efforts. Start small and keep at it!

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Wow you did well on it, I have read good things about intermittent fasting but didnt know it can help with diabetes, I may have ot look into it some more it would be good for me to control my weight better and for my wife who has diabetes

Well let me know if you try it out and how it works, I'm kind of excited about it. With eating everything within 6 hours, I get really full, and don't even notice the hours with no food. At least so far.

I have got into a bad habit of snacking at home of recent so I need to get my mind right and then give it a go

I do it, and have to say that I have had amazing results with it. Although not overweight, my weight has shifted upwards in the last few years, eating later, faster food... :) Longer work hours, more junk.

I am doing intermittent fasting however, I am also doing Keto along with it. I am easily a snacker or moreso a nibbler. So, having a window is good for me. My window is much smaller than yours, but, its because I chose to fast track or jump-start the program. I take in fewer carbs, eat only one time a day and don't snack. It sounds too much, but, I am a weak soul, and I can tell you I haven't been hungry and my weight loss has been amazing. Of course, I know the beginning is water weight.

My family history has diabetes in it, so I check on a regular basis. The last blood sugar was 86. My sister is diabetic and hers is down to the 90's after blowing 300 on a normal basis.

I have lost 15 pounds in the last 20 days. I don't intend on losing more, so I will add some carbs back in. It works. Wonderfully.

Good luck!


Wow, amazing will power and success! I'm glad your sister's diabetes is under better control now too!
Thanks as always for the tip!

You are always a pleasure!

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This is really interesting. I started inermittent fasting a few months ago, but with the festive season and a fall a couple of weeks ago, have been a little lax. It did have some initial impact, but I was silly: a friend in the village was doing it and waxed lyrical about being able to eat anything she pleased when she ate. That didn't work for me. So I'm trying to get back to my low carb, no potato and bread regime that's fallen by the wayside. And, thanks @dswigle, too, for the encouragement!

Yes it's hard to imagine that anyone would be able to eat anything they pleased, even with intermittent fasting. Unless that person just naturally gravitated toward healthy food instead of high calorie low nutrition food. I do eat potatoes, oven baked or home mashed with almond milk, but not much in the way of bread. Good luck on getting back on track!

Thanks. I plan to. And good luck to you, too!

Very interesting change to your eating pattern, we have always been taught not to sleep on a full stomach to stop any form of eating about 4 hours before sleep.

You have most definitely pulled the hours back, obtaining positive results, something to ponder in our winter months Tammy.

Keeping healthy on a balanced diet always surpasses the alternative of using medication @blueeyes8960

I already take two different injections plus various pills, I definitely don't want to add anything else. If my BG keeps going down I hope I can get rid of some it also.

Eating your way to health is always an excellent option.

So glad to see that it's working for you my friend.
Keep it up and all prayers for your future!

Thank you!

My pleasure!

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That is awesome, @blueeyes8960! It’s wonderful that you have found something so effective. Way to go!

I hope the results continue to pan out. But we're leaving for our cruise in the morning - the land of 24 hour a day free food. Going to be a challenge just to be sensible, lol.

Good luck and have a wonderful time!

I heard it works for weight loss from one of my friends. She has been doing it for couple of months now, and she is happy with the results.

That's good news, I'm glad people are having success with it!

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That is wonderful! I did not know intermittent fasting was helpful for diabetes, but clearly it is, and right away too. Nice.

Your results are awesome! I've been wondering about the effectiveness of intermittent fasting. Thanks for sharing!

Keep up the good work :)


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Intermittent fasting is a fantastic way to lose weight. As you now I have been doing it for ages now (excl. the Dec holidays haha) and it really has become VERY easy to sustain. No other "diets" compare... and that is because it is not a diet... it is a way of living - BIG difference. I eat latest at 8pm in the evening and then I don't touch anything other than water or black rooibos tea until midday the following day. In the beginning it was tough to get to midday but now it is a piece of cake. So much so that I often look at the time and it is after 1pm when I have lunch. Then I also don't touch anything again until Dinner. It has changed my life. Also... you FEEL so much better!

This is awesome news! I'm so glad to hear that this is working so well for you, and it seems to be inspiring you to keep pushing onward. The results after 8 days are amazing! Are you finding the lifestyle change more comfortable as you move ahead?

Congratulations on your success!

I love intermittent fasting! I have been doing it for the better part of 3 years now and have never felt better.. it is a part of life now for me and i dont even think about it other then when people ask me how i stay thin..

In fact, i just wrote an article on IF a few days ago explaining some of the many health benefits,,, Great minds right 😉

Anyhow, I really enjoyed hearing other peoples thoughts on it.. Good stuff 😁👍

2.6 lb loss for the week that is quite an achievement. I need to start my diet soon as I just keep on gaining those pounds. I think I could do that intermittent fasting.

Really important information. Fasting is practiced since ancient times and its benefits are endless.
Thanks for sharing.

Congrats @blueeyes8960! I have been told intermittent fasting is indeed beneficial, love this success story. Great blood sugar readings :)

I’m happy to hear you are having positive results. I find eating within a few hours of bedtime doesn’t set well and I try not to snack in the evenings.

I am interested ...

That is so incredibly positive! Good for you for finding it and sticking to it!

Glad you are getting good results.

I'm hearing alot more about this dieting trend @blueeyes8960 👍


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Howdy blueeyes8960! So glad that this is working so well for you, that's tremendous! And once you get used to the schedule it looks like it will be easy.

Hi. I know how hard it is for any long term weight loss, healthy eating regime. You have made it successful. You seem to be a determined person. Nothing is as important as your health. I applaud you in your efforts and commitment. Take care, and have a great day ahead.

Very interesting way of fasting, when I saw you have diabetes, I was quite concerned but seeing the way this works, that's great! Definitely looking at it for my diabetic hubby who was on Keto but had some scary hypoglycemic episodes!

Congrats on your results so far, it's very interesting to see how your BG was within the range and stable which is, I guess, the most important thing, weight loss will just follow along.

For the past 12 days I've been trying Circadian rhythm fasting (starts at sunset and lasts until the morning) but I didn't really follow up that exact schedule because my last meal would be at 7pm, sometimes even around 9pm and then I would start 13 hours of fasting.
My issues involve sedentery lifestyle, digestion problems and bloating. Now I'm interested to try Intermitten fasting and better my eating habits.

Also, I use app called Zero to track my fasting, it's free and has all different kinds of fasting you can track, just in case you or anyone else reading this is interested.

Thank you for sharing this post with us, it was really inspiring and motivating and I wish you best of luck for the future! :)