The Difference In The Words

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I was reading through some questions on a popular site earlier where this question was asked. There were different beautiful responses but I thought I'd share this one response with you all and what I thought about it. It is all pictures,so it should be interesting....

At first I thought, what in the world did he write that made people drop more money in the hat? Was it going to make any difference?. Personally, I don't think there's anything wrong in the first sign. Anyone who really wanted to give, would give irrespective of what or how you wrote it.

But one thing that actually captured my attention was the way the man changed the words. He didn't make the boy sound so pitiful like how the first sign made him seem, instead it made people grateful for what they had....their sight.

Today is a beautiful day and I cannot see it.

Maybe, that person who left home in a hurry or the other person who left home angrily didn't have the time to look up to see how beautiful the day was. But passing by the sign, reading it helps that person to at least take a few seconds to appreciate the day and the little things that comes with it. We all have one thing or the other going on in our lives that we forget the things before us. It may not be a big deal but words like that reminds us of the "Now".

All images are from What are the best pictures you saw today


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Gracias! ❤


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You have written a beautiful story. Thank you very much for sharing it. My now is coming to an end for the day. I hope your now is delightful.