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Hi guys, hope you are all having a good day. So I am going to share a few photos I edited earlier...I hope you like them. ☺

This is a random post for my #sublimesundaypost an initiative by @c0ff33a, that presents you with the unique opportunity to post something a bit different, wacky, crazy or just whatever takes your fancy.


I took this photo of the clouds today seeing how pretty it looked and being a while I took one I decided to take a shot.

For the edit I explored snapseed and photo studio app to achieve the photo below. I like how it came out actually...yeah, not bad.

I played around with some other features from photo studio which I have come to like a lot much fun playing around with them. For this I added a fantasy touch, the flying horse, the comet and the shinny stars you see there. Then for the dark one I made used of the photo different views.


I didn't stop there, I made a few other edits of random photos which I didn't really find pretty lol but you can be the judge.

This is more like a story of a trader who is done selling for the day...walking tiredly as she tries to get a tricycle. Ah,the photo was taken opposite the market gate.

For the edits, I used the sketch and touched a bit with some filters hence the blue colour sketch you see on the photo. As for the name "bliss"...that's a secret I am not sure how to explain yet lol.

That's it for today friends, so tell me what you think ? 😉 To you @saffisara. 😜



Stay Safe And Remain Positive. 💕💕


Thanks to @suheri for the amazing banner


I absolutly LOOVE your edits 😍
That sunset is beautiful but OMG in that second picture... Wow magical and such warm colors.
And photo studio... Have to check it out 😉 that unicorn edit looks super cool and love the dreamy look.
And ofcourse the last with your name is a favorite 😘 as that is YOU

Thank you for sharing and inspire, absolutly super cool edits.
Loved it 😁👍

Have a wonderful evening beautiful and much love ❤️🌹😍❤️

Yay!! Thanks a lot for the sweet words my amazing edit partner 🤗 you know you inspire me to be too playful with edits lol. 🤪 I am glad you like it....catch you in the family house. 😁😘🤗

Your edits are awesome.
set fire to the cloud and ignite the crowd

Thank you!

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