5 Things I have learnt In Life

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There are a lot of lessons to be learnt from life, whether it comes from a bad experience or a good one there is always something to learn each day. Personally, I have learnt a lot of which I can't begin to list all but I'd mention a few.


  • Don't let the success of others pressure you into rushing whatever you are doing just to overtake

This is very important, especially in this time where you see people feeling pressured seeing their peers do well. Honestly, it is not easy to shake of the feeling or pretend like you are okay after all you are human. Going to friend social media page and you see a new post about the job she just got. At that moment you wish there is a way to speed up the process so your can come sooner ....you begin to feel pressured not because you actually want that job but because your friends all have one. Or is it marriage?

Life is not about who gets there first or who got there late....so don't push yourself and wear yourself out trying to do more than you are. We all can't get to the top the same time but with time, work and consistency you'd surely achieve your set goal in your own time.

  • Know thy self

You can't give what you don't have. Accepting who you are as a person, your weakness and your strength is an important step to knowing who you are. When you have this knowledge of yourself, you know how to navigate through situations you may face and also how to interact with others. With this your life is not determined by opinions of people but by you.

  • Be comfortable with yourself

You should understand that you don't need to be around people to be happy. Being able to keep your own company may sound unreal but it is possible. Find something of interest to engage yourself with, a hobby, a skill....things you are passionate about. I am not saying stay indoors trying to do this lol, just find time for yourself...you need to have time for you to enjoy your own company. It may sound boring but you would be surprise how much you'd learn being on your own.

  • Goal and consistency

This one is pretty simple, have a goal in mind. It helps you focus, you are reminded that there is somewhere you have to get to and then you keep at it till you get there....that's consistency.

  • Have a positive mindset

With everything going on in the world I think a positive mind would go a long way. Being hopeful about whatever situation you are in, being optimistic that it will get better and things will work out. Yeah, it doesn't seem so at the moment but think good things...you never know what will happen, there is a saying "when there is life there is hope". Look at the bright side of things, yes you are not there yet but you are not where you used to be ....be grateful for the good things.

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