My poetry :A changed boy

in PowerHouseCreativeslast month


Never in the tea shop or at the corner of the neighborhood
We have to look at the boys
We distort our face looking them
You can't stay in this neighborhood with respect.
What are the postures and types of messages?
Parents did not teach anything decent behavior,
Seeing that, our head is on fire
Look at the clothes but don't have salt in their house

One of their sons is a bit green
Do you know what the cause is?
Some friends stood apart with politeness
A fresh drop of rose in his hand.
Where did he lose himself?
An anonymous girl.
Belly flower garland in that thread
He has tied himself to his unknown.

She is wearing Basanti colored sari and belly on her head
Any morning walking along the small path of Shalban
The strange sound of the wings of suddenly awakened birds
Time and again the lost mind is tempted.

Yet her color did not change in the girl's eyes
So today the rose has turned pale
There is no cool water anywhere
Her love was as pure as a child's.