Simple Rainbow Trout Recipe

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Normally, I have this weird irrational aversion to cooking whole fish... I'm not really sure why, but it always seems more complicated and tricky than it actually ends up becoming. Or perhaps it is because you can still see the heads and eyes, and that is a little bit on the creepy side of things.... or could it be the slimy feeling of the scales? So, most of the time, I will just end up cooking filleted fish rather than the whole thing.

Well, the cooking of fish tends to be relatively easy if the fish has been cleaned, scaled and gutted for you already. In this case, I picked up two rainbow trout from the local fishmonger that were already prepared and ready to cook.


So, apart from the fish themselves you will need the ingredients above... this was roughly what I needed for the two fish. Pepper, Salt, Dill, Parsley and Lemon... and not pictured was some olive oil as well.


Coarsely chops the greens, and slice the lemon into slices as shown above. The chopping doesn't need to be too fine... and the slices can be about half a centimetre thick (I think that is 1/573375th the height of the Statue of Liberty for our American friends...).


Wash the fish under cold running water and the dry thoroughly by pressing against absorbent paper towelling (the kitchen stuff, not toilet paper!). Then, rub oil, salt and pepper into the skin of the fish. It is easiest to do this in the tray that you are going to cook the fish in! Just don't use too much oil that your fish is swimming in it...


Now, your fish should have been slit along the bottom if it had been already cleaned and gutted. Stuff the fish using this opening with the Dill, Parsley and Lemon slices. It is okay to fill it overfull, as it will all reduce down in the oven!


Cover the fish with the leftovers... actually, make sure that you have leftovers from the herbs and lemons to do this! Fill out the space with any vegetables that you might want to roast.. keeping in mind that the fish will cook relatively quickly, so something that will cook also quite quickly... ie, NOT potatoes or pumkins...


Place in a pre-heated oven at 200C (~ 276096383 candles at 5 arms-lengths for our Imperial friends...) for about 15 minutes (about 204867402 average eye blinks for our funny accented friends...). The meat of the fish should just flake off... and it is ready to serve up!

Serve the fish whole, and let the diner flake the fish themselves... It goes nicely with CHIPS! or roasted potatoes, pasta or cous-cous.

So, in the end... a really simple meal to make and prepare that is decently healthy as well! If only the eyes weren't always staring at you...

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Ahhh...just the way i like it but with some added chilies just perfect this will be my weekend recipe...cheers enjoy 👍

Ah, chillies would be a nice touch! I'm afraid my kids would freak out though...

Yeah not a kids thing you would have to make two separate dishes then 😆

This looks amazing and you did a great job with it. I actually like the heads on it, especially when I buy. The eyes let me know how fresh it is!

Have a great day!

Ha, I guess that is a good way to tell... I should look (ha ha) into it!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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