Sigh... crappy travel days....

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We've all had these crappy crappy travel days... early starts, trouble with public transport... and then airports... all the well-laid plans to get where you need to be in time and fresh for work all go out the window from the first step that you take out the door!

Anyway, today was the first touring day for this particular job... the previous couple of days were just rehearsals in Amsterdam, which meant that I could go home to sleep each night... which is actually a very welcome luxury! Anyway, it also did mean that I got home pretty late last night, and still needed to pack... to be prepared to step right out the door in the wee hours of this morning. So, that always means that the suitcase is ready to go... messenger bag just needs to be filled with a laptop... and the correct instruments and case are waiting next to the suitcase. Basically, I just need to stumble out of bed, into the shower and grab things and go....

... of course, that didn't quite go as smoothly as possible from the very start.. as I stupidly forgot to leave my passport with my wallet. So, I spent a few precious minutes delayed in hurridly finding out where I had safely stashed my documents from the last trip!

Anyway, always leave a bit of a time buffer for travelling... so, I got to the first station on time... and there was no problem with the local train. Which got me to the main station... in time for a series of cancelled trains going to the airport! Q#%WYTYHSRT Y%#^%$^@%^@.... I hopped on one that got me one major station closer... in case I needed to take a taxi for the last stretch... and then by a bit of luck, got straight onto another one that got me to the airport.... all in all, an extra half hour travel on top of a hour long train ride. Happy for that extra buffer.... but it was starting to rapidly decrease!

The only thing is that the trains were completely packed due to the lower frequency of trains... and that means cranky commuters and very little space. Great when you are slinging a case on your back... people keep slamming into it.... little do they know that it is a really hard case... and their human bits are much softer!

Of course, the pre-check-in was completely borked... so it meant that we needed to do the check in at the airport... and of course, all the self service machines were also completely down. So, it was back to the old-fashioned way.... talking to a person! Anyway, that was relatively smooth... but then we hit the security line. Now, normally Schiphol has a pretty decent security routine... but this time it was over an hour long! Well... I hate to queue jump... so I just waited it out... I would still have time to make the boarding... it would just be arriving right on time.

Thankfully the flight was uneventful.... and after a 2 hour coach trip... the orchestra is now in place in the right city in the right country... and on time! These tours are always hectic... and any little thing can cause chaos... thankfully, despite indvidual difficulties... we are all here and ready to put on a concert later this evening...

... but first... a quick afternoon nap... it would be hilarious if I fell asleep on stage and crashed off my seat... but it wouldn't be a great thing for the reputation!


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damn @bengy! It certainly sounds like you have had a hectic agenda! And isn't always when we are rushed or pressed for time that we forget something REALLY important like a passport lol! Hope your world calms to a mild panic soon and that you are more frequently afforded the luxury of rest haha :)

Yeah... my own fault... I always have everything ready to grab and go when I have these tours, as most of the time I'm leaving home or the hotel in the wee hours of the morning when the brain is still in zombie mode.... but this time, I was working till late the night before and forgot to pack everything during the day before.

i'm one of those nervous travelers that gets to the airport hours before my flight, mostly in vain. I spend a looooong time in the lounge area so now i feel nervous about my flight from significantly closer to the plane! I hate the stress associated with feeling like you might miss your flight but most of the time it works out in the end, just like it did for you!

Ah yes... for the intercontinental flights, I would want to arrive as long before as possible... however, my wife is one of the ones who delays it further back... leaving me a touch nervous!

When on work tours, I tend to be a bit more relaxed if the flights are in Europe though...

I hate traveling @bengy 😾


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I'm mixed about it... I don't like being away from home... but I do enjoy the free time!

It has been a long time since I last traveled via train or plane. Your ordeal sounds stressful but I am glad you had enough time to get some rest. I'm sure your performance went very well.

Yes.. in the end, I got to where I needed and everything went well... after joining the rest of the tour, I only needed to wake up and roll into the tour bus to take us where we needed to go! Much easier!

I'm one of those people that always get to the airport at least an hour before boarding starts, so I've never been in the situation where I might miss the flight. I've also never had a flight delayed more than a half hour.

I still don't like airports and all the stuff we have go through to travel by plane though, lol.

Holy crap! Only one hour!?!?!??! I try for two... which gives me buffer for days like this one... I've had cancelled flights and delayed flights often enough... however, the orchestras pay for the flight... and then I can claim the compensation!

Transport today definitely is not always fun, delays are enough to get anyone panicking. At least you enjoyed a few days where you were able to catch your breath and get some sleep.

Good luck with your concerts @bengy

Thanks! Once I was with the rest of the group... it was much less stressful, or at least from the individual point of view! We would either arrive all together or not at all!

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I love travelling, just don't always like the bits in between of the leaving one place and getting to another place. Looks like you have had a few incidents too. Good luck with the playing..

It's unfortunate that such things happen.

Yes... but if I am prepared, then these things are factored in and won't become disasters! Mostly....

Wow @bengy that was a difficult trip to get to your destination. I need a nap too. 😂

Haha.... yes, naps are definitely the best part of a tour!

What a trip! Good thing you made it despite the delays. Traffic is bad during the holiday season. I usually skip going out and wait till holidays are over. 😂😂

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I wish I could do the same... unfortunately, it is the less fun part of the job!

travel can be annoying especially with a wotk schedule. Thank goodness we aren't traveling by horse and buggy anymore, lol Hope the concert went well and the rest of the trip was smooth. Blessings!

Ha... horse and buggy would be tricky in it's own special way!

Hahaha, oh what do we have to endure as humans my friend.
We arrive at the airport in the parking lot and I hear our names being shouted from the speakers. Last boarding call for Mrs and Mrs ………!
According to me we still had 30 minutes, but I got the times wrong, so grab and run was the name of the game.
Only thing is that I forgot to grab my bag of clothing that was stashed behind the drivers seat, as I only grabbed everything in the car's boot.
7 days with one jeans and one of everything else hahaha.
Luckily Marian had the travel docs in her handbag.
Such is life and glad that you made it Lol

Oh... sounds like a great excuse to go clothes shopping! I've only ever missed a single flight... never again...

Hahaha, no clothes buying for charity workers, as no money my friend.
One spare Jeans and a T-Shirt, pair of socks and undies basically takes care of the clothing requirements. A small bag of personal toiletries completes the issue. We have only had one late call but thankfully never missed a flight.
But then again we don't travel as often as you do.

Hope everything goes well after such a hectic day

Well... things definitely didn't get worse!

Hi @bengy. Thanks for your post. Looks like you woke up on the side of "Murphy's Law." But so glad everything turned out ok in the end so you could continue your performance.

Yep... definitely got up on the wrong side of Murphy's Law... it has been a while, but that guy always gets you in the end!

The best laid plans of mice and men ...

I don't envy anyone traveling this time of year. Ugh. But at least you have trains.

Trains are definitely the better option over planes... but still, there is often the snow problem to contend with... I'm hoping my end of December trips will be okay...

it would be hilarious if I fell asleep on stage and crashed off my seat... but it wouldn't be a great thing for the reputation!

It would be fun 😬

Yep... it is always funnier when it happens to someone else!

Yes but maybe that’s the bengy way? You are used to it by know, I guess

"The right city in the right country"

Yes, that's always a good place to be! Hope the concert was incredible!

Thanks! It did go well... we are starting to near the end... so it will be nice to get back to a bit of a less crazy pace again!

Have a wonderful tour. Hopefully things will go more smoothly from here on out! I hope your concerts go well — and you don’t fall asleep and slip out of your chair. 😁

Thanks... the last one in Italy was pretty tricky. I was supremely exhausted!... plus a late start... but today is an easy travel and no concert day, so I plan on getting some pretty nice sleeping hours!

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