The Chrome Terrier - In Search Of A New Home


This Little Terrier ..

I purchased quite some time ago at a thrift store. I forgot I had bought it and came across it while rooting through a box full of thrift store finds. You may remember me saying a few times, that I am sorting through all the crap I have accumulated over the years, in order to sell them. I am expecting to make room for more.. haha. Just kidding. I would rather have a collection of one thing rather than many little things that don't quite speak to me in the same way. So there she was, at the bottom of the box. Perhaps because it was one of the first purchases to go in there or maybe because it's a solid piece of chromed metal.


It's Life Before Me ..

Started as a Hood Ornament or Radiator Cap Ornament. It may have never been used or attached to a vehicle. It appears to be in almost pristine condition, with even the rubber washer and bolt in super shape. It's definitely an antique, but how old exactly? That information eludes me. I tried for a while to find out any information on this piece, with no avail. I could not find another on the internet like it.. a thousand others, but nothing quite the same. I am sure there are a few out there, just finding them is the hard part. Either way, I will most likely part with this. Maybe you want it!! Hehe.

Below are a few shots I took in order to get it listed for sale, either on Etsy or Bonanza. We'll see about that when I get an idea of what I want for it. The first photo is an unedited one, unlike the first few which I took to be a little more artistic.


It's a skinny little Terrier! It measures about 3/4" at the head and 1.25" at the base. This is looking at the back of it.


This one is looking strait on. Very aggressive looking.. hehe.


Looking straight down..


Up from the bottom. Just a tad bit of rust on the nut. That can easily be taken off and I most likely will before shipping it to the new owner. Whoever that will be.


I thought I would include this photo. I wanted to include it because I was taking some photos of the actual measurements of the piece to include with my listing. The funny part of it all was that I found myself measuring it with another item I wanted to list.. an old Lufkin tape measure.. Also in superb shape. It is working so good that I may just keep it. The pup on the other hand must go!


Interesting Find ..

But time for a new home. I know there is a collector out there that is wanting this gal. She will make a good companion for someone looking for a low maintenance dog.. Hehehe.

Have A Great Day or Night my fellow Hivesters!!



Thank you for swinging by my blog and checking out the post. Have a great day!



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Now that's a cute little thing! You are right, it certainly looks like a hood ornament. You must be having a lot of fun digging through all your old things!

Fun and Frustrating. I hate the research but love the research that I have to do before listing something for sale. I learn a little about a lot. I also realize that it takes a tremendous amount of time. Hehehe.. Thanks for swinging by!

It looks really cute! Isn`t fun when we rediscover our treasures and it makes us feel like a kid again^

It IS! lol. The last few weeks have been a real trip back in time. 😆😊

extraordinary and interesting. I do not know what to say🙃

hehe .. No words is just perfect 🙃

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