One Way To Check If A Diamond Is Real Or Fake

So You Have A Gemstone ..

And your curious of whether or not it's a Diamond. Of course having a certified gemologist examine, test and tell you if this is the case or not, is the best way. Unfortunately, it's probably the most expensive way as well. It will cost roughly $70 to $90 USD to have a certified report completed on a diamond larger than .15ct. I don't want to pay that kind of money unless I am sure that I have a diamond, and that it will be worth way more than what it will cost to have it tested. I'm not looking for that kind of report, and I only want to know if there's a good chance that this stone I just acquired is a diamond on not.

Below I am holding both a Real Diamond and another crystal clear stone which is NOT a Diamond. If your good, then you can already see a few differences between the two stones, that may give the secret away. Which is which??


I Was Going Through Some Old Jewelry ..

That I bought either on purpose for the gold, to fix, or maybe some of the pieces came with some other stuff I bought. Either way, I remover the stone from the piece and am ready to figure out what I have. Well, for this post, I am only going to show you one quick method I use. It's pretty reliable, although it's NOT fool proof by any means. It's called the dot method and this is how I perform the test.

Step 1 ..

Grab a small piece of white (preferably) paper and place your stones on it.


Step 2 ..

Turn your stones face down on the paper so that the "table" of the stone is flat against the paper and the tapered cut portion is pointing upward.


Step 3 ..

Draw a small black dot on it's surface. Try and keep the dot about 1mm or smaller in size.


Step 4 ..

Slowly move the stone directly over the top and as close to the center of that dot as possible.


Step 5 ..

Now, look straight down on top of the stone and take notice whether or not you can see the dot clearly or not. You mat have to gently move the gem around to see how the reflected image changes. If the dot is recognizable, as you can see pictured above and below, then the stone is not a diamond. In these pictures the stone is reflecting a sort of doughnut looking shape, not a full dot. That's okay, because the way the stone was cut creates that type of reflection. I am not sure what type of gem this is yet, but I am sure that it is not a diamond.


If it was a diamond, then the dot will be unrecognizable when the stone is positioned directly over top of it. Take a look at the picture below. The stone is sitting over top of the dot and you can hardly make out any signs of black ink, let alone any sort of shape. This IS a real diamond.


Side By Side ..

The REAL Diamond is on the left and the fake one is on the right (All Three Photos)
Now that you know, I bet you can see the clear differences.

It Was That Simple ..

Is this test fool proof? Nope. There are some stones that are cut so well that they will give you a false positive on this test, so beware. This test is only for the fun of it and a quick way for me to weed out the bad stuff. One of the best ways to self test stones is to pick up a reflective meter and/or thermal conductivity prob like the ones pictured here.


If You Really Want To Be Sure ..

And are ready to pay to have it appraised and certified, then shop around for a reputable, certified gemologist.

Have A Great Day or Night my fellow Hivesters!!



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Thanks for the info BD. An inexpensive way to tell the difference.

Cheep as you can get I think.. although there is the cost of the pen and the paper haha.

I am not into diamonds but this info is helpful, especially for those who make an impulsive purchase while being abroad. Not that only abroad, someone could try to scam you! It could happen as home at well.;-)

There is always someone out there looking to scam us. I guess this is why most of the time I am so cautious. Glad you found it helpful or interesting at least. Have a great day!!

Very nice, easy way to check diamond authenticity with a loose stone. 👍

yup.. nice and easy when the stone is loose. Too bad that most of the time the stones are in mountings and people are not fond of me pulling stones out to check.. that's where technology comes in handy! hehe.


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Awwww.. Thank you @steemitbloggers 😁

I did not know that. Thank you for the info!

My Pleasure! Just happy someone was reading my blog.. hehehe.. Thanks!! 😁

Wonderful information!💎💍💠
Does this work on other precious stones or just diamonds?

Just diamonds. If you place another type of stone over the dot, you'll see the dot or the halo. Thanks for reading my boring stuff 😁