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RE: Beautiful Sunday: new orchids in my garden

in Orchid Lovers3 months ago

Oh my goodness .. How beautiful are these!! What specimens you have. 😍

Those orange Orchids are the shade of ripe mangos.. lol. Too bad there fragrance was absent. I am glad you and your plants survived the storms 😁


Thank you so much for your kind appreciation. You must be hungry for some sweet fruits! Haha. I rush I could eat the yellow orchids as dessert. That would be interesting.

The storm did frighten my gardener as she had a bad experience of being struck by lightning as a young girl. I hope to see other orchids blossoms later on.

Have a nice day!

WHAT?! Struck by lightning?? That's something you don't hear every day. My gosh.. she's lucky.

I AM hungry for some mango.. sometimes I order this chicken quesadilla from a local restaurant, and they put mangos in it. Love it! I like the sweet mango and grilled chicken together with lots of cheese...... yummy!