Anzac Day - Nature Walk

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Today is Anzac Day here in Australia. Usually this is a big happening with parades in the bigger cities and festivals everywhere. This time it´s different, everything is closed and no big festivals or street parades.

Since the weather is absolutely perfect here on the Sunshine Coast we decided to do a little trip into nature. Even if the advise is still the same: Stay at Home! A bit fresh air and nice scenery has never hurt.


We went to the Lake Baroon and Obi Obi Gorge, a nice recreational area next to a town called Montville. There were not many people here today and we first enjoyed the view at the lake.

Whenever we are out in nature I forget what is actually going on. Feels so good to not think about all that shit what is happening around the world.


Although the track to the Obi Obi Gorge was closed we went onto it. It was just a string without any prohibition signs so we just jumped over it and of course after a few minutes walk we realised that we were not the only ones. :)



It is a short but steep walk to the gorge with some pretty big steps. But as soon as we made it down, we knew it was totally worth it to sweat a bit. It is so nice and calm down there.

Big Boulders in the river make it possible to move across the river to a pool.



Lots of stuff to explore down there and so much fun to jump from one boulder to the other. A bit challenging at some points but without it would be boring.



Back at the top we´ve found this huge legume, nut or whatever it is. Maybe one of the Aussies in here can help me figure out what that is.



Last but not least we´ve found the place where we want to stay when this virus thing is over. It´s a Hotel called Secrets on the Lake and it looks absolutely great. They have a few huts nestled into the forest directly at the lake. Some of them seem to even have a lake view.



Again, a great day in australias nature. This country surprises me again and again.



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I need to walk into some nature too... :) Unfortunately not so easy here...

I can imagine. On days like today I’m so happy about where we are at the moment. I do not hear good stuff from back home in Germany as well.

Hope you get the chance to get out into nature soon.

Oh dear... hope your family and friends are all safe... :(
Keep safe!